10 reasons Illinois SUCKS!

What is going on everyone? Does your life
suck? I’m sure some days you feel like it does you’re not alone we all have those
days the good news is every day above ground is a good day at least that’s how
I’ve always viewed things but we all have those days and a lot of those days
have to do with where we live if you live in a nice city or state that has a
high quality of life score you’re statistically more likely to be happy I
mean that’s kind of obvious right kind of just simple makes sense you live in
nice place so you’ll be happy it still didn’t stop someone from doing a couple
studies on the subject today we’re talking about the Prairie State Illinois
it’s also where Abraham Lincoln lived for a while and their other nickname is
the Land of Lincoln he was born in Kentucky but lived Illinois with his
family in his late teens early 20s I actually read a book not too long ago
that stated they really aren’t sure anymore when he arrived in Illinois some
believe it was a couple years later than originally thought anyway moving on
besides history Illinois has great farmland great cities and the greatest
pizza in the world up in Chicago it’s amazing pizza but Illinois also has
number ten infrastructure about 58% of the roads in Illinois are considered to
be in good condition that means 42% of them aren’t in good condition it’s basic
math I’m glad I could help all of you who are bringing up the calculator with
that basic math problem solved it took illinois lawmakers nine years to pass a
transportation bill nine years and some months to be exact nine years to finally
address a seriously deficient infrastructure illinois has such poor
roads i don’t care what kind of car insurance you have it’s not gonna cover
damage from excessive pothole encounters the infrastructure of the such bad shape
that it was causing safety hazards and costing people and businesses time and
money in chicago i saw falling concrete at the union’s i didn’t actually see it
falling had already fallen and they that little like rope things around it in
Union Station when I took the train back from Chicago
trains and buses look like they served in World War two across the state roads
connecting farms manufacturing and universities were just crumbling all
over the place here’s the thing the law was passed this last June it won’t go
into effect until summer of 2020 when they can start doing roadwork and stuff
like that again and it’ll be six years before they complete most of the
projects now it’s government so realistically it won’t start till summer
of 2021 and only half of the project will be completed in eight years
after all it is Illinois number dine second worst place for business only
being outdone by California Illinois sucks to do business in Illinois
continues to tax heavily and politicians continue to destroy opportunities for
employees and businesses it’s terrible combination that’s led to
an exodus they’re seen both in families and businesses it’s like they went to
some school on how not to run things like California I read about a data room
company that was moving 30 minutes away into Indiana to save thousands of
dollars every month here’s an idea find a middle ground tax enough to fix
things but not so much companies are racing to the state line like 1930s bank
robbers number eight outward migration like I mentioned before people are
running out of Illinois like someone who just found out their tinder date told a
200 pound lie on their profile more people are moving out of Illinois than
any other state yes more than California for every 100 people moving into the
Prairie State 137 people move out there kind of running a little bit of a
deficit there as one man said in an interview about leaving Illinois when my
old lady gets out of rehab we’re hitting the payday loan place and moving in
North Dakota cuz it sucks in Illinois those were his words not mine
that’s also when I decided to cancel any plans I ever had of visiting North
Dakota again the strange thing is it’s not just Chicago people are moving out
of it’s across the board the whole state every place is losing people
oddly enough except for one of the worst places which is East st. Louis they
don’t seem to be losing many people everywhere else in the state there’s
flooding out of there incredible number seven crooked politicians Illinois sort
of known for the crooked politician thing they’ve had four governors who
have served time in prison one currently that’s four that’s three more than the
other two on that list South Carolina did have a lieutenant governor go to
jail but yeah only three states about governors go to jail and Illinois leads
