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– [Interviewer] How much debt do you have? – None to my… Oh, debt. Yikes. Oh no. (playful music) – [Interviewer] You have any debt? – Debt? – Debt? – [Interviewer] Debt. – Debt. – Debt? – Uh… (blows raspberry) – I don’t have any current.
– What? – Yeah. – [Interviewer] Everybody has debt. – No, I’m not in debt. – I owe no, man money. – I have no debt. – None.
– None. – None.
– Zero. – I don’t think I owe anybody anything. – Because I’m really fucking spoiled. – I’m a very privileged little daughter. – [Interviewer] How much debt do you have? – Right now?
– Yeah. – Not that much. Like, I just have to pay my credit card. It’s like $300. – $400. I have a lot of parking tickets. I’m not gonna pay it, though. – I think like 900 bucks. – Thousand.
– Thousand. – $1,500.
– Couple grand? – $2,000.
– $2,000 in debt. just from credit cards. I was going on vacations, aggressively. – My ex just bounced on
me the day rent was due. Basically I’m lucky I
have a chill-ass landlord. – I got evicted. – It’s all medical bills.
– Medical bills. – [Interviewer] Are you gonna pay ’em? – Yeah, I’m paying them off. – Yeah, I got a few racks in debt. – The three thou-wow range. – $4,000.
– $4,000. four or five. $5,000 maybe. $5,000. $6,000. speeding tickets. – Actually not that much, seven grand. – [Interviewer] Does
that affect your life? – No. – It’s affecting me more now Because I’m trying to buy a house and I can’t get approved. – [Interviewer] How much debt do you have? – Tons! – Not much. – Close to $10,000. – $10,000. – $10,000 worth of debt. – $11,000 for my student loan and then $200 is on my
credit card right now. Oh, shit! And another $300! I bought a piano on credit card too. I’m a bit reckless. – Swipe, swipe, swipe. – I got a credit card. Let’s go to a nice hotel. Still gotta pay that off. But I had a good time. (interviewer laughs) – $12,000. – $15,000. – $16,835 – Eighteen maybe. But like I said I have a plan! (laughs) – Twenty. – [Interviewer] Where
does your debt come from? – Student. Being a college student. (laughs) – Student loan debt. – Student loans I have like, $12,000 and then $8,000 in credit card debt. – Twenty.
– Twenty. – Twenty.
– $20,000. I almost died from a cat bite. So I had to go to the
ER four nights in a row. It’s so much money. – Based on the debt try to
take not as much medical care. – [Interviewer] What’s your debt? – $22,000. – I think I’m worth negative $24,000. – $26,000? – Twenty eight? – $28,000. – $30,000. – $30,000. – Somewhere in like the thirty thousands. – [Interviewer] What have you been buying? – Subscriptions to Porn Hub, exclusively. – I had a repo and then
I went and got a new car. – Student loans. – Student loans. I mean like who fucking doesn’t nowadays. – Thirty five grand in student debt. – $35,000 – The IRS thinks I owe them about $36,000. (laughs) – I have a lot of debt. – [Interviewer] How much? – (laughs) Enough. You need an amount? – [Interviewer] Yeah. – Less than the average American. (dings) – I get calls from collection
agencies like once a day. But I kind of just ignore it. – I don’t answer phone calls no more. If it’s not in my phone
I’m not answering it. (laughs) – I think I have about
$45,000 worth of debt. – Not as much as I did. I just paid off like forty five grand. – [Interviewer] How’d
you come up with that? – A settlement. My back was broken by a semi truck. Now I have less debt. (laughs) Get hit by a semi truck guys. – I just paid off my
student loans last year. – I just paid off my
debt like the other day. – I’ve paid it off. – It’s all in student
loans and it’s almost gone. – My grandparents – My parents
– My parents paid for college. – I dropped out of school. So that’s the only thing
that I would accrue debt from and that doesn’t happen. – $50,000. – Fifty thou. – $77,000. – Coming up on $80,000. – [Interviewer] Woo! Yeah, ballin’. (laughs) – [Male interviewer]
How did you earn that? – Not finishing college. Not even a degree attached to it. – $90,000 in debt. Decided to pay out of state tuition. – It was like ninety five
and now it’s like seventy. – [Interviewer] How long
are you gonna be paying off your student loans? – I mean, the foreseeable future. – Sometimes I worry that
I’m never gonna pay it off. – [Interviewer] What’s
your plan to pay it off? – Marry rich. – Eating ramen. – I think you can survive
without having a credit card. – Never had a credit card. – I married somebody who
was really good with money. – My family had debt and
it was very stressful. So I’d rather just work myself to the bone than ever have debt. – When I was married we
had to declare bankruptcy. – [Interviewer] What was that experience? – Humiliating. – We just had to file Chapter 13. It really drags you down. It’s constantly on your mind and most of the debt was medical debt. – [Interviewer] What is your debt. – $130,000 all student debt. – [Interviewer] How does your debt make you feel right now? – Feel like it was worth it.

