100 comments on “$190.4 million in 2 hours – The Quickest Ways People Made a Fortune”

  1. Mr ferno says:

    Defo spend as quick as possible

  2. Andrew McDermott says:

    Lol I would wire that money out right away

  3. Tommaso Conti says:

    Daaamn im the 1mil ::th viewer

  4. Darek Khort says:

    You should definitely report if the bank makes an error. I remember there was another story in Australia, this time for Westpac where someone was able to overdraw endlessly. She bought lots of Gucci and LV bags, tried to escape, but was caught. Had to pay back all the money, and from what I remember, got some jail time too. Not worth it.

  5. Memona Shahzad says:

    I would be silent

  6. WITHER GAMING says:

    I made 1 mil dollars

  7. Matt Pannell says:

    What does two point Forty two million mean. Lol. It’s two point Four two million. This is not a colloquialism. It’s incorrect English. 🤔

  8. Jeff the Killer says:

    If I win $117,000 for riding a bull 32 seconds long, I would pay the bill for my doctor.

  9. NC car guy says:

    I just want a life where I'm happy with what I have and I don't need to be rich to be Happy

  10. the medical vibes says:


  11. Vitomir Milosevic says:

    If I win loterry I would spend all in one week,or even a day…so manny people need money!

  12. Candy Baggs says:


  13. SupremeTEΔM says:

    Regardless of if #1 called or not, that kind of money does not disappear without going unnoticed and it would've been traced to his account.

  14. morthy solomon says:

    Micronesia is the gem of the Pacific and it is PRICELESS.

  15. Lyl RRaw says:

    Biggest Lottery Win 2018 = $1.6 Billion coming out to 917 Million after taxes.

  16. Miguel Arreguin says:

    I would spend it

  17. John Hayes says:

    Bitcoin is worthless now

  18. John Hayes says:

    In Canada it's free money lottery casinos

  19. Peacal Doxa says:

    Wish I will find such good fortunes this 2019😜. Any 2019?

  20. visa solomon says:

    My salary for a month 8400rupees 4$ a day 😥😥 help me

  21. DERP XD says:

    Rob a bank

  22. Christian Georgiev says:

    n10…Maybe it took him 32 seconds to win 100k $,but it took him years to learn how to perform it 😉 So this isnt "quick money" 😉

  23. Gedi osman says:

    How far is this true ???.

  24. omar farhat says:

    its not hard to predict a money-value-crash, if you own the whole banking system, mister sorros

  25. Michael Craft says:

    I'd stay quiet if I was the guy in the last one.

  26. Sunshine Collins says:

    I love your vids

  27. Bitcoin Evenings says:

    put money in btc while it's cheap!!!!

  28. Sean McDermott says:

    I assume that there are only 30 of those still around. The rest probably got destroyed. 3:20

  29. Azir Kurtisi says:

    I think software engineering is a good investment only use it for good not for evil

  30. Luxury Beats says:

    7:12 so the price of bitcoin was $120 but where are you getting this number of 100,000 bitcoins??
    You say it like it's so obvious, you're making me feel dumb but you lost me there.

  31. Hamza The Boss Gaming says:

    I the 8000th like exactly this number

  32. Eevee EVP says:

    Youtube can also help me get rich! Do a good deed today and subscribe to my channel!

  33. XxYorWrstNigtmre says:

    4:43 wonder who’s face that is

  34. Tea n Toast Roast Edition Sister James says:

    Um… 100,000 is not even a lot 🙄

  35. Thor says:

    George Soros is a criminal

  36. Bryan Kennedy says:

    Amazing 👌

  37. Skydoeskey says:

    My mom owns a huge property in Finland that is containing allot! of gold. But that finish state has forced my mom to let them dig there. My mom got no money from it and they are destroying her property:/


    I would go buy a place so I can stop living in my old.mans garage with his Ute.. due to my ex kicking me out of a place I thought we would be living with each other.. an I did think she was the one I would be with for life.. next thing I would put into play would be getting my daughter's room set up an then say now I finally have my place can she stay over nite an a couple of days at a time if she still said no I would say to my ex look ill buy you a million dollar hours if you let me be a father an dad to my daughter an I can bet she would say yes to that…… That's the very short version.. By the way till this day I have no clue why she left me….. but it's really my 2 an half yr old daughter who's pack v the biggest price an she's done nothing Wrong at all… but my ex can't be grown up enough to what's best for my daughter Cos it's all about hurting me…. as I said for reasons unknown it's fucked up but money would deff help my situation.

  39. Tony Trilex says:

    it was pretty dumb Mark Mcguire didn't meet the guy he could have made 3 mill from only a small chat with a fan.

  40. Mountain bike_ crazy says:

    Well lucky in Australia we are tax free

  41. Matt Agard says:

    that's our Land mother fuckers I hope u go back to your land in England basterd

  42. t1athe 1zt says:

    What would u buy with all that money?