the pack but in Illinois it’s like a tradition to get caught up in some form
of fraud or bribery for elected officials they have a list of aldermen
state reps and other city and state officials doing some sort of time for
some kind of corruption but the governor that’s currently in there is governor
Rob Blagojevich who was Illinois’s 40th governor he served from 2003 to 2009 he
was sentenced to 14 years in federal prison the Justice Department complaint
alleges that the governor conspired to commit seven
pay-to-play schemes including attempting to attain personal gain by selling
Barack Obama’s Senate seat when he got elected to the president the governor
can appoint someone to take over his seat at one point he was trying to get
Oprah to take it over I don’t know if he’s charging her or whatever but
whoever he was trying to charge for that seat
he got wiretap by the federal government and they sent him jail for 14 years now
recently just back in like summer I think June was the last time I heard of
it there was talk about President Trump you setting him free I don’t know what
happened with that I haven’t heard it in nine months he’s still doing time number
six fiscal stability are you getting the
feeling most of Illinois’s problems come from the government if you’re getting
that feeling the feeling is correct remember when they couldn’t get a
transportation budget done for years and years well these people have a hard time
getting any budget through when they ranked fiscal stability Illinois comes
in in last place dead last at this point I would like to extend another
congratulations to the state of Mississippi we now have three things
you’re not dead last and congratulations Mississippi so what is fiscal stability
fiscal stability is basically the economy of the state but it’s assess
both in a short and long term basis a state’s credit rating and public pension
liabilities are measured for long-term financial help blah blah blah liquidity
budget balancing bunch of stuff I don’t understand they’re spending comparison
to their income is really a big part of it if you were to look at the books on
Illinois one thing is crystal clear they struggle with math harder than I do they
just don’t get it something’s not happening right here
it’s like no one wants to spend money or someone wants spend too much money it
just doesn’t make any sense number five pollution and air quality
entire state tanks when it comes to environmental issues Illinois ranked
37th and air and water quality and forty third in overall pollution most people
think this is all because of Chicago it’s isn’t it isn’t sort of right most
pollution and water pollution comes from farms the air quality now that’s gonna
be on Chicago and some of the bigger cities but most standard pollution and
water pollution come from the farms Illinois has a lot of farmland if you
drink the water in Illinois make sure you have good health insurance or life
insurance at least enough life insurance so your family can afford to move out of
the land to Lincoln after you’re gone but yeah the air quality is gonna come
from Chicago and some of the other bigger sitt not like they have other
bigger cities I mean east st. was kind of big and things like that but
yeah the air quality tanks from Chicago for the most part number for Chicago’s
reputation Chicago has a reputation for being the most dangerous city in the
United States because the high number of murders the murder part is correct but
the dangerous part is false Chicago was actually ranked 14th that
year and in 2018 it was 25th this all started the 2016
election season this was brought up over and over by politicians some politicians
claimed they would call in the National Guard or army to the streets of Chicago
to control the city this of course was nonsense
besides being against the law it would face challenge after challenge in the
courts and they’d never get on the streets for this it was insane
and it’s also would be a serious miss allocation of funds they’re putting it
on the wrong city Chicago that year did have the most murder with seven hundred
and sixty two homicides followed by st. Louis with 326 and Baltimore with 318 so
yes they did have more but Chicago also has 9.5 million residents in the metro
area where st. Louis and Baltimore each have 2.8 cago ranked 14th among cities
with at least a hundred thousand residents in 2016 the Chicago murder
rate was twenty four homicides per every 100,000 residents that was less than
half the rate of st. Louis’s with fifty nine point six presidents and
Baltimore’s with fifty five point two and also below the rate of other cities