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  1. Jack The Lad says:

    $3.3 trillion…

  2. Susan Ananda says:

    Can doing porn help to pay debt?

  3. Major Silvia says:

    Nice to see that their gender studies courses payed well.

  4. 2222 says:

    Half these people wouldn't be in debt if America was the greatest nation on the planet. I'm from the UK and Medical care is FREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Klash Song says:

    What's the interest rate charged for credit card debt in USA?

  6. Sal C says:

    Debt isn’t real.

  7. Dojo says:

    Can someone explain me what is a credit card ? I think we don't have it in France

  8. L irv pana says:

    When I was in 8th grade towards the end of the year, one of my teachers asked me what was I gonna go to college for. I told her I'm not gonna go to college. She said "I'm sorry, I'm really disappointed disappointed in you" now I'm 30. I'm 120k in debt but coz I bought a house. Would rather have my home than be 120k in debt in student loans.

  9. oacv17 says:

    The secret is to earn dollars in a 2nd o 3rd world country. Just by knowing another language.

  10. matanuska high says:

    :37 what in the actual fuck…..

  11. Kayung Caleb Lai says:

    Seems like no one has a mortgage

  12. 얌 Bubú el Tonto says:

    I owe like 3000 pesos that would make about 50 dollars and i feel bad about it lol

  13. derezzedzombie says:

    20k in debt gang

  14. It’s Me, Stupid. says:

    I hade $6,000 left on my student debt. 🤮 I can’t imagine 130K.

  15. devin ptacek says:

    You guys need cheaper education it cost about 5 grand for a 1 year forestry diploma here in Canada

  16. Antiony Grilmady says:

    two of those b*ches want to get marry to solve there debt

  17. Brandon DiCorcia says:

    my mom has declared bankruptcy 3 times, but we’re living the dream

  18. Talking Shit says:

    I got 30 seconds in. Jesus fucking Christ… Send the flood…. Asteroid… Sun Flare…Apocalypse…SOMETHING.. What a bunch of fuckwits.

  19. Andrew Andrew says:

    What a bunch of weirdos… where was this filmed? At the local circus?

  20. Mike Pietron says:

    My wife and I paid off our student loans ($108,000) with a house hold income of $100,000 a year in 18 months!! Trust the process #ThanksDaveRamsey 25 and debt free! (We own our USED cars and a large help was that we get $1,300 worth of rent credit since I’m the caretaker of our apartment unit)

  21. Brady Sticker says:

    Does no one have a mortgage?

  22. ken90017 says:

    Funny thing, out of 100 people, where’s the 1%? Where’s the guy who says $5 million in debt?

  23. Wild Chang, Jr. says:

    Guys tell me, is it worth going into 160+k dollars in debt to become a CPA accountant?

  24. Max Fioretti says:

    This debt is nothing compared to the debt of rich people and corporations who know how to use it

  25. smokeyfreshhh says:

    Got hit by a semi-truck and broke my back… Get hit by a semi-truck guys! Now i have less debt

  26. Jusu19 says:

    0 Debt 🙂

  27. Tony Vilaysack says:

    I owe so much that I consider not living anymore

  28. Brutus Asterix says:

    Why do so many people have so much credit card debt? Who uses several thousand dollars on their credit card? How is that sustainable?

