20 Out Of Bounds Secrets In Video Games #3

20 Sekretów W Grach Ukrytych Poza Grywalna Strefą:
Odcinek 3 “Jestem zły” “Nikt nie powinnien tu być – Levelord” “Że co mówią małpy?” “Oszust” “Palące Się Opony” “Co robisz w moim pomieszczeniu na obiekty?” “Ee… Nie powinnieneś tu być, więc wypier**laj!” “Brak-brak-brak-brak-brak-brak-brak” “Podaj whiskey” Było tutaj więcej ciekawostek w poprzedniej wersji mapy przed aktualizacją Będziemy potrzebowali modu Free-Cam, żeby zobaczyć tę ciekawostkę “Nie powinnieneś tutaj być!” “Jak się wespniesz na samą góre to zobaczyć wiadomość i oberwiesz latającymi bombami” “Nie powinnieneś tu być!” FASOLKI Nie pij Philla Collinsa “Mały wścibski gnojek z ciebie, nie?” “Zanim opuścisz kanały, użyj kodu na przechodzenie przez ściany i znajdziesz kilka ciekawych modeli poza mapą” “A co z pomieszczeniem Przemieńców?” SUBSKRYBUJCIE KANAŁ

100 comments on “20 Out Of Bounds Secrets In Video Games #3”

  1. Nathanile Miller says:

    Monkeys say what?

  2. Damn Son says:

    10:52 A C T I V A T E

  3. Logan Cagle says:

    I like the gta 5 pause menu music, very comforting 🙂

  4. Nestor Gorospe says:

    10:56 LOL

  5. Daron says:

    9:32 YEEEEEET

  6. Utku Şengün says:

    10:50 It's Terry Crews man

  7. R1SE AND F4LL says:

    Why does your background music seems like GTA V loading music?

    Nvm. Hahahaha just read the description. Loved the vid ( btw don't trust an edited comment )

  8. Sven Nero says:

    Kurwa ostatnio pogrywam w GTA 5 i przez twój dobór muzyki w tle mam wrażenie jakbym gry nie wyłączył XD

  9. Babang Raja The Killer of Mini Militia says:

    10:58 huh?

  10. Kacpi says:

    A C T I V A T E D

  11. Lightning Størmer Wølf says:

    10:56 Nosebleed

  12. apple pie 1 says:

    I want some BeANs

  13. Adrian Rivera says:

    Monkey say what? O H O H S T I N K Y

  14. Romdom lom says:

    Meow meow I’m a cow carrying a big ol weight

  15. Brad Adult says:

    Hey buddy. Nobody cares.

  16. Jack Marston says:

    Fajnie że nagrywasz takie cos 🙂

  17. Dragon King says:

    4:41 perfect shot, you finished their question mark xD

  18. ethan turner says:

    3:00 activate

  19. Night Knight says:

    7:05 that piggybank is far more interesting than what is written on the wall

  20. Ryoukarma says:

    0:25 I had my volume up and that shot scared the hell outta me

  21. Retro80sMan says:

    9:14 DO NOT

  22. Julian Chavez says:

    Anybody else notice gta v music?

  23. Skeczu says:

    Kto kurła tłumaczy tytuły na youtube.. jezus

  24. Opa Red says:

    What is that purple thing at 7:05 ?

  25. Fidel Rivera says:

    Throughout the whole video I hear the GTA 5 Music from the pause menu

  26. Josh Cruz says:

    7:39 That looks like “The Original” from soldier and from the Game Team Fortress 2

  27. Liam Bollingmo says:

    They probably made the update for #9 in case of if someone glitched out there and got basically infinite heals.

  28. Kyrie Espayos says:

    What was that ewok on

  29. BocahPUBG says:

    The greatest Out of bounds:


  30. si te ries pierdes Rodriguez says:

    Nadie debería estar aquí

  31. si te ries pierdes Rodriguez says:


  32. si te ries pierdes Rodriguez says:

    Que haces en mi cuarto

  33. si te ries pierdes Rodriguez says:

    Uhh … se supone que no debes ver esto, así que vete a la mierda

  34. Logan Playz / LP says:

    0:24 that scared me twice

  35. si te ries pierdes Rodriguez says:

    Pasa el whisky

  36. Slinger Marshall says:

    There's a giant room under one of the bomb sites on cs_inferno in cs1.6…

  37. Best Friend says:

    10:15 YEAHHHH!!!!

  38. The Working Stiff says:

    That scream at 9:30 gets me every time😂😂😂

  39. Hauka Hauke says:

    you forgot doom 3 monorails secret room

  40. Elemental Wolf Master says:

    kacpi26 you know goat simulator right? I love the Payday map but I accidentally GLITCHED myself to a noclip mode and then you can actually see the room on wear the couple was running and falling and I'm talking about the couple you see on the projector next to the cat sausage factory the one you get the Payday-Slapstick Welp that's all

  41. Fairfax Video says:

    See it's stuff like that which makes me wanna explore out of invisible walls areas in Far Cry games… Don't limit me, I wanna watch the world become NOTHING as I explore the un developed regions.

