100 comments on “2 Chainz – Money In The Way”

  1. David Corley says:

    “You still getting her hair done / I’m on the tummy tuck.. / 2 Chainz I’m know to double up”
    Tity is that ni&&a man!!

  2. Wwapojr 450rugershooter says:

    still at awww from today

  3. Ravage Gamer says:

    TwooooO ChaaaaaaaaainzzZ!!!!! ✌🏻😎

  4. Sophie Kwa says:

    I like it!!

  5. Henry Morris says:

    imagine chance on this joint

  6. Great 4ever says:

    damn that blue jacket

  7. ACAEDEN LEE says:

    BRO FIRE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  8. Tim Askew says:

    DollA gen.,rAl f

  9. A.J Mulenga says:

    Blasting this shit when I graduate 🔥🔥

  10. Dark Raiden says:

    When he said money in the way, i swear I felt that French Montanna flow

  11. Fayettenam Cløudy says:

    2 TALLLLLL 😭😭😭😭

  12. Forget It Brian says:

    Hot Sample: https://www.whosampled.com/The-Three-Degrees/Can%27t-You-See-What-You%27re-Doing-to-Me/

  13. T3R Elemento says:

    2:17 2 Chainz

  14. Rsap Green says:

    Grown man bard💪💪💪

  15. Shyheem Pyatt-Leonard says:

    2 Chainz Songs Are The Spirit Animals Of The Pitch Perfect Barden Bellas

  16. Team Elite says:


  17. Johnny A. says:

    Wow I was not expecting this
    This fire🔥 I'm about to drive & boom this boy

  18. David USmke? Little says:

    This My Friends Is What Dope Shit Is, Not Mumble Rappers, Not Mumble Rap, This Is Earth Mutha Fuckaz, Also Known As Planet 2 Chainz 💣💥💯🌍

  19. Besto Toto says:


  20. Charles Knoll says:

    2 chainz outfits are straight 🔥🔥🔥

  21. Zayy Moneyy says:


  22. Rap Star Elite says:

    This is why #2Chainz do rap music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vItSYroS5k

  23. NickCageRage1 says:

    I'm a metalhead and love this song…convinced it builds similarly like one…2 Chainz is good for society.

  24. Adil Waseem says:

    2 chainz buys the block was funny

  25. BiricoGames 013 says:

    That was dope!! reminds me the best trip i ever had To Flórida 🔥🔥🔥

  26. Fxmous Jordxn Fxmous fam says:

    We need the firefighters🔥🔥

  27. Anderson Santos Cintra says:


  28. Drea Blunt says:


  29. wil she says:

    I’m yo

  30. Lucky Jonatan says:

    chains never disappoints

  31. Jerome Haynes says:

    🔥🌏🙏💰 Money N The Way💯2Chain👌💨

  32. KHA1FA 2 FATAL says:

    Sound like Milwaukee music omks

  33. jmorgan780 says:


  34. Thomas Campbell says:

    Back out of the song twice real fast to avoid the fucking add.

  35. OG Kennedy says:

    cut the top off like ambaaa 🌹🌹
    nd a crib in my closet
    -TRU Chainzzz 🔥

  36. Vaunted Jaguar says:

    Still 🔥🔥🔥




  38. Charles Clark says:

    good music

  39. janeenn23 says:

    Fire Song 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  40. Dee Simpson says:

    I play this song when we get off work early.

  41. Alga says:

    who made the beat?

  42. Alesia Ramsey says:


  43. BG 39 says:

    Let's the leave the 1960s wardrobe IN the 1960s pls… Thanks

  44. Joseph Beverly says:

    Definitely bumping this in the 62

  45. Road runnner says:

    Outstanding 👋🏽lets give up for two chains ⛓

  46. Vilma Campestrin says:

    elegant tunes

  47. weepy willow says:

    When you close your eyes can you see what or who's coming? I didn't think so. big Sean's voice

  48. Brandon Sweat Photography says:

    Fucking beat is 🔥

  49. nino brown says:


  50. LAYE 'Plus says:

    Sample Lauryn Hill – Doo-Wop 🙄🙄

  51. Lu S says:

    I appreciate this video in his old school

  52. Lu S says:

    let me tell you something 2 Chainz reminds me of one of the New York City old school rappers in this song right here it's not a bad thing but at least I can hear what he's saying that's a good thing

  53. Asia Bey says:

    Creative music video 😃

  54. Jayluv says:


  55. B M says:

    Unoriginal, no talent, doofus.