  29. mohamed diab says:

    Egypt is not a rich country but I've finished my medical degree and my mum was having a cancer and it didn't cost us.. Learning and health care is for free.. Can't imagine what is happening in a country as rich as USA

  30. Cole Hanvey says:

    almost every college student laughs*… *then cries

  31. Coker Sophie faith says:

    I’ve been so sad and depressed till I found vi_per001 on IG that cleared my debts for free

  32. Sodomite Annihilator says:

    Some these people look like complete freaks

  33. wufufufu says:

    Ask for net worth

  34. RA L says:

    Yikes, next up 500k mortgage debt.

  35. Sam SOSA says:

    Strangest people I've ever seen.

  36. Ryan caleb says:

    Here are your 2020 democratic voters

  37. eleanor7 says:

    Only in America can you go into deep debt because you need medical treatment or wanted to get an education. We are one fucked up country. I was in debt before and I pay it off myself by working hard and saving every penny, I'm always fearful of going back into debt.

  38. Felix Martin says:

    so strange for french people. We have no debt. apart from a credit when buying a house maybe. No french would start their life with 10K debt its ridiculous. come study in france where learning is free and accessible. stop wasting your money

  39. Jessica Makhol says:

    I am a licensed financial professional who also works with debt consolidation! We can assist with anything $7,500 and over!

  40. The Rebelephant says:

    Victim mentality won't get you anywhere

  41. F K says:

    So the sick and the young without rich parents are the ones it's 'ok' to exploit? Does that sound right to you….?

  42. Isma Tv says:

    Dave Ramsey entered the chat.

    Dave Ramsey: Beans & Rice, Rice & Beans, Baby! 😂😂😂

  43. Geloof Hoop en Liefde says:

    Zero debts,no mortgage,no creditcards.
    I save money for stuff I want to buy.
    Not a slave of any bank or person.
    Feels good.

  44. Mich says:

    Glad that i live in denmark now..

  45. Yay KRUSER says:

    My biggest fear with immigrating to the US are the medical bills…😖

  46. First Name Last Name says:

    None are homeowners.

  47. Dojocho says:

    The avg american has to include his remainder of his mortgage and car loans as part of the debt many dont include those in their debt bubble.

  48. Jesse W. says:

    2:29 I need this girls number, man.

  49. Robbie Ezc says:

    If anything the bank is 10,000 in debt to me, I buy everything in full it's dumb to make payments, have debt, and pay more. Just save the money till you can afford stuff.

  50. Freakybananayo says:

    Medical bills. Wtf. Imagine having medical bills. It seems like the scariest thing ever. Quite literally insult to injury.

  51. Yxng Slime says:

    7k in debt


  52. Sillyman says:

    Why does everyone look so freaking weird in this video?

  53. Un Successful says:

    The next gen looks weeiiiirrrrd

  54. James Jung 드러머 제임스 정 says:

    Was there Johnny Depp somewhere in the video?

  55. codybear4you says:

    I’m not going to pay my parking ticket dude is an idiot. You’ll enjoy when they suspend your license. Can’t relate to the “ I’m privileged people “.

  56. Hectuurrd says:

    They need to listen to Dave Ramsey!!!
    People have to become more educated in money, so money won't destroy their lifes. Yes college education is expensive but there's ways of avoiding college debt in most cases.

  57. NothingToSay says:

    i mean the country i live in (germany) is a shithole but the us is way more fucked up.

  58. Duncan McKen says:

    Who thought I’d appreciate my max of £20,000 debt after I graduate after this video? Although in Britain student loans don’t affect your credit score or ability to buy a home, they are also paid back like taxes if you earn over a certain amount so you barely notice you’re paying it off. Go Britain 🇬🇧

  59. RaoulDuke6666 says:

    Why were 90% of the guys in this video so effeminate? Is this what millennial dudes are like?

  60. Business Momo says:

    Typical SJWs goes to debt then wants the government to tax other people to pay for their debt. Returds

  61. kavin kumar says:

    Just take a health insurance which won't be a huge hole in your pocket

  62. Boros777 says:

    Not sure what shocks me more about this american debt situation – that Healthcare/Education debt exists or how carelessly some accumulate credit card debt…

  63. Tony Montana says:

    This should not be the case…America you need to rearrange your system – greetings from germany

  64. Atomic says:

    Don’t get a credit card when you’re a student problem solved

  65. Mike says:

    Keep in mind that none of these people likely have homes. A home alone in most places would be +100k or more.

