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Hey there damn frigo here, and thank you for checking out this new video I just put together and today what I’m gonna. Go over is a walkthrough of the website now before you click off I have actually a really cool feature right at the end that I want to show you that I don’t see on mostly Any other mortgage websites that I think can really really help you But in you know when you look at this at you know the first glance a lot of times You’ll see you, or you’re looking at it and say you know there’s a lot of data here It just looks kind of overwhelming But what I wanted to do is kind of go over each Section of this with you to kind of explain some things so again Please stay with me in there. You might find just one click in here one video or one piece of information that can help you Or one of your family members, or if your Realtor some of your clients you know get into a property They otherwise wouldn’t have gotten into or you might even find a refinance program that you really didn’t know about so And then like I said again at the end there’s going to be I’m going to show you one section I just added to this that can you know really give guidance to you if you’re looking to buy a home or? Refinance so stick with me if you would if you go through here This kind of gives you my information gives you a little bit about me Down through here, this is update. This is live flashing right here It’s giving you what’s going on in the market you might not care, but you might want to care because with rates on the rise You know you might this might be something that might push you Into getting out of renting and looking for a home now versus putting it off for another six months or another year Here’s what’s going on there? Here’s what has gone on with interest rates? You’ll see back in the middle of 2016 they basically hit the low, and they’ve been steadily increasing you’ll see that huge spike right there And they’ve been they drop back down, but they’re they’re still hovering around the four point You know to five range or whatever when you start seeing and this again? This is not my feed this isn’t my rate This is the rates throughout the whole country so if you see a teaser rate like you see on a website that you know They’re offering two point nine nine or something like that Please be very skeptical well my best analogy of this is you telling me that down the street from your home? They’re selling gas at 59 cents a gallon They might be but do you have to buy you know two pizzas for four cases of? Diet Coke eight candy bars a lottery ticket to get that so a lot of times when you see those teaser rates That’s exactly what you’re getting into so let’s get in the guts of this thing just to walk you through it again I’m not trying to bore you to death I’m basically trying to give you some information that I think it’s going to be a very help for We help her to you. This is a basic this Appliance it is what it is you? Click there. It is a secure system, and what you’ll do is click there And it’ll launch you in make sure you complete all the steps of the application if you’re going to do it that way Because without doing that I do not get or have the ability to go in and draw that information down off of the system here’s the hottest piece of Honest piece of the website that we have right now These are telling you you know some mistakes people were making and things like that what I’ve tried to do is I’ve tried to make It as simple as I can and do tutorial walkthrough videos, and it gives you the guidelines when you click this You’re we launch to YouTube at the bottom of that. I would love for you if you would to please subscribe It’ll also give you links to things that we’ve talked about in each one of these sections So lowest down payment programs available for 2018. I just made this in January January 20th of 2018 I launched this so it this is as new as it can get I’ll keep updating this as programs come available there is a Phenomenal 1% down program that we’re offering right now a 3% down special from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac we both are set up were set up with both of them to offer a 3% down program all these you know I have the ability to help you with all these they all have their own guidelines In in these sections. I kind of go walk through that with you so if you if you think you fit any of these and you want to give me a call to see if I can get You into that program, please, please do so Refinances there is a heart program Available still if you ever if you heard of the obama refinance or something like that that is still around through end of 2018 So if you’re underwater on your property, this is an easy way to refinance so check that out if I can help let me know What exactly is a reverse mortgage if I asked you just to define it for me without Watching this I would guarantee that you’re 50 to 75 percent wrong on what they are And then there’s some other programs FHA streamlines how to refinance an FHA loan Easy and simply and it is the same thing with the VA refinance if you have a VA loan now And you can reduce your payment over a half a percent It’s it’s very easy to qualify So those are the refinance programs and again, there’s a lot of data here it might be a little overwhelming But there I made it as simple as I can this tells you about me. Why you might choose a broker instead of a bank there again There’s I walk you through and Tutorials through here and tell you why and I’ll give you a links again in that in underneath that video particularly To show you you know links to some very important things that I feel that you you probably don’t even know of choosing your mortgage company and so forth videos you can click this and it’ll go it’ll launch you to a If you click right here this will actually go to my youtube channel. There’s probably 200 videos there. That’ll help you I have people subscribing daily, which is really cool This next section here, I’ll cover this calculator in a second, but I post a blog probably every week or every other week The most recent blog I did walks you through the steps of a home purchase so if you would