3 Best Low Interest Personal Loans

what is up I’m Jason with the honest
finance Channel today I want to talk to you guys about the three best personal
loans that I’ve found and seriously I looked everywhere for a personal loan
I checked banks I checked credit unions I checked online I had to look
everywhere because I needed one in my personal life and now I’m gonna share
with you guys the three best companies that I found so you can make your own
decision if you’re looking for a personal loan so in this video I’m gonna
go over why you’d actually want a personal loan and I’ll cover the three
loans that I found and I’ll go over the pros and cons of each of them so that
you can make your own decision if you’re looking for a personal loan now if you
just came across this channel I do talk a lot about financial subjects so if
you’re interested in this type of content then feel free to subscribe or
at least give the video a like so the first question you’ll be asking is why
exactly would you want to get a personal loan so for me personally I had to look
for a personal loan because I had a ginormous yard project that I had to
complete and I didn’t want to do a home equity loan or anything like that
because the rates and terms were a lot more simplified to just do a personal
loan so basically if you’ve got big home improvements or you’re gonna do
something expensive like adoption or you’ve got really expensive medical
bills then I would suggest going with a personal loan and I’d also recommend one
if you’re trying to consolidate your credit card debt because if you’ve got
credit card debt and you take a personal loan then the rate on the personal loan
is probably going to be a lot better than your credit cards rate and in the
financial terminology they would call this a debt consolidation loan you’re
just taking your credit card debt and you’re moving it into a personal loan
that hopefully has a better rate the only warning that I have though with
consolidating credit card debt is that you’ve got to get on top of your credit
cards otherwise you’re going to end up with two bills if you don’t change your
spending habits you’re gonna end up with a personal loan and you’re gonna have
credit card debt so everything’s just going to get worse so if you do end up
consolidating your credit card debt through a personal loan or anything like
that then just make sure your spending habits change so you don’t end up having
credit card debt again so the three companies that I’m gonna talk about they
don’t actually charge your adjacent fees and they don’t have prepayment penalties
like some of the other guys do so when most of us think of personal loans we’re
gonna think of companies like Lending Club and prosper because those are the
ones that pop up all over the place online but most of these guys actually
charge origination fees and 1% on like $10,000 is only a hundred
bucks but it’s still a hundred bucks that you’re giving up when some of the
other guys don’t actually charge that and most of the big banks and the credit
unions that I looked into had rates that were so high that I didn’t even bother
looking any further so with all the research that I had to do to figure out
which personal loan I actually wanted to go with the conclusion I came to was
these three specific companies and that’s because they didn’t charge any
dirty fees they didn’t have prepayment penalties and their rates and their
terms were really good so one more thing I want to mention about these lenders
and getting personal loans is that you have to have a really high credit score
in order to even qualify for these loans through these lenders so if you’ve got a
really bad score and I would probably look into some other companies because
these ones are just based on really good credit scores and seriously if your
credit score sucks then I would highly suggest trying to improve it because
you’re never gonna get good rates on any type of money that you’re trying to
borrow so the first lender for personal loans that I want to talk about is
American Express so honestly I had no idea that American Express tat personal
loans I just thought that they focused mainly on credit cards but apparently
they do personal loans and they even have savings accounts that have better
rates than most banks and once I started looking into American Express as
personal loans they actually had really good rates and really good terms their
rates are currently about seven to twenty percent you can borrow thirty
five hundred to forty thousand dollars from American Express and they offer 12
24 and 36 month loans so when you compare these numbers to other lenders
American Express is extremely competitive but just keep in mind that
you do have to be an American Express card holder in order to actually get one
of these personal loans from them now take a look at this ad that I got from
American Express yesterday when I was doing the script for this video now it’s
kind of creepy that they actually sent me one of these ads because it’s like
they knew that I was looking up all this personal loan stuff but it looks as
though I’m pre-qualified for a 7% rate for $25,000 if that’s how much I wanted
from their personal loan so it looks like I’m already pre-approved for those
rates and I didn’t have to do anything I just logged into my American Express
account and I had a pop up with that app so if the research I did on American
Express personal loans I found out that the money that you’re borrowing from
them and how long you’re planning on paying it back doesn’t really determine
your rate as much as your Oh score does so with them it doesn’t
really matter how much money you’re borrowing or how long you’re planning on
paying the money back they just care about what your credit score is in
determining the final interest rate that you’re gonna get for that loan the only
thing I didn’t like was that their terms only went up to thirty six months so if
you needed a lot of money and you wanted 60 months you can’t do it with them but
out of the three lenders that I’m talking about American Express was the
best when it came to borrowing a little bit of money for a little bit of time
because they’re the only ones that will do it thirty five hundred dollar minimum
and they even offer the 12-month loan payback period so in my opinion American
Express is the best option if you’re just borrowing a little bit of money for
a little bit of time also if you are interested in any of these personal
loans that I’m talking about I will link to their websites in my description so
that you can find out more about them and if you’re curious I did check
Discover Card for one of their personal loans because I know that they do them
