1-Click Saw Build [Guide] [Payday 2]

Hey guys, today we are going to learn how to build a 1-click saw. Of course, this is in relation to deposit
boxes and nothing else, otherwise that would be plain cheating. So first up, a deposit box requires 37.5 worth
of saw damage to open and a saw’s base damage in 1 click does 23
damage. Without any boosts, we will need 3 clicks
to open it up, though for most players it’s 2 clicks because perk decks grant a small bonus to
damage. Let’s see how we can scale that up to match. So let’s list out all the ways of boosting
the saw damage. One of the common perk cards which can be
found in all decks, “Fast and Furious”, gives a 5% multiplicative boost. Everyone should have this by now, but I’ll list it here for the new guys. “Portable Saw” (aced) from the Enforcer tree
for 7 skill points, gives a 40% multiplicative boost against objects. The “Berserker/Frenzy” combo itself is a huge
boost, doubling all melee and saw damage right at
the start. The “Overkill” skill is conditional, so we’re
going to skip that. And for the weapon mods itself we have two +3
mods, the “Fast Motor” and the “Sharp Blade”. So putting all these together it basically boils down to 3 options. Option 1, “Berserker/Frenzy” instantly doubles 23 base
damage to 46, simple enough if you’re already using that
in your build. Option 2A, which is a loud saw, by using any +3 mod (preferably “Fast Motor”, so you can use “Durable
Blade” instead) together with the perk card and “Portable
Saw” (aced). That gives us an absolute amount of 26 (23 base and a + 3 mod), times 105% from the perk card and times again, 140% from “Portable Saw” (aced) to give us
38.22 damage. This can work either for a loud build or a
control saw for a stealth build. And lastly Option 2B, which is basically the silent version of 2A. So instead of using “Fast Motor”, we use the “Silent Motor” and the “Sharp Blade”
mods combo for silent sawing, just like stealthing in the Big Bank heist. Alright, you should be ready to go and start
practicing in Bank Heist. I’ll see you guys again, so have fun! This is Unknown Knight here, signing off.

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  3. Valex says:

    Thanks! This was so usefull!

  4. SenpaiKillerFire says:

    1 tap saw meta build

  5. b33croft says:

    Nice vid mate. Isn't the berserker % based on the amount of health? The skill says "up to" in the description, meaning you get the full amount of bonus if you have zero health. That's just how I read it lol

  6. SenpaiKillerFire says:

    does low blow work with saw?

  7. whitepaws60 says:

    Or just use overkill plus saw or berserker aced if your on stealth.
    And then get durable blade and silent motor as well as fully loaded basic. Then you get 4 and a half saw blades all with 1 tap potential. I’ve opened all of the doors and boxes on big bank with that with only 1 refill

  8. itzNike says:

    Hey, i talk spanish and well.. The talent needs dlc?

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