15 Reasons to ONLY Bank at a Credit Union

Ever consider doing your banking at a
credit union? More than 100 million Americans do. Maybe it’s because they
know something, experience something that makes banking at a credit union so
much better and different than doing it elsewhere. Here are 15 reasons that
explain the difference and why it makes sense to join a credit union today! A credit union exists only to serve the
financial needs of its members. To be a member means you are an owner of the
credit union, entitled to all the benefits that come from a member-owned
financial cooperative. Like banks your account at a credit union is insured up
to 250 thousand dollars by the federal government through the National Credit
Union share insurance fund. Credit unions are financial cooperatives controlled by
their member-owners. There are some 6,500 credit unions in the US but more than
30,000 cooperatives all sharing common business values and principles. By
joining a credit union you become part of something much bigger. Credit unions
don’t charge as many fees banks. It’s a fact. You’ll be better off as a credit
union member than as a bank customer who is paying excessive fees. Credit unions
make education for all ages a priority, especially on money management. Some call
it financial literacy. Others, good financial health. You’ll find that credit
unions care as much about your financial health as you do. Many credit unions
share each other’s ATMs and branch locations, creating a nationwide “no
surcharge” ATM and shared branch network bigger than those of the biggest banks. Talk about convenience! Big banks were at the heart of the Great
Recession with their derivatives, hedge funds and complex mortgage-backed
securities. Credit unions were not. Credit unions do not make risky investments.
Credit unions are democratically controlled by their members. Rest assured,
you will always have a say and how the credit union is run and even who runs it.
A common misconception is that if you ever leave your employer, place of
worship, or the community where you live you can no longer bank at your credit
union. Not true! Once you are a member you are always a member. Credit unions
guarantee one vote to each account holder so whether you have five dollars
or 50,000 in your account, your vote is counted equally. People across the
country are discovering the value credit unions offer. Today, there are more than
100 million credit union members in the US with more than one trillion dollars
on deposit with credit unions. As a taxpayer, you bailed out the big banks
from the Great Recession. But credit unions have never been bailed out by the
government or had to be rescued by taxpayers. You’re always number one at a
credit union. Year after year in customer service surveys, credit unions
are rated number one because their members always come first, Since credit
unions serve people with a common bond, where they live work or pray, there’s a
good chance you’ll know some of your fellow members. Credit unions create a
sense of community and a variety of networking opportunities. Today more and more people want to do
business with a values-based organization. Yes! Values and banking can
go hand in hand. It’s called a credit union! To learn more about credit unions and
find one conveniently located to you, visit BetterValuesBetterBanking.com.

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