  66. Devin Ergul says:

    7K in debt and has a balenciaga hat

  67. Land Lord says:

    Healtcare and education is free here (included in taxes). House payed off. Welcome from Finland!

  68. Joey Chen says:

    Hahah I would be the last if I were in the video.

  69. MrJack08722 says:

    Alright so the solution to these problems is……. Dont have a credit card and live in Scandinavia.

  70. Raymond Serpa says:

    Medical debt:arrange a payment plan with the hospital,as soon as possible.If they won't agree to your terms,tell them firmly,"That is what I can afford".They will try to bully you,but stay strong!If you have nothing they can sue you for,just say,You get nothing then!If it goes to a collection agency,they just freed you from that debt,as long as you NEVER attempt to negotiate with a collection agency.Do not even admit your name to them.just hang up,or throw the letter away.Never take out a loan to pay medical bills.You then make them a real,interest-bearing debt!Credit card debt,is an entirely different thing.Most cards/loans,the contract is transferable.

  71. Teyo shariff says:

    So weird that they associate debt with money…… unfulfilled promised can be a debt

  72. Temisk says:

    Honestly, if you are in debt +30k and you have the work moral that 90% of those millenial snowflakes look like then they will never be able to pay it off.

    – A millenial that didn't fuck up his life with his own choices.

  73. Temisk says:

    I'm pretty sure most of these guys in higher debt still spend as if they had their debt in actual money.
    Spending money on things that they can't afford or don't need.
    Leasing things that they couldn't afford to pay upfront..

  74. Frediskiwi says:

    Why are these people laughing about credit card debt that shit is like 10% interest omg

  75. Jon Chui says:

    I just realised I'm in £47,500 and that's going to rise to £64,000 after next year…
    University loans…

  76. Philzilla says:

    Bunch of fucking losers

  77. Salem Ryzk says:

    how u gonna pay it ?

    marry a rich mf 4:10

  78. Issa Marinna says:

    Okay, I dont feel as bad now hearing how some of them are 20k deep in debt. My hospital bill … sigh why did I have to survive lmao

    To the asshole that caused the accident : 🖕🏼

  79. dem trees says:

    just to make you feel better – I've got a little over 200k/debt… used to be over 400k (school/business loans).

  80. Batbits says:

    My dumb ass read the thumbnail as debate

  81. Ximon Whhatt says:

    Time to get hit by a semi or die trying

  82. yakikadafi says:

    2:45 she’s in debt?

  83. João Pedro Santos says:

    Girls need to divorce rape not to pay their debt but to increase it!!!

  84. Mr. Personal-ity says:

    Stupid bitch bought a $450 cap.

  85. Jason John says:

    Hah they didnt find any med students, the avg debt is 250K

  86. liuton2005 says:

    Modern slavery

  87. Jayesh Sinha says:

    The Woman with the balanciaga hat says she is in 7 grand debt

  88. T M says:

    Those debts I would be happy with I have around $365000 in debt.

  89. Stephen says:

    Man these people are fuckkkkkeed. Especially the credit card debt interest rates. Wtf are they thinking.

  90. websaint says:

    2:44 she could make pay off her loans from porn

  91. Dusk says:

    1:19.. while wearing a £300 hat.

  92. kevin Jhonson says:

    Subscriptions to porn hub. Lol

  93. Colby Konzuk says:

    I’m 10$ in debt

  94. True Love Does Not Exist says:

    😂 2:28

  95. True Love Does Not Exist says:

    Marriage = Bankruptcy

  96. Alejandro Ramirez says:

    -40k credit cards and 80k in cars

  97. Simon Nygaard Jensen says:

    Laughs in danish

  98. F. Kich. says:

    Okay but what the hell? Why are the States charging so much for people who might not even pay the full student loan back? Why even have such a high loan to begin with? If you want people to contribute highly to the capital, you need more people to have jobs… And that's done by letting them have more access to education! Smh

  99. Lefteris Magoutas says:

    Here in europe:
    Free healthcare free college.
    This is not to brag. This is how it should be in the us. You can't have debt because of living.

  100. vacationboyvideos says:

    0:18 cute

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