5️⃣ Things To Do BEFORE & AFTER Buying a Domain

hey this is Victor I hope you’re doing
well okay so in today’s video I wanted to share with you five things that you
should do immediately before and after you buy a domain so a lot of people get
very excited about buying a new domain for their website and then they think
they can forget about it until the website is ready to be launched and
there’s a bunch of things that you can do immediately before and immediately
after you buy that domain that will definitely help you when it comes to
launching your website so let’s go and look at some of those things you can do
okay so here are the five things that you should do immediately before and
after you buy a domain so the first thing is you should just research that
particular domain and so here’s some ways that you can research the domain so
once you find a domain that you like you might be surprised but that domain might
have been owned by someone else and that might be a benefit or it might be a
detriment but either way you should figure that out and so what you should
do is you should take that domain name and go to a couple sites one is a site
called eh Refs this will tell you kind of what the
domain Authority is what the domain rank if there are any backlinks to it kind of
what the anchors were for those particular backlinks those kind of
things so in this case this one’s a little bit of a weird one I literally
just pulled up example domain out of a hat and it turns out like this is a huge
domain Authority with a bunch of backlinks which was surprising to me it
led me to believe this was an active website that was used but then it looks
like that that’s not the case in any case things that you want to look for so
you want to look for number one anchors and the anchors are the words that are
being hyperlinked that are linking to that particular website and if they look
spammy so if they have anything to do with Viagra or internet porn or payday
loans or anything kind of shady sounding that’s probably a bad thing doesn’t mean
you can’t buy the domain but it just means it’s not great any kind of foreign
anchor texts like Chinese anchor text that’s typically not great either so you
just want to see if everything here looks okay
you know everything here seems fine enough I don’t see anything too crazy
and then you also want to look at the referring domains so those are like who
are the websites linking to them let me see here it’s like wordpress.org and
Adobe com looks pretty legit to me so first first glance looks pretty fine so
that’s one thing to do research on another thing is the actual Wayback
Machine so the wayback machine is webbed archive.org forward slash web just go
Google you know wayback machine you’ll find it so I looked through all of this
site I don’t think at any point in time this was anything but just just a domain
for sale looks like they were actively building links to it for some reason but
if you look at any of the snapshots it’s always just you know kind of some domain
for sale fine no big deal so that’s kind of step one
is research the domain research the backlinks make sure that it is okay if
for whatever reason you have a bunch of spammy backlinks that you don’t like
right then you can disavow those links you can choose to kind of say hey these
links aren’t for us and submit it to Google that’s kind of outside the scope
of this video here but you can disavow those backlinks and it won’t penalize or
hurt you so that’s step one is you know research the domain itself before you do
step two is when you register the domain be sure and add privacy but also
register if for as long as you can ideally for ten years if you can so
Google actually trusts the site more if it’s registered for a longer period of
time so if they see that you’ve been registering it that you’re gonna you
know own this site for a long time you’re not just gonna churn and burn
this website they’ll actually give you more trust and credit for that so if you
in you know comes to back up here for a second the problem with owning a new
domain is Google doesn’t trust new domains and they essentially put you in
a sandbox for a period of time once you have that domain
and have that website and so they won’t give you any kind of trust or credit for
a while so all of these things a lot of these tips here are just to kind of help
you along to build as much trust and credibility with Google in the shortest
amount of time and so you know registering for ten years that’s another
thing you can do in the eyes of Google they will give you a little credit for
that in terms of trusting your domain a little bit more also another thing to
think about is just use variant keyword in the URL like some people especially
if you’re branding your own name you know a lot of people don’t know how to
spell your name or what this the proper spelling is so just by all the different
variants and then have them redirect to your main URL just in case you know it’s
a hard word to spell or isn’t an intuitive word to spell so that’s
another idea so then once you’ve bought the domain you own the domain you’ve
added privacy you’ve bought it for ten years
my next advice is just to throw up some content on the site so you can just
throw up a wordpress blog a template it doesn’t matter just get the website up
and throw some content on there and and ideally related to any kind of keywords
you’d like but just in general get something up there get a home page an
about page add your privacy policy add your contact page it does not have to be
a beautiful site it can be completely ugly this the words don’t have to be
eloquent it’s just there for the purpose of aging the site so that Google trust
that the site is a real site so by the time that you’re done with your design
and development for the site and you’re ready to actually launch it for real and
actually tell people about it it’s got more trust in the eyes of Google that’s
really something you can do to set yourself ahead if this the website
project takes two months you know you can use those to that time to age of the
site and help it out so that by the time you’re ready to launch you’ll be outside
of the sandbox and you’ll be way ahead of the game than you otherwise would so
that’s number four and then the last one is just start building some links again
this is all about just building trust with Google the more links you have to
the site especially over time Google will trust the site more you’re more
likely to be indexed when you’re ready to go so you know from your LinkedIn
profile from your Facebook from your Twitter
get from Yelp any kind of directory those are all places where you can start
building links have them linked to your domain those google my business that’s
another good one those all help build the trust for your website so as many as
you can just start building links to your site so that again by the time you
launch google will trust the site and think of it as a legitimate site and so
you’ll be way ahead of the game when you actually launch your website for real so
hopefully you find those tips useful if you do please feel free to like this
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you in the next one

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