including Cleveland Memphis Tennessee and Newark New Jersey
so it was really just a bunch of hot air that they were just using it to get
elected it was insane and now Chicago has this reputation for being the most
dangerous city in the United States it’s nuts number three the weather depending
on what poll you read Illinois is always in the top five for the worst weather
now I’ll get some flak about this one whenever weather is brought up in any my
list people claim that it’s not that bad we are talking normal people here not
freaks like myself that wait all year for the temperature to drop below 40
degrees so we can fill normal I asked a friend who lived in Chicago growing up
and now lives in a place called Wilmington Illinois side note to this I
had someone tell me I didn’t know anything about the United States last
time I brought up my friend Matt and how he lives in Wilmington Illinois they
said that I was an idiot because Wilmington is in Delaware not Illinois
and he wasn’t having it when about 50 people in the comment section called him
an idiot and then started correcting his grammar and
everything else and his spelling it was horrible but anyway it’s got to be rough
being a sixteen year old know-it-all anyway so this is how Matt described
Illinois weather it is humid most of the year spring lasts about a month in three
days but it is always either rainy or gray skies fall is the best season here
but that only lasts for about a month and six days summers are mostly
unbearably hot and humid with no wind whatsoever then the fun begins winner is
windy with ice sleet snow and rain I spend more time scraping ice and
shoveling snow than I do sleeping some months in Illinois then he said forget
the sunscreen and remember the whiskey it helps keep you warm number two the
worst run state Illinois is considered to be the worst run state in the Union
most of the things on this list have probably pointed most of you in that
direction already I’m sure yes they beat both Mississippi and California in this
category congratulations Mississippi you got
another one you’re not the bottom of the barrel on the fiscal stability
infrastructure politicians in jail pollution air and water quality all
point to the people that have been getting elected are not doing what they
were elected to do or they’re just in way over their heads and they need some
help whichever just recently the Illinois Board of Education suspended
the licenses of around 50 educators who have been charged with sex crimes
violent felonies and certain drug offenses implementing a new law that
seeks to strengthen protection for students basically are trying to make
kids safe what a novel idea who thought of it it’s incredible finally getting
around to it how did these people get hired the first place I understand if
they got the job committed a crime and got fired soon after some had this on
their records before they even got hired since this all went down many of the
teachers who lost their licenses were fired or they resigned after their
arrests while others remain employed but on leave how long are then leave for
until the statute of limitations expires what’s going on here what is even
stranger about this situation Illinois’s doesn’t have terrible schools
they aren’t the best but they’re not terrible kind of weird and number one
the quality of life quality of life is how they gauge whether a place sucks or
doesn’t suck for the residents Illinois sucks for its residents it was ranked
47th for 2018 and they’ll probably capture the 48th spot for 2019 the
reasons why because they suck that’s why all things like crime weather economy
transportation etc all factored in and that’s how they come up with this
ranking for quality of life or any location Illinois’s just about
the bottom of the barrel most predict that the next few years will just get
worse for Illinois they’re losing residents and employers at an alarming
rate which lowers the amount of tax revenue which leads to even bigger
problems Illinois’s getting to the point where the only industries that excel
when things are bad will thrive bail bonds lawyers payday loans cleanup and
restoration type businesses those type of things will do good in the next few
years next decade in Illinois I’m sure Honest Abe would cry if he saw Illinois
now all right so that is my top 10 reasons
Illinois sucks I hope you guys got some information on it I hope you enjoyed the
video don’t forget all the links below give me a big thumbs up tell me what you
thought what did I miss I want to hear about don’t forget to
subscribe hit that Bell notifications so you know when we uploaded everybody have
a great day be nice to each other

