3 Tips for First Time Home Buyers in Spencer, Iowa

Are you still renting? Paying somebody else’s mortgage? I’m going to tell you three things that you can do to buy a home sooner than you thought. Right now… Watch to the end to find out the number
one reason people don’t buy. Step #1: First I recommend that you download creditkarma.com Although it is not the end-all be-all it
will definitely help you keep an eye on your credit. For most loan programs, in my
experience, I found that you would like to be at a minimum credit of 640. But I
tell you what, there are lenders out there that will work with you if your
credit is 580 as long as you meet other criteria. Sp, Step #1download Credit Karma. Step #2 save up $1,000 Whyy $1,000? Well we have zero down payment programs
available (like) USDA loans, VA loans if you’re eligible. However there’s still
out-of-pocket costs. So even if we ask the seller to pay for all your closing
costs to get you into a home today you’re still probably going to have some
out-of-pocket expenses. Even if it’s just connecting utilities for your new home
or paying your friends to help you move, renting a truck,
not to mention out-of-pocket cost of having a home inspection and an
appraisal. So step #2: save up $1,000 minimum. Step 3:
interview 3 real estate agents in your area.
I recommend interviewing 3 different agents from 3 different companies
because you will find that not all agents are created equal.
I’ll do it with different video about the difference between a real estate
agent and a REALTOR. Down below I will post questions to ask a real estate
agent and eventually I’ll create a video. So make sure you subscribe and click the
bell and then that way you’ll get the notification when that video comes out!
so step 3 is to interview 3 real estate agents from three different
companies. Then pick one and they will walk you through the rest of this
process! So to recap Step #1: download or go to CreditKarma.com so you can keep an
eye on your credit, who you owe money to and what your score is doing. Step #2:
save up $1,000 and Step #3: call me or let me find you an agent in your area so
that they can walk you through the rest of the process! And I promised if you
watch till the end you’d find out the number one reason people don’t buy and I
found that it’s because they think they can’t. So let’s get you into a home! So if
you’re a renter in Spencer Iowa call me today at 712-363-2399 and if you’re a renter anywhere interested in getting an
agent call me first at 712-363-2399 ThinkHousesThinkHolly.com (blooper) let me tell you how you can be hamakom If you’re a renter what’s stopping you from buying leave me a message down

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