10 Surprisingly High Paying Jobs #3

In part 3 of our search for surprisingly high
paying jobs we look at the occupations that could land you over a $40,000 a year and much,
much more. Most of these occupations you probably wouldn’t
have thought about as a career path. And hardly any would be mentioned by your
career guidance counselor, but each of these unique positions offers you a way to pay the
bills and carve out a career on a less-trodden path. Some of these occupations require formal qualifications
and others just require a desire and passion or a quirky interest. So without further ado let’s see which career
paths will lead to a surprisingly lucrative future with 10 Surprisingly High Paying Jobs
– Part 3. Number 10. Professional mermaid. A professional mermaid can earn up to $250
an hour. Not bad cash for looking beautiful inside
a mermaid suit. Qualifications include the ability to swim
and having the required look for mermaiding. Mermaiding is a relatively new profession
with some of the first professional mermaids, such as Hannah Mermaid, making a splash on
the international mermaid scene around 2004. Mermaiding is sometimes referred to water
ballet, and is not to be confused with modern synchronized swimming. No formal qualifications are required and
potential mermaids should keep in mind this is definitely not a long-term career. As mermaids age, they generally find work
more difficult to find on the open seas. Number 9. Professional psychics. $41,000. One position that seems to weather the storms
of financial insecurity is that of the supernatural fortune-teller. With no formal education or qualifications
required, you will however need to have acquired the basics of showmanship and build a following
of firm believers ready to trust your every word. Armed with a crystal ball or a set of tarot
cards you will be able to map out the future for your clients and put them at ease in times
of emotional or financial stress. With such supernatural powers at their disposal
we expect many in this profession also play the stock market on the side, and they just
keep reading fortunes for fun. Right? Number 8. Embalmer. One of the world’s oldest know professions
can see you netting $46,000 for dressing stiffs. You will be required to prepare the deceased
before burial in accordance with the wishes of relatives. Advantages of this occupation are that you
will never find work drying up as people have a habit of dying quite regularly. The disadvantages are it is just really kinda
creepy and talking about occupations on first dates might be a no no. Embalmers are not required to hold any undergraduate
or post graduate qualifications and usually enter the profession through a family mortician
business. Number 7. Soil Conservationist. As an expert in turf and soil and with a median
salary of $66,000 this position guarantees getting your hands on some really dirty cash. Your roles in this earthly position will be
the development of plans to prevent erosion and implement practices for sustainable land
use. You will perform land surveys within the agriculture,
forestry and fishing sectors. Most people who enter into the field of soil
conservationist will have an undergraduate degree in agricultural science or environmental
studies and will be simply nuts about soil, mud, and the ways of land in general. Number 6. Clinical Ethicist. With an average salary of $72,385 this position
deals with contentious medical issues such as stem cell research and euthanasia. Medical issues that spill over into the political
and religious arena require independent experts to weigh up issues and provide an unbiased
input. This contribution helps patients, doctors,
and loved ones to resolve complex issues. Post graduate studies in medical ethics and
some experience in a medical field will open the door to this interesting and complex position
in the medical industry. Number 5. Airplane Repo Man. From $10,000 to $100,000 per airplane can
be earned by the repomen who collect aircraft. The owner has fallen behind on payments, he’s
been sent a number of warnings, and it’s time to call in the repoman. This job is so totally cool The Discovery
Channel made a show about it. Airplane Repo follows the repossession agents
hired by financial institutions to recover aircraft from those who fall behind on their
payments. You will probably need some expert working
knowledge of aircraft for this position, be able to fly, and have enough courage to apply
for a position in the A-team to boot. Number 4. Voice-Over artists. These guys can earn from $50-80,000 per year. Voice-over, also known as off-camera or off-stage
commentary is a production technique used in radio, television, filmmaking, theater,
video games, and animation. The only qualifications you will need for
this position are a good clear reading voice and the ability to read and comprehend sometimes
complex and difficult texts. No formal studies are required and you can
practice and publish your work on a social media platform such as a youtube channel. Number 3. Enterostomal Therapist. This position could net you up to $85,000
a year and requires a specific skill that is in demand yet might be considered a little
bit disgusting. To apply you will be from a medical field
and be expert in the cutting of the small intestine through the abdomen. You will then, with shirt sleeves rolled up,
create an opening through the abdominal wall and the intestine through which fecal matter
will drain into a feeding tube. Still interested? The operation is required in severe cases
of abdomen wounds and with diseases such as cancer and Crohn’s disease. The Enterostomal therapist will be required
to take care of post-surgery matters and educate the patient on a further care program. Applicants are required to have themselves
a strong stomach and an associates or bachelor’s degree along with nursing certifications. Number 2. Flavorists. Flavorists create, as you would imagine, flavors,
and can earn up to $100,000 per year. Sounds pretty sweet, no? Also known as a flavor chemist a flavorist
engineers artificial and natural flavors to add to food products. The tools at your disposal will be similar
to those used by perfumers, except your ingredients will need to be fit for human consumption. Educational requirements for this profession
are varied but normally a good degree in Chemistry, Biology or food science is required. That said, most training is done on the job
in an apprentice environment. Number 1. Prosthodontists. This position can earn up to $197,000 per
year and involves (according to the BLS) replacing missing teeth and other natural and acquired
deformation of the mouth and jaw to restore and maintain oral function such as chewing
and speaking, and to improve appearance. This is the highest paying of our surprisingly
high paying occupations. Only around 430 prosthodontists exist in the
USA making this position a surprisingly lucrative one to move into. Individuals wishing to specialize in prosthodontics
will have graduated from dental school plus complete a post graduate program in prosthodontics. So what do you think would be the coolest
and most lucrative job to land? Are there other wacky jobs that pay top dollar
out there? Let us know in the comments! Also, be sure to check out our other video
The Highest Paying Jobs for Teens. Thanks for watching, and as always, please
don’t forget to like, share and subscribe. See you next time!