100 comments on “10 reasons Illinois SUCKS!”

  1. Tom Mack says:

    Illinois has traditionally been corrupt… check out a book by a Catholic priest named Charles Chinquiy called 50 years in the church of Rome. He describes the corruption in great detail and tells about how this lawyer named Lincoln and an Emperor named Louis Napoleon III got him out of trouble.

  2. Parker Rabideau says:

    Yeah, Illinois kinda sucks. Rural Illinois is boring and our cities are mostly hellholes

  3. Alvan Karpas says:

    About the right and wrong way of running things… The formula for failure is known and proven, the one for success is not. So if the state is failing, it is their fault. Lived a lot of my life in central IL. That was a long time ago and even then, if you were looking, you could see all of this coming. It's been bad for a very long time and sadly, they aren't finished with declining yet. Illinois politicians genuinely believe they can dig their way out of the holes they've already dug.

  4. Finn says:

    It’s snowing on Halloween here in Illinois 😔

  5. Terrie Smith says:

    Liberal paradise. Lol

  6. ARVID LYSTNUR says:

    Northeastern Illinois has generally some of the rudest people in the country.

  7. Joe Dazey says:

    "Pizza" that has corn oil as an ingredient? Hmmm.

  8. SeismicPebble says:

    There's a road I drive over fairly frequently, it has been under construction for a long time. I got a Bachelor's Degree in the time elapsed. It still isn't finished.

  9. Alyssa Abraham says:

    Does anyone know if there are local income taxes, aside from the 4.95% flat tax rate?

  10. Alex Exists says:

    The weather part was correct. IT LITERALLY SNOWED LIKE 5 INCHES ON HOLLOWEEN.

  11. Indiana Thrills says:

    You have to do this for all 50 states!

  12. Stain Dog says:

    If you can guarantee me and my wife good paying jobs in another state I will move tomorrow. It SUUUCCKKKSSSS

  13. cemetery76 says:

    shitcago is the one destroying illinois

  14. cemetery76 says:

    no more people are leaving cali then illinois

  15. FelipeTheFirst says:

    I’m from the Chicago metro area and I won’t argue, the weather just sucks here. Sometimes it’s nice during the summer but that’s it, the rest of the year sucks

  16. Manfred Mann says:

    Not too familiar with Illinois, but I will take a few guesses: High property taxes, government corruption, severe weather in summer, northern part is cold in the winter, crime in the major cities like Chicago and Rockford, not much there scenically ( but I have seen some nice areas in the NW near the Dubuque IA area and to the south near Carbondale) and that is all I have.

    Congratulations to U of Illinois for that recent upset against the Badgers.

  17. Cardinal History says:

    It may be a dumpster fire but, its my dumpster fire.

  18. Manfred Mann says:

    During the portion in the video when you were talking about the murder rate, I was even more terrified by those intimidating people. 😂

  19. Manfred Mann says:

    Is Chicago going the way of Detroit, where the latter seems to be mildly improving?

  20. dubreil07 says:

    Greatest pizza? You’re from Cali stfu

  21. S FERG says:

    After I retired, it took less than 4 months to move out.  Glad I did, no doubt.  Oh…. and please get rid of Mike Madigan.

  22. Thomas Eva says:

    Wilmington is actually in NC.

  23. Dennis says:

    Moved to South Dakota July 2019, I loved Chicago but the Democrats made it impossible to stay there.

  24. James Keeling says:

    Your right on about the weather it sucks! Now I live in Monroe County and since I lived in it the population has doubled and there still coming in. By the next census it will probably triple but what do you expect when you have Misery right across the river! There not leaving in my county! They just keep coming and coming and coming!

  25. Dylan Brown says:

    That's why I'm proud to live in Illinois

  26. Britton Keene says:

    Lived in roxana, wood river, alton and alhambra collectively for about 3 years. Nothing to do but hit the taverns and drink. And drink. And drink. (Clean and sober for years now btw) Worst thing is that i met some of the coolest people I've ever met in my life in illinois. Not friends with them anymore but that's 100% my fault. Terrible place but i have a lot of fond memories of those people and i hope theyre all doing well and taking care of themselves. I wish i could tell them all how sorry i am and always will be for being such a horrible person back then.

  27. James Keeling says:

    Correction by the next census Monroe County would probably have doubled in population since I have lived here but it is still growing with no end in sight in near future.

  28. Brandon McGowan says:

    overly aggressive traffic cops, horrible quarterbacks, corrupt democrats

  29. Scott Davis says:

    What is a good state to live in for gun owners Illinois resident here

  30. Lee Churchill says:

    Talks about terrible weather and quality of life. Shows stock aerial video of beautiful city by the water in crystal clear sunshine.

  31. Tony Macaroni says:

    Well done sir!

