★ Get paid 60 days BEFORE everyone on YouTube!

get paid up to 60 days before everybody else on YouTube this is possible through instant payments a new service freedom offers that is based on YouTube analytics instead of finalized YouTube payments that means you can withdraw right away as soon as you see earnings and YouTube analytics for a video you uploaded without waiting for up to 60 days to actually get that money here’s how it works let’s say your awesome channel behind me earned $100 according to YouTube analytics these are normally paid out by YouTube at the end of the following month which is the 60 days and let’s say you need the money now you need to buy a new game you need to buy a new microphone you need to take your girlfriend out for an expensive dinner because it’s Valentine’s Day and you forgot did any of you actually forget it is Valentine’s Day you realize that right no problem now in your shiny freedom dashboard you have this button called instant payments when you click it you can choose a minimum of $25 that will send instantly to you based on your YouTube analytics earnings this is before YouTube pays us guys we haven’t received the money yet we’re actually giving you something like a payday loan based on the receivable we will get from YouTube in about 60 days this is a brand new service that we thought some of you really need so that’s why we launched it you need to apply for it it isn’t available to everyone by default but as soon as you request it it gets enabled on your account just send an email to support at freedom TM saying can I please have instant payments enabled for my shiny freedom dashboard and we will say yes now there may be a few exceptions but normally we say yes now as soon as you do this you first choose the amount there is a 10% fee so if you ask for $50 you will get 45 why is there a 10% fee because we freedom are actually doing you alone we’re giving you a payday loan something like that and we have to pay interest on the money that we are paying you because YouTube hasn’t paid us yet so that’s why there’s this 10% fee we actually feel is very we looked at what payday loan services charge normally it’s four times that or even more so we think you are getting a great value we don’t think this service has ever existed before on YouTube tell me if I’m wrong down there in the comments below and I hope you’ll enjoy instant payments as you can see this is our first instant payment record this is by ryan from central bass boost he created this video showing his very first instant payment withdrawal of twenty five US dollars that he got instantly into his PayPal account now it’s not like a second instant it may take an hour or two to appear in your account because we do double check every instant payment since this is a new service and we want to make sure you’re not able to withdraw like a million dollars on us so we have to double check every payment and that means I am double checking every payment we will scale it out in the future we’ll also reduce the name minimum from 25 to something much less like a dollar but it’s exciting guys you can now receive it by Pay Pal by two Paul T which is wire transfer or Payoneer Payoneer is another brand new service that we are offering to all freedom partners so if you can’t receive PayPal or wire transfers or you don’t want to and you prefer Payoneer you can now choose that as a payment method how many of you guys are using Payoneer tell me down there in the comments below what I’m most interested in is what do you guys think about instant payments is this payday loan like service something you will use do you feel it can be useful in the future when you have an emergency and you need cash based on your YouTube analytics we’re trying to unlock as many ways to help you grow as possible so I hope you will appreciate these features we’re launching what is our mission guys it is roll it [Music] we are a career path in video but not just video we want to help build your career in this digital world whatever that may be in crypto in music in game development or in YouTube and live streaming if you didn’t know click that eye to see our music factory channel which represents all the music that we have composed that freedom owns outright free for you that you can use in all your videos and livestreams and we have our very first patreon page look behind me this is for Music Factory where you’ll get a nice fireside chat with Ben our creative director for Music Factory the link is down there in the description below and I’d love to know how many of you are going to become patrons of Music Factory if you love the music how many of you are also using patreon sent us links down there in the comments below to your patreon pages we would love to see how you’re using them tell us so we can all help each other grow together as a family also on patreon we want to be present on all the platforms that you are and teach everyone how to use them to maximize your growth in revenue because what’s our mission to help build your career in this digital world how can we do that by helping you learn how to use the best-in-class tools and we believe patreon is the best-in-class tool to create a community who support you through donations monthly donations to help you continue building your channel keep you motivated all those things that a healthy stream of donators can provide how many other ways do you use to encourage people to donate and what works what doesn’t please share your experiences so we can all help each other grow together as a family the spirit of freedom so who am i guys i am your Papa George you’re George son pie and many other names you the beautiful freedom family has given me and sadly I’m not wearing my freedom shirt today it’s in the wash but I am George CEO and founder of freedom I actually saw 50 first dates last night with my two girls and my beautiful wife and I forgot how good that movie was I mention that only because it made me cry 50 first dates beautiful movie beautiful ending beautiful message and Adam Sandler I have to give it to you you know how to sing what brought my what brought this up in my mind was when I was saying freedom that was also in the movie Adam Sandler was singing a song to his girlfriend slash fiancee slash future wife and he did a great job I was so jealous I was thinking this guy can sing I need to take singing lessons don’t you think guys I can’t sing like I have no idea what I’m saying but I’m trying to get the tone right ah yeah maybe I should stick to just making the George show right I have freedom family I hope you enjoyed this episode I have 13 13 10 13 more episodes to go I promised you 15 I did to click that I to see yesterday’s video that was an unboxing of a brand new Apollo quad interface that helps our music factory team create better music and then before that there was the video with the 2.9 million dollars that we paid you freedom family and I have 13 more to go I will get them out as soon as I can and of course there will be more even after that until the next episode I’m George and you’ve been watching click that I to partner with freedom and join the freedom family so we can all grow together you get many perks like position music you also get epidemic sound a lot of other access to royalty-free videos sponsorships and many things to help you grow just click the links down there in the description below to get involved in our community our forums our discord chat servers meet our graphics team meet our community team all of that on discord and the forums what are you waiting for get started and we will grow together as a family because this is the freedom family you are part of it we are all part of it and we’re all growing together to get more George click that big F that will subscribe you to freedom central home of the George show and PewDiePie gave one of you freedom family a big shout out click that video to see the shout out and to see our new 3d sets for you and click that video to see what YouTube recommends you watch next