check that out There’s also hyperlinks to all kind of information in here and again when you launch that video. It’ll take you to If you launch any of these I’ll take it to videos to kind of explain a lot of things to you There is a resource page Which actually these are these are things that I would highly? Recommend you us beginning to read if you’re looking to buy a home where you’re just politically involved Or you want to see a good way to you know how God would handle his monies There’s a lot of Christian books in here in regards to home ownership finances There’s um first time home buying programs what you should need to know before you buy things like These are these are really really great resources, and I’d highly suggest you to check those out now Let’s get to the knee. Oh one last thing free credit report. This is I’m not selling anything and basically this website I’m not trying to push you into you know Uuugh applying online and doing things like that This is more informative if you would like to proceed with a with a loan I’d love for you to call me, but if you rather do it online again This is there’s a secure system there when you’re collecting this free credit report if you would allow it to To launch your Adobe system if it does not go through Here’s a video and again. It’ll launch to a YouTube channel It’ll go through the video with you and below there will be a way you can get a free credit report You don’t have to pay for it. I don’t get any credit for it. I’m not even involved in it I’m just giving you the information now one thing that Alicia she was a recent caller, and she asked me she said I write asked her I said what what video can I do or what piece or what addition to my website? Can I do that really would would set some things apart where she said? You know a lot of times when you’re go to other websites like Zillow And things like that when you put when you find a house The payments there that it calculates Half the time it doesn’t even make sense So what I did is I created this calculator? So let’s go through it so right here. We after you click the calculate now It’s under resources you’re going to see here’s the calculator If you would go down to the bottom and read some of the things I put down here Just so you know 360 months is a 30-year term so when you see that up above. You’ll know exactly what that is PMI is required it’s that dreaded PMI if you ever heard about it It’s required if you do not put down 20% Okay, so let’s go back up to the top and see how this works so we want to put we’ll just keep in front right now $160,000 home that you want to buy Let’s say we want to put 5% down. Let’s just keep the loan amount the same or just a 0 right here it okay? It’ll calculate it itself again. It’s a 30-year term. These are in months, so if you want a 25 year term It’s 300 months and so forth so figure it out from there the annual percentage rate or annual interest rate You that it for right now four and a half percent in his rates if they jump higher or go down I’ll tweak this in the future But right now. That’s a good benchmark for conventional FHA VA and USDA loans Points we do not charge any points your real estate taxes the annual taxes So let’s just say they’re going to be four thousand Let’s plug that in your annual insurance So if you’re refinancing you know what your homeowners insurance is going to be again. This is homeowners insurance So let’s say my homeowners insurance is going to run me six hundred bucks a year the PMI factor Let’s keep it at point eight five okay If you’re not putting 20% down keep it at point eight five that’s probably going to give you the closest Most accurate payment now your payment’s gonna vary a little bit because this factor is gonna vary a little bit depending on your credit scores How much money you put down and things like that but let’s just keep it there for now because that’s probably right in the middle Of the road of what your PMI is going to look like okay go down to the bottom here And it calculate okay now the seven seventy that is what your monthly loan payment would get was going to do But that does not include any of these other Expenses so what you want to do is you want to go to the schedule? Click schedule, this is the exact breakdown of what your payment’s going to look like? so in that scenario Your payment’s going to be twelve hundred sixty one dollars and sixteen cents that again will include everything principal interest taxes insurance PMI the whole ball of wax so you’re not you know It’s not a deceptive number. You know like a lot of places have I’ve had people come in and say Dan You know I ran numbers through this other website Yeah, this is more than a four more to seven hundred seventy dollar payment again if you stopped here Monthly payment seven seventy well I can afford that Now when you add in all the other stuff your twelve hundred bucks. Is that more is that still affordable to you? There’s a whole bunch of features here if you want to see how much Each year, you’re gonna pay in principle versus interest. This is a standard chart you’re gonna See here you pay a lot of interest at the beginning of loan and as you go through And more and more Morgause the principal like I said, this is this is probably a this is one of the most unique Calculators, I’ve seen in a long time, and it’s as accurate as you can but again Would you have to make sure as you go to this schedule it’ll give you the schedule of payments and where those monies are allocated So I hope you find this video as well as the other information I find very informative if you do Please like below please subscribe if you would and if I could be of any help to you family friends neighbors If your Realtor you have some clients that might this might be informative to please pass this on if you’d like to reach me personally You can call me at six three. Oh three three eight eleven sixty and also check out some of my social media here I’d love to link you on Facebook and LinkedIn and some other things so Appreciate your time god bless take care. Have a wonderful day and look forward to helping you if I can take care

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