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  1. PUM says:

    If you live in LA go work for the DWP. Pass a easy competency test, they will train you for 4 years (paying you 50,000 all the while), then racking in 100,000 a year plus GREAT benefits.

  2. Roger le says:

    40k a year is alot of money? Betch i live in the bay area.

  3. BlackLister says:

    Professional psychic.. A.K.A a hack. Here i thought this was a list of legitimate jobs.

  4. Manny F says:

    What about herbalife :V

  5. humayun morshead says:

    make bangladesh vs Pakistan

  6. Joseph Selwan says:

    My father is a prosthodontist.

  7. ThatAnarchist says:

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  10. guitarhamster says:

    Most hospital ethicists are just MDs that sit on ethics committees

  11. Sweet Probably says:

    You do need a degree or certification to be an embalmer depending on where you live.

  12. KillTyrant says:

    #9 is illegal in some states.

  13. Alfonso López Martínez says:

    11) pimp

  14. Shafz128 says:

    Make a fortnite stream and get mrbeast6000 to donate £10,000

  15. A Person says:

    Lawyer, that is something no one think s of

  16. Ben Brown says:

    Work won't dry up as people don't stop dying

  17. :P iou says:

    Prosthodontists vs Some clickbaity steve boi

  18. :P iou says:

    1. Be a healthy hungarian/european be a fat american And get a Good job

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    be a cykablyat

  20. Nightfall says:

    Fun fact- The average American salary is 40,000 a year.

  21. that guy says:

    #1 hitman

  22. ItsSabastion says:

    Well my friend makes $35,280 a year by taking hospital stuff from one to another pretty easy

  23. its Costa says:

    Fun fact : Cocaine is healthier than bacon.

  24. Dr. Resistance says:

    I will be good at being a airplane repo man

  25. Velocity HDMI says:

    #1: Being asian andy

  26. Chrispy Bacon says:

    Ah yes

  27. Mr xx Ultimate says:

    Number 4, soo.. Basically the guy talking? I would have expected they make a joke from that.

  28. Niseini says:

    high playing jobs ONLY in the US

  29. coffeegator says:

    The advanced degree examples aren't surprising.

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    I bet there is so much demand for mermaids.