  43. Nigeltheblockmaster3 says:

    lemme guess they used the GTA V act 2 glitch?

  44. يوتيوب. قناة الحقيقة والمنوعات, Eng. Yousif says:

    Tax on everything, tax tax tax and more tax and at end of the day, you live suffering life and government people enjoy the life that was meant for you. Selfish politicians. It's my money I worked hard for it, it is my fate, it's my life, I am free, you are not my creator. I am thinking to leave city life and leave in jungle. Please don't follow me there and ask me for tax because at that moment don't blame me when I stick a stick in your ass.

  45. Bitxh Bye says:


  46. TodayBasher78 yt says:

    never report mistakes

  47. Raymie H says:

    MONTANA 🐎🐂🐄🐎

  48. Raymie H says:


  49. Kauri Wilson says:

    I made a fortune eating food

  50. I pee in my sink I'm afraid to come out my room says:

    30 billion and you can't pay 500 lucky poor people house ? i put you in a moist dongen

  51. WhatAreYouBuyen says:

    When I heard "Bull Riding", I thought you were going to talk about crypto


    What I can’t seem to understand is just based on lottery money alone how much money does the government really need, the numbers they pull in are mind blowing. Here’s a great example, here in NYC parking was once 100% free in commercial parking zones , then some time in the mid 2000’s this changed and parking meters were put in these commercial parking zones, the current price for 3hrs in some zones is $21. So we went from free to $21 for 3 hrs, then take into account all of the tickets this has created for expired meters, the amount of money being generated just by these metered zones alone is staggering, but the city as always still cries poverty, LOL. I’m a big advocate for making all aspects of city, state, and federal government completely open to the public, obviously the most coveted department being treasury, we need to know exactly how much money is being brought in and how these funds are being allocated, we’re all being taken advantage of and it needs to stop, everyone must wake up and demand this of our governing bodies like yesterday, I don’t know about you but I’m sick and tired of hearing about the government and their imaginary debt, if they’re in such debt then why are they all living so wealthy, it’s all a scam and has been since its inception, if we don’t demand changes on transparency then they’ll just continue to rip us off.

  53. Usama Ahmad says:

    I was become billionaire at age of 9 in GTA



  55. Benjamin Tomassen Nordahl says:

    The lottery is not really a viable option as the chances of winning are tiny. As well when you get a bunch of money in your bank account you legally have to tell the bank and if you keep it you could be arrested.

  56. ChillwithDiesun says:

    where the hell is Micronesia?

  57. Jonathan Moxley says:

    The lottery information is wrong the power-ball lotto was 1.3 billion or 3.1 billion one of those configurations and more so near 1.3 after taxes which was the biggest lottery at the time and after taxes she walk away with 750 odd million dollars the liter deals in whole numbers like 1.3 or flat rates that’s actually the sum she won it’s only after taxes does the number changes into not whole flat numbers

  58. Mr.Lethal Destruction says:

    I got rich as a teen by selling w3ed too all my fellow potheads. If you represent 420 comment.

  59. hellyeah66613 says:

    Bank error would mean ‘there was no bank error’ how i got 600 kgs of gold and couple thousand bitcoins? Idk man

  60. Jthomas Annillo says:

    I would let the money sit in the bank and not touch it. I am not obligated to alert them. If they catch it, they catch it. After a certain amount of time if they don't catch, the money is mine to withdraw.

  61. Meshak Vanlalliana says:

    Loyalty is greater than money

  62. Adarrious Robertson says:

    He called the bank he is one stupid M.F.😂😂

  63. afi haynes says:

    50 x 30 that's how much I work for a day

  64. afi haynes says:


  65. Sam Labo says:

    The bit coin and sticks go up and down.
    If they sell off on the high yes they make the money
    If you don't sell it you didn't make the money
    Buy stocks for 10$ each, they go up to 200$ but you hold it it goes down you don't have 200$ you have
    What you sell it for bit coin is not at 10k today

  66. PMGG says:

    be amazed im impressed
    when you mentioned the bitcoin milioners
    i checked my nicehash wallet from 2 years back (when bitcoin was just 3,5k dollars) and surprise surprise
    i made 635 dollars because i was bored one day holy shit thank you so much

  67. Simeon Mladenov says:

    How about Be Amazed? How much do you make from your Channel?

  68. What Ever says:


  69. Leon Jiang says:

    Watch this before bed and you will thank me next morning

  70. dizzybynature says:

    if a banking error occurs in your favor,
    REPORT IT because banks dont f*ck around with their money..

  71. Gordon Ramsey says:

    Can’t people just talk English in these videos?

  72. Jesus is KING says:

    100k to ride a dangerous bull but girls nag when I offer $100 to ride my..

