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hi everyone my name is jared Polis and I’m honoured to be running for governor of Colorado I’m a proud Colorado native and even prouder that my four-year-old and six-year-old get to grow up calling this amazing state our home and I want to make sure that the Colorado a whole life that we love is available not just to my kids but to every child growing up in our state you know year after year Coloradans bills are growing well for many of us paychecks are not keeping up I’m running for governor because I know that if we work together and take bold action we can make sure that every Colorado and in every part of our state has a real opportunity to get ahead I built businesses created jobs met payroll and I was really proud that in our businesses we provided quality health care benefits then stock options from day one so that our employees got to share in our success I want to bring that same spirit of entrepreneurship to the governor’s office in this campaign I’m not accepting any PAC money or donations larger than $100 so that when I’m making decisions as governor about our health care about making housing affordable about our schools about transportation I’ll only answer to you the people of Colorado together will bring free full-day preschool and kindergarten to every child in Colorado and end decades of underinvestment in our public schools we’ll take immediate action to save you money on health care while standing strong against any effort to gut the Medicaid expansion or roll back coverage for people with pre-existing conditions we’ll make sure Colorado remains a special place to live and Recreation create thousands of good-paying jobs across the state and we’ll tackle the high cost of living so families can afford not just to live and get by but to thrive in the communities that we love again i’m jared Polis and i’m grateful for this opportunity to earn your support thank you you and walkers stapleton candidate for governor chose not to participate in the candidate introductions hello my name is bill Hamlin’s I’m the 2018 Unity Party nominee for Colorado governor I’m here to ask you for your vote I’m the first Unity Party candidate for governor to appear on a general election ballot myself and my running mate Erica bode stabbed while the appearing number three statewide I also happen to be the founder and chairman of the 38th state Unity Party of America and hope you’ll check that unity box on your voter registration form in addition to voting for us Colorado needs to continue to lead the way on national issues every American observes affordable health care and we can start that right here in Colorado with a Colorado based Medicare for All system every American deserves freedom from forest fires droughts and other symptoms of climate change we have started the battle right here in Colorado I’m making her state akka Center for clean energy that were American deserves freedom from the growing stupidity of Washington terrain the swamp ditch the swamp Colorado offered financed land for a new national capital east of dia called Lincoln DC mister or miss voter if you’re not sitting down now please do so now you might find it shocking that will admit the odds are against the Unity Party 20 and 2018 however we don’t need to earn 50% to make a difference we just need 10% 10% the statewide vote in governor’s race will make the Unity Party a legally defined major party starting in 2020 on the same level as the Dems and Republicans and that means the 2020 Unity Party presidential candidate can pair number one on this ballot statewide in Colorado since Colorado lists major Party presidential candidates alphabetically we make sure our presidential candidate appears number one remember we’re not spoilers if the system is already rotten to the core Hammond’s Bowdoin stab dub-dub-dub bill is running calm thank you you hi my name’s Scott Hilke I’m the Libertarian candidate for governor libertarians believe in limited government which means we have to believe that government does not have all the solutions if you believe government has all the solutions you put yourself in a small box with only 10% of the solutions if you choose like I do to believe that government may not have the solutions then you put yourself and a wider audience where 90% of the great ideas are example beavers the Colorado compact one is first established based on 19th century science had two tasks to do task number one measure the volume of water in the Colorado River systems task number two pull out as many beaver ponds as possible they measured the Colorado River for ten years after they pulled out the beaver ponds the water level dropped by two-thirds what this means to you if we reintroduce beavers in South Park along the South Park and eventually the Platte River we would increase the water volume in that river by at least a third based on 21st century science about Bevers Bevers fill up the aquifers at an amazing rate this is Scott he’ll cur libertarian candidate for governor presenting alternative ideas and solutions for you

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  1. Georgia Smith says:

    Gov elect, Polis dont raise taxes AND fix the roads, no more lip service like the previous gov

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