2013 Outstanding Healthy Workplace Award Finalist MSU Federal Credit Union

Hi I’m Pat McPharlin I’m the President and CEO of the MSU Federal
Credit Union Our mission at the credit union is to help
members achieve, and staff achieve financial health, their goals, and ultimately their
dreams My name is Shawn Wrathell and I am a Human
Resources Generalist here at MSU Federal Credit Union I lead up our CU Healthy Efforts which is
our wellness program We try to tailor our program to spark an interest
in every different person that works here at the credit union When we designed the building, we designed
it so that the staff all got sunlight, it makes you move better, it makes you healthier and happier I can’t not smile, sorry We designed into the building, a beautiful
workout area in the lower level that overlooks a pond We installed a path system that circles the
building and the grounds that varies from a half mile to almost three miles so that
the staff can go for a walk on their lunch hour, before work, after work, combine it
with their workout in the gym We pay for half of Weight Watchers so that
if staff wants to lose weight, they can do so We encourage staff to work out and participate The credit union is involved in many community
activities and a lot of those are focused on wellness Things like runs and walks We’re very excited because we’re averaging
about 70% participation of over 500 employees here at the credit union Wellness is something that I think is near
and dear to the importance of the organization because it really helps us have a healthy,
happy, and engaged workforce that can then provide that superior service to our membership I think it’s really evident in walking through
the halls here at MSU Federal Credit Union that the wellness program really has an impact
here I think people are very happy, everyone wakes
up and is excited to go to work Our business plan really is very simple It’s if we make the staff happy, and we treat
them well and with respect, and create a good work environment and a good culture, they’re
going to be happy, they’re going to treat the members better, the members are going
to be happy to come in here and use our services and they’ll be happy, treat the employees
well and we’ll keep repeating that cycle We are extremely honored and excited to be
nominated by the Governor’s Fitness Council as an Outstanding Healthy Workplace

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