  42. P4r0_ G3amer says:

    Every game developers are gangster, till noclip is on

  43. P4r0_ G3amer says:

    12:49 dont mind me, ima just pass

  44. *sneezes in turkish* says:

    I think 0:24 is from Wall-E plant shoe.

  45. ms hp41 says:

    pls apex legends easter eggs

  46. BoyBeyondTheStars says:

    where are the RAtmAn dENs

  47. FewTuber 59 says:

    7:06 soooo were just going to ignore the pig

  48. Amine Ourimchi says:

    slendy tubbies easter eggs

  49. TheOrangeGuy.mp4 says:

    8:25 *B E A N O S

  50. iCrazyBlaze says:

    A C T I V A T E

  51. iCrazyBlaze says:

    You forgot the bleeding radio in that out of bounds area in Portal. Use impulse 101 and hit it

  52. Docer gung says:

    The beans thing in portal is actually just a placeholder to mark and set the position of the fov the player sees when the end cutscene plays out.

  53. iGeorge George says:

    On the next Garrys mod easter eggs and secrets,download the green mile map

  54. DefinitelyNotYou says:

    9:32 Sounds like a Zombie from Half-Life 2

  55. Ikmalreza 1998 says:

    Nowadays easter eggs are really interacting with you.

  56. jan sm says:

    nazisci sa zli

  57. J I G says:

    NMRIH <3

  58. davi gordo says:

    go on this google maps map there is a bus crash
    778 R. Líbero João da Silva

    Criciúma, Santa Catarina

  59. The Shadow says:

    Kto wie o tym że kacpi to Polak?

  60. Optixx _ says:

    Outro music name pls ?

  61. Redfox5000 Yo says:


    Beanos meme intensifies

  62. Fahrenheight says:

    You’d get more views if you narrated.

  63. Fahrenheight says:

    #15 is clearly a default texture.
    #16 is a brush tool used to create flat ground. The dev clearly did a mistake and made the ground flat and didn’t feel the need to fix it.

    A few of these aren’t secrets. Just developer errors that are unintentional.

  64. xd kuba says:

    i love bordelands 2

  65. StanleyStefen says:

    Demoman: pass the whiskey

  66. Super pivot animations says:

    5:28 ''Alan, Please add textures.''

  67. Rokas K says:

    9:30 Thank me later

  68. 3 main food Groups says:

    what is the music for your intro and outro?

  69. Rahma _MOZ says:

    How about a secret writeing chalk board in baldi basic

  70. guess what!? says:

    For some weird reason im kinda scared since idk whats gon happen next…

  71. Gameplay Nations says:

    I think the background music is from gta5 when your controller didn't connect for a long time

  72. Niewidocznyy says:

    4:50 S Z Y B K I Z A P I S

  73. FlyCatcher1 says:

    Why i always get scared when someone shoots in a easter egg video

  74. gabriel 48825 says:

    czm robisz filmy po angielsku?

  75. Cynical_Prototype 03 says:

    Kacpi should earn the title in best easter egg showcases. No dickriding included.

  76. i gatti sul tubo says:

    Scp cintainment breach essere egg

  77. Игровой Канал Янг says:

    Blood and Bacon (New DLC) 3019

  78. Miky Friggy says:

    Anyone lissen the music of GTA 5 in game paused

  79. JMAR GAMES says:

    Great video! Could you please make another Blood and Bacon video? There is a bunch of new content!

  80. SonicExe231 says:

    What are you doing in his entity room?

  81. SonicExe231 says:

    In cs:cz deleted scenes, cry of fear(some custom campaigns),Half Life mod prison have Easter eggs too

  82. Mroczny Pan says:

    Nic ciekawego

  83. Sinister Surgeon says:

    Thanks for the shoutout 💪🏻

  84. Kayipsi Yet says:

    Nice keep the good work.

    Trzymaj tak dalej :p

  85. MR. X says:

    LMAO Terry Cruz

  86. This is P says:

    Gta 5 pause menu theme

  87. Fapping Nipples says:

    Isnt that gta 5's map menu in the back ground playing?

  88. Beanos says:

    8:26 YOU ATE ALL MY ….. NI**A

  89. BARTOL CHERRY says:

    ostatnie przypomniało mi o jakimś filmiku gdzie gościu uciekał prze kilkoma zombie i schował się w pokoju w którym była ich horda

  90. AtomicMatt says:

    7:38 that's a old original

    TF2 copy

  91. Corthmic says:

    That Mordhau one caught me off guard, best laugh I've had all week.

  92. Feels - says:

    “you're about to smash against the ground. Press USE to scream”


  93. egi says:

    9:31 xdxd omg rly

  94. Ranie king Mitra says:

    If you love old games i love it to

  95. Area 3697 says:


  96. Eudnen says:

    9:30 didn't expect that

  97. GamingDanny says:

    I already know there is a boot in css

  98. vlogs & fun says:

    Est ce que vous connaissez l'easter egg de Vietcong ou vous devez détruire toute les bouteille d'alcool de votre chambre et stand de tire ? Votre compagnon de guerre apparaîtra sous une forme très flippante << You can use Google Traduction for that ^~^ I found this easter egg 6 years ago >>

  99. HolyBoy says:

    Kozak film pozdrawiam

  100. Rozwalamy PL says:

    Kacpi26 jest Polakiem?

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