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    6:19 prostitution

  36. Breeezy says:

    I don’t think 40,000 is a surprising amount of money but I guess being a mermaid does pay pretty good. 😂

  37. RedLeader327 says:

    How messed up do you have to be to fall behind on plane payments?

  38. Chris Hansen says:


  39. Ed says:

    Kinda trying to figure out how 40k a year is high paying. In most cities in the US you would probably need to have a roommate (or several) to have a place to live on that salary.

  40. Milan k says:

    I want to become soil conservatist

  41. TheSnowFoxParty says:

    I make around 54k to 58k a year working in an office that can lead to promotions so I'm good 😊😊

  42. rautamiekka says:

    At first I thought professional mermaid mentioned by the agency was a bad thing to mention.

  43. karma's icy says:

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  47. Sam Fisher says:

    Since when was $40,000 a high paying job?🤔

  48. Clayton Carney says:

    what is your idea of *high paying*?

  49. Caspar Tooma says:

    Prostitutes get pretty nice pay too

  50. Ruth Torres says:

    #15: buger king foot lettuce

  51. Alaina Parr says:

    Wow, they really pulled the first one out of the blue

  52. A Commenter says:

    What about the people who make 100 MILLION a MONTH

    – Oh wait most of them do not have jobs.

  53. The Sapphire Wolf says:

    I have Chrones disease

  54. Ismael Abubeker says:

    I don't want to be a dentist

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    Fart sniffer

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    $40K isn't high paying. that's damn near minimum wage

  57. Kevin Chen says:

    $40,000 isn't high at all…

  58. Big Ounce says:

    i know atlest for new york that a mechanic can net you 58-62 thousand and all you need is a decent interest in cars

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  60. The Infographics Show says:

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    #1: bUrGeR KiNg FoOt LeTTuCe

  64. AqiL YT says:

    #1 ROBBERY.

  65. mojor8pojor8 says:

    Applying vo for infographics show asap

  66. Bull Bear Portfolio says:

    Legalize prostitution in the US and that will open up good paying jobs for many. Cracks sells, lol.

  67. ahmad uwais says:

    why does your title of any videos show about like a man holding a bat and liking out its tongue.

  68. Daniel Reid Boxing says:

    Uber Driver lol

  69. im David Mayo and i approve this message says:

    cant wait to become a plumber

  70. OP jrfalko says:

    idk if this is true but my dad told me he earns around 90,000 a year does that suck

  71. Iris Maldonado says:

    How are u gonna be mermaiding without breathing

  72. Exeutiy says:

    Emblamers require prior education in Australia.

  73. Wan Fu says:

    Crane operator: $150K, Butler: $50-150K depending on benefits (could be in a boarding position, etc.), Dermatologist: $700K

  74. Sisonpyh M says:

    These are just a list of weird jobs none of these jobs qualify as high pay so how can you quantify the title is surprisingly high paying when they're all Relatively loa paying jobs

  75. Zwei Wing says:

    Does 3d Artist, VFX, Novelist and other entertainment count ?

  76. Omar Del Moral says:

    Bridge carpenter we make over 100k a yr been making it since I left highschool over 10yrs ago, without any school debt

  77. Kyle Zheng says:

    We have to pay 40,000 a month

  78. Leonel Jimenez says:

    What about correction officer??? They can make about 6 figures

  79. carlos rodriguez says:

    I'll be a ninja turtle

  80. Steelers Kid3000 says:

    Why about pro sports?

  81. Singerj199 says:

    What about Certified Welding Inspectors? An average salary of about 90k a year without overtime after a few years of experience

  82. Sriram R says:

    A politician :- A a person can re write laws and swallow up tons of bribes and acquire acres and acres of land in his or her name.

  83. puravida506 says:

    The day is a lot less than normal and tomorrow is

  84. James Brandon To says:

    We need more vids on surprisingly high jobs.

  85. Moses Carrillo says:

    Mermaid is the stupidest option ….

  86. Reindeer’s Bees says:

    You should add commercial beekeeping to this list they can make $70,000 a year.

  87. Daniel Rich says:

    guys be a anastheseologist

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