  32. RithenGTG says:

    Am I the only Tunisian watching this channel?

  33. Robert Hecker says:

    You heard da Mayor. This is what it costs to live here…if ya don't like it…git to gittin.

  34. David Sincere says:

    It's a democratic state who wants to take your guns away period of course it sucks.

  35. Daniel Koczak says:

    I used to live in Rock Island Illinois and it was horrible! But i made another bad choice and moved to Michigan.

  36. Stuart Haynes says:

    Dont Forget Wilmington NC

  37. Dylan Flowers says:

    Definitely hit the target on this state I can tell you as a resident it's this bad and has been for a decade or longer it's only going to get worse sad thing is this isn't a bad state as far as its beauty it's just bad governance at both the state and local levels and a bad pension system that hasn't been addressed. More than likely will be leaving in the next year or so.

  38. arecee50 says:

    its a shit hole run by DEMONRAT ASSHOLES

  39. Mrs. Stevie Brown says:

    "Forget the sunscreen, remember the whiskey…it helps keep you warm." 🤣🤣 That just made my day. However, my condolences to Matt.

  40. Scott Golimowski says:

    Illinois sucks because it's been run by Democrats forever!!

  41. Sir Percival says:

    Cook County, Illinois, has more "Dead People" voting than any other place in the United States or WORLD !

  42. Stephen Smith says:

    Please stay out of Indiana we dont want you liberals here.

  43. Tom Meier says:

    If god put as ass hole on earth its illinois I'm ready to leave this hell hole been here for over 60 years time to leave.

  44. Dylan Davis says:


  45. Frank Yellowsnow says:

    I live in Illinois and this state Sucks. They are Taxing us to death. I am leaving in 18 to 24 months. The DemocRats have destroyed the State of IL.

  46. heystarfish100 says:

    Illinois is run by Communists, Marxists. Socialists, Race Baiters, Social Justice Warriors, Government Unions, Street Gangs and the worst Liberal Judges the nation can gather. With a load of 💩 like that one cannot expect it not to stink!

    The Chicago Democrat Party has rigged Congressional Districts into long tentacles reaching out several County Governments to pedal influence, accept Chicago Democrat Machine legislature and fund the party of government bankruptcy.

    Couple all of this with far left radicals at every level of education from Pre-school to University to brain wash the youth into compliance of their demonic culture and a complacent media who never holds these people responsible for misery and corruption.

    As an Illinois citizen who cannot believe how far left this Once Great State has become and as the son of a small town Mayor who told our Governor of record at the time (who was sent to prison) that he was not welcome in our town and to get out, I don’t have much faith in my fellow citizens to help turn this mess around ever. The media has brainwashed the citizens with professional sports teams being more important than government financial security or investigation of corrupt leaders. There is no one here looking out for hardworking, honest people of good value and community.

  47. Fred Gardner says:

    Didn't Obama come from there??? Biggest traitor in USA history

  48. Miguel Aguilar says:

    Come on! Feel the Illinoise!

  49. Gary Clark says:

    Hey! At least we have electrical power and no firestorms…..for now.

  50. Tremath says:

    Do Nevadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  51. Cindy Wilson says:


  52. Tom Quimby says:

    The number one problem with Illinois is Cook County (Chicago). I was born and raised in rural Illinois, and my feeling is all of Illinois problems centers around the fact that Cook County politicians control the state. We have seen some bills come up for a vote that pitted Cook County Democrats against Democrats from downstate. There has been a strong movement here in Illinois to make Cook County a separate state in fact there is a bill in the state assembly to do just that.

