12 Angry Minutes (Solo Loud) [Payday 2]

As per all the other speedrun achievements, when stealth or loud is not specified and the heist itself can be stealthed, the silent approach is usually faster. But again, stealth can be tricky and not everyone’s first
choice, so today I’ll share with you how to Big Bank, under 12 minutes, solo and in loud. If you do not own the Big Bank DLC, you can try to get this achievement through
Storyline mode, or the Crime Spree Trick. Check out that video for more information. To kick off, we’ll want a certain set of preplanning. First we’ll pick the Thermite. Despite preplanning saying it isn’t as fast, it actually is the same as the Beast Drill, 5 minutes. And we don’t have to deal with the whole crane
mess or drill breakdown. So pick the Thermite at the security room
for a quick pickup and deploy. Then for the escape, we’ll take the Elevator
Trick. Again, hinted to be for stealth, but it works
in loud. With 2 remaining favours, pick the Time Lock Glitch Routine, to reduce the timelock by 30 seconds, to a
final 2 minutes 30. Loadout-wise, bring along a saw, for the two
security doors and vault cages. And just by knowing all these is enough for a multiplayer team to finish
under 11 minutes. For a solo player, I would recommend playing with the AI (duh), as well as bringing convert and sentry skills. They will be really helpful to do the fighting
when we move bags. So here’s the approach. Immediately at the start, we’ll head for the server room and start the
hack. We could pray for the 5% chance of no firewall, but we’re usually the 95%. So what’s next is to start hacking the office
computers. Our limit here is 3 computers, 3. If we cannot find the right one after hacking
3, restart! It might sound bad, but it isn’t actually, considering there’s only 9 computers. So with the right computer found, we’ll start the timelock, rewire the timelock, and start it again for good. A good benchmark for this step, is 2 minutes
15. With the Time Lock Glitch Routine, we’ll be done here by 4:45, so head up to the security room, grab the thermite and deploy it. There won’t be anything for us to do during
the 5 minute wait, but I’ll watch the clock and make sure I have my 2 converts and 4 sentries
deployed, about 30 seconds before the Thermite completes. This will help to keep the cops busy while
I do the vault thing. So again time check, we should be in here
by 10 minutes. The very first thing we need to do while in
the vault, is to open the vault door, as that takes a fair bit of time to complete. With that done, grab 4 money bags and move
them to the escape, hopefully finishing the heist before the clock
strikes 12. Oh you Cinderella! So to recap the important bits, for a solo
run, we need to find the correct computer by the
third try. Three’s the limit! Then we need to start the actual timelock
by 2 minutes 15. And finally, enter the vault by 10 minutes
gametime. And that’s it. Check out the gameplay that’s coming right
up, and I’ll see you next time.

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  1. Joy_The_Kawaii_Fish says:

    Thnx for the nice video. I really like this heist but not the achievement. Now it wouldn't be trying for hours anymore.

  2. Devi 123 says:

    Have you done a face reveal on your channel mate?Maybe for 2k subs?And what you record and edit with would be an awesome video.I am a huge fan, good vids

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  4. Nytomato says:

    Im a new sub cuz my brother told me about you and got intested. I really like your channel and do think you are underrated.

  5. Ereretani says:

    Thank you so much! I was trying to do it always in stealth and didn't work

  6. TheShocker says:

    Would be funny if the achievement was 12 angry minutes and the video was exactly 12 minutes

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