100% Financing for California Fix & Flip Hard Money Loans by Aztec Financial

– What do I need to do
to qualify for your loan? How much money do I need to bring down in order to, so that Aztec funds my deal? Well, let me just address, first of all, depending on the deal that you get, you may not have to bring anything down because, really our formula is based on if you’re getting a good deal, relative to the future value
or the after-repaired value. It really could be a no-money-down deal, and we do a handful of those every month. Of course, those deals
are getting harder to find because of all the competition
bidding up the properties. But they’re still out there you just have to look harder
for them, and quite honestly, most of the people who
end up getting those deals are the people that’ve
been in business a while that already have rapport
with asset managers who usually get kind of the first pick. That’s not to say it won’t happen, sometimes you get lucky and
you stumble upon those deals and when it happens, it’s great we love doing no-money-down
deals because we know that, number one, you’re
getting a phenomenal deal, and number two, you’re gonna
make such a killing on this, you just can’t wait to get in
there and just up the volume and do more of these things. Now, as far as what you need to qualify, we use a short-form loan application. Whatever you put on it, we pretty much take your word
for it, it’s stated income. We do like to know that, number one, you have some sort of
experience doing rehabs. If either yourself or your
partner or indirectly, maybe you worked on some other
rehab deals with a partner, but either directly or indirectly, have some sort of experience. We don’t really wanna
see, for your first deal, somebody who just graduated
a nothing-down seminar so to speak, and you really
don’t really have any real-world experience because
you’re going to get hurt. I’ve seen it happen too many times. The chance of you getting
hurt are very, very high. (tinkling startling music)

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