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in today’s video we’re gonna be taking a
look at populous if you are interested to find out what populace is all about
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tagged PPT it’s a token and it’s non malleable as well prophetess is a
decentralized invoice selling service which is built on the etherium Network
what is an invoice selling service you might ask well if you have a business or
you own a business you know you realize that certain times throughout the year
and certain times just in general there’s a lack of cash in the business
and that might not be based in it’s not because the business is not in and any
money it’s not because the business is not doing any well it can purely
sometimes be because invoicing and invoice and customers can take a
considerable amount of time sometimes you know invoices can it can be 30 days
60 days 90 days 120 days it depends on the computer you are ultimately dealing
with so for you to keep doing the business and keep paying your staff and
keep having outgoing as I you know stock and just bills and just a general broad
day-to-day running of a business it can be quite heavy on cash because
businesses they need money to run they need to pay the staff like I said do you
need to just put morning out wherever or invoicing and do a jobs for people can
take time to get the money back into the business so
they can sometimes become a point where you’re owed so much morning in but you
have only have a certain amount of money left over to pay the dates they run the
business this is where populist comment on the populist platform you can put
your invoices and you can upload your invoices to the platform dead simple and
the good thing about it is as well you get paid within 24 hours for the
invoices that you upload and ultimately you know decide on the highest bidder so
once you get paid ninety five percent for the invoices that you upload so
let’s just look at it say my business has got zero cash in the bank but I need
to play and pay employees and I have an invoice for a thousand pounds so I put
the invoice for a thousand pound on the populist network I know that I’m gonna
get and you know ninety five percent of that thousand power buck they’re gonna
take five percent for administration cost and things like that which is fine
because you know we need the money we need the money right now
so you upload the invoice to the network then the people on the network and the
other people who were buying the invoices they then bid on your invoice
so for that thousand pound someone might say well I’ll give you seven hundred
someone might say I’ll give you eight hundred someone might say I’ll give you
850 and so on like that then you decide the highest bidder
obviously wins DM voice you then get paid within 24 hours for the invoice now
the good thing about it is then is then once your customer pays you you then pay
the person who’s backed you back so it’s kind of like a short-term loan but
ultimately your business is getting the cash injection that it needs right now
so populous is a good system in systems like this have been around for years
then it’s not something new but it’s based on the blockchain and don’t forget
as well that there is there’s a level of secure as well it’s transparent it’s
fully backed by all folio ledger that’s on the blockchain
and it goes through all transactions as well so Popular’s do have a future in
today’s society you know that’s goes without doubt and with it being on the
blockchain and using blockchain technology like I said it’s all there
it’s all plain you can see all you can see the transactions there’s a ledger
there so it’s a lot safer then can you know using the old ways for me I
personally think it’s a lot safer so populous duel scenes of our future and
it will grow it’s done really well since its come out as well I came out in July
2017 when it was with two dollars and 81 cents all time high was in February 2018
when it reached a massive $58 so from two dollars and eighty one in July 2017
all-time high of 58 dollars that’s quite a good growth for early investors it’s
company where’s right now 3.75 but it’s predicted to be worth $40 by December
2018 it’s got a market cap of a hundred and thirty 1 million max supply of 53
million ala circulating supply out of 37 million it’s on quite a few exchanges
it’s one of those things that it’s a kind of platform and it’s a kind of
system that has been around for years in different variations but now it’s
getting moved to the blockchain which you know for the adoption of
cryptocurrency across the world it’s only a good thing so take a little bit
of a look at it see what you think you know leave us some comments in the
comment section below are you invested in populist do you
think the idea around populist selling invoices is a good thing I personally
think is a great thing if you are a business especially small businesses as
well that I just start off you need that money coming into your business on a
regular basis sometimes people can’t wait 60 90 days for money to go back
into the business it’s just not acceptable so fears to lose 5% 10% of
that money just to have the cash there and then maybe sometimes it’s a really
good idea but tell me what you think so thanks for joining us I’m gonna still
the next video we’ll see you soon

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