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Eden Camp

A modern history museum with a focus on the Second World War Eden Camp is a staple of many school history trips in the north of England and it is easy to see why. The Museum is themed throughout and does a fantastic job of making you feel the history it is depicting. Even whilst writing this I can clearly remember the presentation of The Blitz. Mainly because the museum went to the extra trouble of re-creating many of the smells of the time!

Eden Camp

Eden Camp has had a few improvements and additions in recent years, the most notable being the refurbishment of Hut 10 which now houses the largest collection of artifacts from prisoners of war in the world. Ticket prices are £6 for children and seniors and £7 for 16+ with discounts available for group bookings. There is also a cafe on site, an assault course, a souvenir shop and regular events throughout the year to add to the already long list of attractions within the camp.

eden camp tank


Whilst its a bit of a journey from Whitby to Eden Camp, it is definitely worth the trip for any history buffs! You can see on the map below it is halfway between Whitby and York.

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