    Rental car

  73. Jesus is KING says:

    What bank he had with the glitch, I'm asking for a friend 😶

  74. chininton says:

    I’d be transferring that mfn money into my other bank account

  75. Brandon Berry says:

    Would I report to the bank a $95m mistake… 💨 🏃

  76. wael albargouthi says:


  77. Waruna Sanjeewa says:

    i wanna be a millionaire………………………………….!$#@$%%!$!

  78. Maher Saber says:

    that's rubbish trash talk all rolite matching under control in all casino's arpund the world's stolen money from stupid idiot'players stop gambling dont be stuiped

  79. Simon Peter says:

    Hmmmmm… bull riding
    Also, how the hell did they get the bull that pissed off?

  80. Simon Peter says:

    I can bet at least 300 declarations of independence are stored in the dates of aristocratic families

  81. Christian Soto says:

    #1 a stupid ass bitch 🤦🏽‍♂️ White people toooo nice

  82. Mohammedtahir Mohammedtahir says:

    Thanks my open eyes

  83. Tyler Carter says:

    Get the family loved ones who passed better head stones

  84. Karren Kuddlesberg says:

    Wouldn't most people hurt their asses or nuts as a bull rider?

  85. Savannah Grey says:

    If 98,000,000 goes in your bank account you have enough to move to a different country

  86. JJ Borks says:

    Well, I Don’t know I Just turned 12, How would I do any of this…. I feel so Useless………… I CANT DO AND OF THIS

  87. Heelix Ranier says:

    For the last one (the bank error) you're best off reporting it. Because at some point, especially something that large, a bank will notice at some point, and they can remove the money from your account. And not to mention there is usually a papertrail of some sort even though it's an error. So if you get all that money, spent it, and the bank found out later it made an error, you'd be liable to pay back the money. Best to just report it. And actually in some cases, if you used funds that were deposited to your account by accident that you didn't legally have rights to it could be seen as theft as well in some cases.

  88. Mark Arbour says:

    if it came from a bank .. I would keep it … they are crooks . they reversed a 20$ payment i wasnt able to make and then continued on to further hurt my account by allowing it to go negative 48$ with theire own nsf. they always take my money , I would love a bank to make that mistake

  89. Virginia Easterling says:

    I'm watching froming my cam0er home in Clanton Alabama with my 2 dogs

  90. The22Corrector says:

    Get money quick: https://www.swagbucks.com/refer/Cashui

  91. ImOn Entertainment LLC says:

    I would do whatever my heart desires.

  92. THANH.L TRUONG says:

    Smoke lots of dope it will make you think a lot?! probably you will invented something that everyone will need. Even if it 1 dollar worth from each person on the planet that will be worth BILLION’S of DOLLARS. { right guy’s! }

  93. Shawn Johnson says:

    I was richer than all but 3 of those people for 16 hours. A little back story. I used to have a bank account with Fleet bank a local New England bank chain that in 2004 was being bought out and merged with Bank of America. I was sent a letter telling me that I could use Bank of America to handle all my banking needs. Being in the Navy and stationed in Norfolk VA at the time I was running low on funds (only $43 and some change) in my account but I had a State refund tax check that I needed to deposit of $71. On Jan 4, 2004 I walked into a local bank of America branch located just outside of base and was told indeed i could deposit my check but they needed me to fill out a cross bank deposit form. I did and the teller deposited my check but the zero button must have gotten stuck because instead of depositing $71 she deposited $710,000,000 in my account. Her face turned ghost white and she called over her branch manager to help correct the issue. But remember when I said that it was a cross bank deposit, that meant that while she was able to deposit the funds she was unable to cancel the transaction. They wouldn't let me leave the branch for almost an hour while they fretted over what they could do they where calling everyone in the bank directory. But after an hour of scratching their heads the let me go just telling me not to spend it (not that I could). See for 18 hours my bank receipt read Current balance $710,00,043 but an Available balance of only $43 and some change. I had a plan to move to go UA from the Navy and fly to Bolivia to buy a soccer team and build a stadium and call it the bank of america center (You know since they paid for it). But 18 hours later Fleet bank corrected the issue and refunded Bank of America all their cash. Also no the balance did not effect my overall monthly balance that interest rate would have been nice though. What would you have done in my position? Tell me.

  94. AZEX Global Services says:


  95. freeky dee says:

    If won today I would get some serious help with my opiate addiction my life has become a living hell. My dad has cancer and I can't even be there to spend time with him.

  96. xxpyroxx75 says:

    last guy is an idiot. shoulda transferred all of it to another bank.

  97. juanita masian says:

    Bank errors granting you lots and lots of money should be reported to the bank.
    Nothing you can do without being persecuted. Even spending ten dollars of that money would land you in court.

  98. FiddleStick's bessette says:


  99. Wander Lend says:

    I see no one answering the final question. I will: I had taken the phone call like he did! It's the right thing to do, always anywhere and with anyone!

  100. Paul Rice says:

    The government took 40%

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