  56. Linares says:

    The shop brought me here

  57. Trey Steemer says:

    Chainz is a fucking ANIMAL on this one! #2Chaainnz

  58. Jeff Kangara says:

    God Don’t Make Mistakes , But He will make a way! Yess

  59. Big Breezy says:


  60. Rodney Fanord says:

    My favorite 2 Chainz song currently

  61. Patrick Bester says:

    I'm a white girl from ms under my husband u tube account I'm feeling some of these new rappers but when I first heard 2 chains I can relate I grew up on pac ugk eightball geto boys I'm from Louisiana but live in ms what can I say South choking the game they love talking about us but they running they ass down here Represent The South I love your style all the way Tru & no Ms is not what people think it is I've been married to my husband for 20 yrs don't nobody have a problem with it & I really don't care if they do I'm tired of people saying bad shit bout Ms come down here we will show you good food & southern hospitality & 2 chains my daddy is 72 yrs old & he loves your music &2 pac

  62. Jordyn J says:

    Shit why can’t we come together tho lol 😂

  63. James Valt says:

    All this missing is weezy F

  64. Lekzin Tshering says:

    The Shop brought me here

  65. Bekir Sayım says:

    Slam jamal crawford video?

  66. Levi Miller says:

    Dude is nice

  67. Emma Isabella says:

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  68. Marques Hayez says:

    Stupid hard to be honest he one of the oldest rappers keeping up with the new wave 🌊 other then Gucci and Wayne and T.i. Oh yea and Jeezy Duh 🧐

  69. Hassan Naushad says:

    I'm came here from youTube

  70. James Kent says:

    He got the $$$green jacket on…sick

  71. James Kent says:

    On my cardio play list

  72. James Kent says:

    Being around lame niggas give me phobia too!!!

  73. James Kent says:

    You see the ol' head come out the door n say "YAH"

  74. James Kent says:

    I came from can goods n paper plates

  75. James Kent says:

    Amazing video

  76. Emma Isabella says:

    Thumbs Up if you think that 2Chainz doesn't used the site AUTHENTIC V I E W S DO T C OM for fame.

  77. Frederick Dennis says:


  78. Jeph Prenelus says:

    Money on the way

  79. italkshyt14 says:

    Here from LeBron’s “The Shop”

  80. Joseph Miller says:


  81. kings3r3n says:

    Fuckin love these verses

  82. isaac wesley says:

    love the shit//

  83. Falkao Daco says:

    Well rhymed

  84. Masked Twerk Princess says:

    Not what I expected from 2 chains but I love it!

  85. Richard Sarvate says:

    Buddha bless this beat

  86. Josué Flanquin says:

    this beat remonds me of JAYZ

  87. Rodney Davis says:

    This song sounds even better with headphones on

  88. Dennis Lamantia says:

    First time I heard this was on the HBO show called the shop I had to come here to listen to the whole thing I love it

  89. Zae Bankz says:

    I been sleep 😴
    My apologies 2 Chainz , I'm woke now

  90. purpdajerk89 says:

    Just realised this beat samples Lauren hills doo wop song

  91. Craig Naidoo says:

    Maino all the above similarity FIRE

  92. Emma Isabella says:

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  93. isaac wesley says:

    the best of Chainz #TittyBoi

  94. I Miss Biggie PAC says:


  95. I Miss Biggie PAC says:

    Put my cuz TI on the track. Lord have Mercy. Blazing

  96. Ricky Rich says:

    Dope song🔥🔥🔥

  97. Javi del Val says:

    I have no fucking clue what this video is about

  98. XLeum says:

    I here after every THE SHOP episode 😂😂😂

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