too but their rate came in about six points higher than any of the other guys
so I didn’t even look any further into them I mean seriously it was a really
bad break from them but if you want to check them out go ahead I did they just
didn’t come out with a rate that was good enough for me next on my list of
personal loans is called sofa which stands for social finance now these guys
have only been around since 2011 but don’t let that fool you because they’ve
changed the industry with the way their business model works they’ve taken
everything that we don’t like about traditional loans and they’ve seriously
fixed it with their business model they advertise from the very beginning that
they don’t have any hidden fees that they have low rates and that they have
really good terms so their big thing is that they don’t hide anything from their
customers everything is what it is with social finance and that’s awesome
because you know exactly what you’re gonna be getting so if I off our student
loans mortgages and personal loans so if you’re in the market for any of these
types of loans so fight is one that you really want to check out so fight
advertises that they don’t even charge an origination fee on mortgages which is
typically about 1% that you’re just giving up whenever you get one of those
loans and traditionally if you don’t have 20% down on a house then you have
to pay mortgage insurance but so Phi it doesn’t even charge you mortgage
insurance with one of their loans if you have less than 20% social finance is
kind of the new way to get loans and they’ve proven it because they’ve
actually lend it out over 30 billion dollars so far they’ll even give you
half a quarter percent discount if you have more
one loan with them – and they even offer what they call unemployment protection
which means if you lose your job they’ll actually freeze your payments
temporarily until you find a new job so that’s kind of nice – so currently
Sophie offers personal loans from about five and a half percent to fourteen
percent and they’ll let you borrow between 5000 and $100,000 and then you
can choose to pay them back between three and seven years one thing I did
notice though is that their loans fluctuate based on how long you keep
them and how much you’re financing so keep that in mind if you’re gonna
consider sofa so I found that their best rates are actually the 36 month terms
with lower amounts borrowed so just keep that in mind so for instance their
lowest advertised rate at five and a half percent that one’s only gonna work
for you if you do a 36 month loan with them but if you do go with the longer
term they still have really good rates you’re just only gonna get the best rate
if you go with the 36 month term and I also notice that they’re not as picky
about what you’re using the money for and that’s a good thing because a lot of
the other lenders are really picky when it comes to what you’re using the money
for so just keep that in mind – so in my opinion I think that everybody should at
least consider sofa if they’re looking for a personal loan really the only
problem I have with them is that their minimum amount you can borrow is $5,000
which American Express had at 3,500 bucks so it’s a lot easier to get a
little bit of money from American Express than it is with sofa so the
minimum amount was the only thing that bothered me about them everything else
seemed to be extremely competitive and really good in my opinion no I do have
their link in the description and I think they give you some sort of a bonus
by using my affiliate link so go ahead and use that link if you are actually
looking for a personal loan from them now last on my list of personal loans is
called light stream by SunTrust Bank these guys are actually big bank owned
because of SunTrust but they offer some of the best rates and the best terms
that I found from all of these different companies and they do advertise that
there’ll be any competitors rate by a tenth of a point as long as it’s the
same type of loan light streams personal loan rates are about 3 to 14 percent
which is incredible and they’ll also loan between 5,000 and $100,000 their
term length ranges from 24 to a hundred and forty four months which is actually
12 years if you really wanted to max it out that long I would advise though that
you don’t go with 144 months if you’re going with a personal loan but that’s
just my opinion now don’t let any of these numbers
deceive you with light stream loans because everything fluctuates depending
on what you’re doing with the loan how much money you’re borrowing and how long
you’re planning on paying it back for so it’s not like you can borrow the minimum
$5,000 and finance it over a hundred and forty four months everything that lights
dream offers is dependent upon their predetermined categories but don’t let
that deceive you because their rates are incredible I found with light stream
that if you borrow between about ten thousand dollars and twenty five
thousand dollars and you borrow it for 24 to 36 months then you’re gonna get
the best rates that they offer and I found that the lower amounts of money
that you borrow from them actually have higher rates than borrowing more money
so if you do want to borrow less than $10,000 then I’d suggest going with the
other guys instead and I did notice with light stream that their lowest
advertised rates are for auto loans only so don’t expect to get a 3% rate if
you’re consolidating your credit cards I found that most of the categories ranged
from about 6 to 8% an interest so just keep that in mind if you’re looking at
these guys now out of these three different companies that I looked into I
actually ended up going with light stream loans I probably would have
preferred to go with social finance but I ended up going with light stream loans
because they actually came in about a point and a half lower than the other
guys did but that was for me personally so you’ll want to check all of these
different lenders to see which rates you’re gonna end up qualifying for
because I didn’t have an origination fee or anything like that I just went with
whomever gave me the best rate and for me at the time it happened to be light
stream loans now these are the three best picks that I found but feel free
and commenting below if you know of any personal loans that I didn’t mention
that actually have better rates so maybe you do know of some better personal
loans out there but these are the three best that I found and that’s from all
the research that I did once again I’m Jason with the honest finance Channel if
you did find this information helpful then feel free and subscribing to my
channel or at least give the video a like that’s all

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