5 Best DEBT Consolidation Loans near me For Bad Credit 2019

hey what’s up guys today’s video we’re going to talk about people that are having trouble with their credit card debt and trying to figure out a way they can consolidate their credit card debt but first thing I want to talk about is if you have a family member that lost their job or you know of someone that’s struggling to pay their utility bills and stuff you can reach out to two one one or three one one you can call either one of these numbers and they can help you with some emergency assistance to help get food for the family it helps pay your utilities it helps to pay the rent help get you temporary housing so don’t forget that using a 2 1 1 a 3 1 1 call it 2 1 1 2 3 1 1 there’s a that’s a hotline it’s a government hotline that you can call and they’ll be able to give you some assistance emergency assistance so please be aware of that a lot of people are not aware of it and I appreciate if you share it in the community because there’s a lot of people that are struggling and you want to help them but you don’t know how to help them and so call them to 1 1 or 3 1 1 will definitely be able to get them some temporary assistance now also there’s another one you can go to your local Community Action Agency so say that you you cooperate down and you need transportation to work or whatever you can reach out to your community action agency and see if they’re able to help you get your car fixed usually they have some type of program if not to get your car fixed there’s some type of program that they can guide you to to get your transportation back and forth to work so that being said the video that we’re talking about today is best consolidated personal loans for bad credit this is personal loans up to $35,000 hi my name is Houston McMiller and for those of you that are not aware my company threeway funding we’re always the guys too help you figure out a way how to reduce your debt and how to make more money and lower your taxes so that’s what 3-way funding is about but let’s go over these top of consolidated personal loans so that you can try to get yourself out of debt now the first one is up loans and the reason that up loans are starting to pop up a lot is because like they’re internal there now most these here there are ratings and stuff are better than like a regular payday loan because you go to payday loan it’s like three hundred percent on a loan and so with these here they have other guidelines so they’re not charging you as much who was the loan versus with a payday loan okay so keep that in mind but up loan they are an in-house lender so they loan their own money or whatever so they don’t outsource and their loans go from 500 to 5,000 the income that you have to have to get qualified is at least a thousand dollars after taxes you have to have a bank account and they want the bank account to be open at least 40 days they may accept a new bank account but again some of the requirements is longer you have a bank account they say at least 40 days and the age of 18 now I would tell you this there was a disabled veteran he he got qualified for an opt in loan and like I said I told people that they don’t check your credit because they already know you have bad credit so why are they going to put put more hard inquiries on you so well updating loans they don’t check your personal credit so what ends up happening is with this a disabled veteran when he applied for the loan okay knowing that he only had a 5-10 credit score but they did check it but what they did like I said he met the the criterias they were looking for and he had at least $1,000 income after taxes he had a business bank account he was over the age of 18 so and most these applications probably take you anywhere between two minutes to maybe three three or four minutes to fill out so it’s not a long process just giving them your information so they can check in and stuff but these companies do not put a hard inquiry on your personal credit because again these companies understand you already have challenging credit so for them to put in hard inquiry on your personal credit to see if you qualify they don’t do that now some of them may once you get approved for a loan would have to do a hard inquiry but applying for the loan you don’t have to worry about it so it’s okay to let them see if you qualify so go ahead and apply to see if you qualify Indian if you qualify of course they’ll give you a hard inquiry but here’s the good thing about it if you get qualified for a loan well they’re going to report to you credit and if you make the payments and stuff on time then this is going to help build up your credit anyway right so keep in mind it’s not a whole lot of inquiry on your credit but for those of you that need a consolidated loan or you’re trying to consolidate your bills and stuff like that these are the best ones on the market that I’ve been checking and everything okay so that being said we talked about up-up loans right so now the next one is cash advance who knew cash advance they do from five hundred to ten thousand and they pretty much mimic the same requirements at least a thousand with cash advance like a bureau on disability welfare receiving child support again if the income is over a thousand then they’re willing to work with you to help find a lender to loan you the money okay so again don’t worry about the hard inquiry they’re just going to do a soft call and make sure that you have everything intact because mainly like with your name your address active email phone number just the basic stuff is what they’re looking forward to see if they can try to qualify you for the right lender or match you up with the right lender and so for those of you that may need more than $5,000 then cash advance will be a good one bad credit loans bad credit loans is a good one as well again because you’re not worried about a hard inquiry so getting a consolidated loan to pay off some other bills and stuff like that they may be able to help find you the right lender and again all of these is for bad personal credit so if you have bad personal credit and you feel that hey I don’t know where to go these are the top ones that you can absolutely reach out to and what I’ll do I put a link down in the description so that you can actually just apply like I said you applying you’re not going to get a heart inquiry the heart and fire only is when you get approved so that’s the thing about it and so most people get that mixed up but when applying they don’t they do all of these do a soft inquiry on the credit some of them don’t even do an inquiry on the credit at all when just applying or whatever but they want the basic information so that way they can see if they can match you up with lenders okay now you have bad credit loans they offer from 500 to 5,000 then you have personal loans now with a personal loans they go from 500 up to 35,000 so if you have bad credit but you know that hey I got a very good job and stuff I just need to consolidate these high interest credit cards and everything then personal loans may be your benefit like I said they go up to 35,000 also with a signature loans signature loans goes up to 35 from 500 up to 35,000 but if you want somebody just internal to apply for it like I said because they’re not putting a hard inquiry on your credit it’s okay to just test them out see which one of these five that actually helped you okay so it’s no no problem there again with a up loans they’re in-house and like I said the story about the disabled veteran he was able to get qualify for a loan so I’m pretty sure and he’s on disability receiving government assistance so they helped him so I’m pretty sure if you’re disabled veteran or you’re receiving a permanent disability or permanent income from the government I’m pretty sure you should be able to qualify so these are the five optimum Casavant bad credit loans personal loans signature loans and again I’ll put the link in the description of the video so you wouldn’t know you can go direct you click on the link you go straight over there and fill out the application so that way you’re not trying to figure out online or whatever no I’m trying to simplify everything also don’t forget again if you have a family member or friend that’s struggling financially to recently lost their job they’re struggling to pay the bills and everything have never reached out to 2 1 1 & 3 1 1 I think the reason I said 3 1 Way because some portions of the East Coast they don’t use 2 1 when they use 3 1 1 so either one of these our government service phone numbers that you can call to get some type of financial assistance all right and then your Community Action Agency is also a place that you can reach out to again for you guys that may need money to fix your car and you know you don’t have the means and it’s putting you in a financial burden or whatever reach out to them and see if they can help you that’s what 3-way fun is about we’re actually trying to find more resources to help the community and we appreciate if you share our videos in any type of if you apply for these loans you get approved and whatever your experiences or whatever make a comment in the video so that way the community will know all right so this is Houston with 3-way funding I hope that this video is educational informative and please share and like it and again help the community to 1 1 3 1 1 and for you that need a consolidated loan for your high interest credit cards or you’ve just got a lot of bills and you just pay one bill or whatever reach out to one of these different types of loan I’ll put the link in the description to help you so I hope that this video helps a decision with three-way funding thank you

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