  53. Ralf the COSMIC Coyote says:

    Illinois Is Extremely On EDGE, Way too Many Stuck Up Undecided Straight FACED People… FRIENDS With Benefits? LOVERS? LOL! Yeah, Not the Best for FREE SPIRITS

  54. Ralf the COSMIC Coyote says:

    If the PERCEPTION Of the Public Here (In "ILLINOIS") Was Any Better Other things Would Slowly Fall Into Place…
    Illinois Is EXTREMELY SEXUALLY IGNORANT to Get Someone to find You Sexually Attractive Just Because & for NO Other Reason But YOUR BODY ENERGY….
    Well Perhaps If We Change the Way We think About the PHYSICAL Connection & STOP Being FAKE take those Damn MASKS Off…

  55. Suburban Kid says:

    I’m from California and I’m not surprised there’s one for California, everyone who hasn’t seen much of it hates it. But Illinois? You have many rights but hating on Illinois is not one of them.

  56. Penguin 471 says:

    Weather was terrible it snowed here on Halloween

  57. MrGoose47 says:

    Hi Briggs how are you doing I just want to take a moment and tell you I really enjoy your videos of how you put the humor in the videos recently saw 10 reasons why Illinois from Chicago and you are absolutely right Illinois is the worst state and looking into moving elsewhere maybe to Texas or Colorado we have an awesome day keep up with the awesome videos I really enjoy them take the care

  58. Erik Max Q Mcc says:

    i Loved Illinois so much thats why I left lol

  59. Tim Erwin says:

    I had a driving job where I was always driving through rural Illinois areas. Pretty much every road outside of major cities was trash. You'd be driving through forests with one-lane roads that go up and down like rollercoasters and had plenty of potholes. To the side of these roads were usually ditches and creeks, so good luck getting out of the way if someone else was coming at the wrong time . The most scary thing is they had semis driving through these hellish roads all the time.

    Even roads over highways were small, had crumbling edges, and had 2-inch-tall metal barriers, so any car that veers off the path IS going onto the highway.

  60. skorpia g says:

    Regarding the crime rate – how crazy the lines are drawn,plus the huge gap between rich and poor in chicago..south /west/southwest chicago..the crime rate is very high. Its hood there. Then you hop on the 55 and go to the lake where downtown is and all the filthy rich live there. There also the burbs where the rich live. Over an hr (or more away from the city) from chicago but STILL considered chicago🙄this is why inner city Chicagoans have a fit when these people say "I'm from chicago" and they dont even live IN THE CITY. Because it's too "violent" or "poor" except by downtown. Once you get out of downtown ..you see a vast difference in economy. There are hidden gems tho. Pilsen is growing for its mexican culture/art, Great food on pulaski. But yeah.. there are some places that it's a warzone.

  61. Jim Joz says:

    Madigan !

  62. Thomas Tarrant says:

    Just legalize recreational marijuana like we did in co, use the tax money to fix roads and take the burden off business stupids.

  63. Thomas Tarrant says:

    Every time I visit Chicago I stay on the southside, never felt unsafe.

  64. debunker says:

    10 things: corrupt politicians, democrats,corrupt politicians, democrats,corrupt politicians, democrats,corrupt politicians, democrats,corrupt politicians, democrats.                                  Get rid of these ten things and everyone would love to live there.

  65. JoeyBear says:

    10 reasons illinois sucks..let me sum it up for you. 1-10 = democrats. 🤣😆

  66. Julian B says:

    Born and raised in Champaign. It's my home, feels like home, and I'll never leave. I love it here.

  67. Nit the Liar says:

    Bail bondsman won’t thrive here because they are illegal here… just like everything else.

  68. Nit the Liar says:

    Illinois is basically all the downsides of California with none of the upsides

  69. Jose Reyes says:

    Anti gun laws is another reason why Illinois sucks. That and high property taxes. Glad I moved out last month.

  70. Barney Rubble says:

    I know several people that have moved out of IL over the last few years and I don't know one person that has moved there.

  71. Jeb Reed says:

    Illinois sucks because of Chitcago. Run by Democrats since 1927, and is 100% corrupt.

  72. Pigdoc1 says:

    St Louis is MUCH more dangerous than Chicago, and it has so many guns, that they almost come out of a tap. I guess more guns really do make us safer. Oh, and a big reason Illinois is losing jobs is that they are moving to "right to work" states. Feel free to move to those places.

