2019 Youth Grant Winner: Anna Julia Cooper Episcopal School

One of the things we’ve tried to do Is to get as many jobs as we possibly can For our kids during the summer We received a grant from the Virginia Credit Union Which through their generosity and through this grant Was underwriting the work experience For a large number of our students Last year, I did the YMCA in north side I’m doing it again this year We worked with the elementary schoolers And it was like a summer camp We played basketball with them And like read to them And went on field trips with them Why is your net amount so much different than the amount you earned We took the pay that they would receive in that career And we worked out a budget And I think they learned a lot about how much money You have to have to live on your own and to be an adult The teachers, they just want to see the best you And want you to be the best person you can be That I have a greater possibility into getting into a good college And getting a better education And like I just have more opportunity than I would have without it And we’re kind of all in for the long haul In pretty much any imaginable way to help and support these kids

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