22 comments on “★ Get paid 60 days BEFORE everyone on YouTube!”

  1. George Vanous says:

    Will you use Instant Payments to get paid based on your YouTube Analytics up to 60 days BEFORE everybody else? 🙂

    All music on The George Show is by Music Factory.

    Find perfect music for your videos on Music Factory – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwTAdSZQ8EWKjSqRLo4sCOA – it is 100% free forever!

  2. its summers world says:


  3. its summers world says:

    Need sum subs I gotta pass my sis she's at 12 I am at 10

  4. ENVYItzAnisGamer YT says:

    Can I get a shoutout pls I really need it I would really appreciate it

  5. George Vanous says:

    0:41 – Did you forget to take your girlfriend out on Valentine's Day? – Be honest!

  6. Sticky Web Domains says:


  7. Tora says:

    this will be amazinbg and help people who need moeny fast if there is an emergancy

  8. Happy Power says:

    Awesome stuff!

  9. Beautystyle mama says:

    These are all for more than 1000 subscribers people not for us small

  10. CookieGamesHD says:

    Nice 👍

  11. George Vanous says:

    7:24 – George sings! (or tries to) – Should he stick to making The George Show ? 🙂

  12. MusiMasta says:

    Thank you for all of the helpful information and this great feature! 🙂

  13. xLetalis says:

    How does it work together with revenue splits? Are you limited to withdrawing say 80% at most of what Analytics shows, if you are at a 80/20 split?

  14. madmik32510 says:

    Not a bad idea Freedom! With all the whole MCN troubles coming out at the moment, especially with Defy media, it's good to see you guys doing something different to show that you care about your creators. I feel this advanced payment proves not all MCNs are just there for the money

  15. GameOnBeast says:

    This is quite amazing freedom! Something definitely helpful, thanks for implementing this 🙂

  16. NobleArcade says:

    To be clear and its just my opinion… You should remove yourself from the term pay-day-loan.

    Most payday loans are scammy in one way or another.

  17. LadyT says:

    Very Nice video.

  18. XiNordix says:

    Great video George. Keep on going your tips are helping me. I just registered for freedom 2 days ago and it's amazing

  19. finegamingconnoisseur says:

    It’s not something I would use, but no doubt there are some here who would. Nice to see Freedom providing options like this, it’s not everyday where I see an MCN that is so partner-driven and community-spirited.

  20. Tech Savvy Buyer says:

    Hi George. One thing I'd like to correct you on is that YouTube doesn't pay you at net 60.it is basically net 21 days after the month closes. So yes your first day of the month and all your earnings for it don't get paid to you until the 21st of the following month, but then again whatever you earn on the last day of the month also gets paid to you the following month on the 21st. Their payment cycle is net 21 days after month end closes, and that makes sense because they don't want to pay you daily to keep up with your accrued revenue. I negotiate payment terms with my suppliers daily, this is part of my full time job. Thought I'd share this with you

  21. Chica Mae Cosina says:

    This is awesome George for people who needs emergency cash. (y) Very good feature.

  22. Kratos Aurion Plays says:

    0:45 Forget or not it didn't matter in my case XD

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