  73. Carol Howard says:

    I left there YEARS ago ! High property taxes, the air stinks, very rude people, etc etc etc. don’t miss it !

  74. TexanTube says:

    I was born and raised in Illinois. My grandparents have lived here practically since birth, my mom and dad were born here, and allllllll my siblings were too. My mom and I are moving out of this shithole asap and moving to paradise on earth (not Mexico)

  75. Beth Johnson says:

    You suck

  76. Justin Carstensen says:


  77. Naturenerd1000 says:

    How come states that tax the most have the worst infrastructure?🤔

  78. sean murphy says:

    100 tax payers move out, 100 iliterate low I.Q. welfare Queens move in.

  79. rebel 985 says:

    Illinois is going to be another troubles war

  80. Veronica Liz says:

    I hate to see how much money is taken out of my check, so yes, Illinois sucks

  81. Troy Stocker says:

    Chicago has always been violent

  82. Tony Wilson says:

    Completely forgot that Illinois sports teams can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory like no other state, city or country on the planet.

  83. Curtis Baker says:


  84. Douglas Silver says:

    Why Illinois is a sucky state?? Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama made it Fucked up!! And put a body stench in the air!!

  85. Crusader says:

    World According to Briggs: Chicago has amazing pizza
    New York and New Jersey: I hate you, you hate me, but at least we can agree that this guy it wrong in every conceivable way

  86. I C says:

    Worst part about Illinois is it's a filthy, enabling,"stanktuary" shitty,I mean city….

  87. Michael Hunt says:

    You know what I love about Illinois? Nothing.

  88. Savage Saiyan Fitness says:

    I mean stats don’t lie someone get shot every two hours here In Chicago

  89. Randy Mckee says:

    This state is ran by democrats. Enough said. Democrats destroy everything they touch.

  90. Todd Anderson says:

    Lived in Illinois for 27 years… finally got the heck out of there 2 1/2 years ago…best decision I ever made.

  91. Timberwolf 707 says:

    S T O P T Y P I N G

  92. DH Blan says:

    Another fun video. Your recommendations for Blue Highways and Travels with Charlie are spot on. both are terrific.

  93. J. T. says:

    It sucks because it's a Democrat state.

  94. Andy Sahs says:

    Number one reason Illinois sucks is because of The SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE Mike  Madigan . All the money is going in his pockets .

  95. Folasade I says:

    Illinois citizen here🖐️, quick warning, our kind is corrupt with dope whores and drug addicts. Living next to pretty much the meth capital of North America, you tend to see people here for who they really are, jobless, losers, sluttish, addicts, con artists, and that about sums it up. You want to do yourself a favor? Just stay the HELL away.

  96. Bradley Nicholas says:

    Thanks for making this video finally. IL is a shithole. I can’t wait to leave. There are literally NO upsides about being here…smh lol

  97. John Ryan says:

    This comments section has the biggest bunch of weather pussies I have ever seen. They're bitching about that sprinkling we got around Halloween that melted away almost immediately because the high temps those days were well above freezing. We rarely even get snow that early.

    Over the last 10 to 20 years the Chicago area winters have been more mild than they used to be. I remember the winters being way more severe back when I was a kid in the seventies and eighties.

  98. Isaac Stevens says:

    If I had a family, I would move to Iowa or Indiana

  99. Chris Duitsman says:

    Illinois: Broke as a joke, Taxes so high that they prohibit any kind of legitimate business, Corrupt as hell, because all the politicians are dirty even the ones who say they are "clean", and the weather does suck. On the upside, the people who live there are nice, Chicago is a great place to visit, but Illinois does suck for the most part. I'm glad I left when I did.

  100. ItsAllAboutGuitar says:

    There are two driving seasons, construction season and snow season. The cold is exacerbated by wind. It's depressing. The people are fucking pricks.

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