5 Easy Ways To Save Money ($300 EVERY MONTH!)

– Hi, I’m the YouTube
Deal Guy Matt Granat, welcome to your one stop shop for savings. Whether you know me from your
local TV station or USA Today, I usually find huge deals
right here every day. Today, there’s not really a deal rather than several different ways to cut your monthly costs. If you are not yet subscribed, click that subscribe button
you see on your screen. You’ll be signed up for
huge savings and good to go. First, and most importantly,
let’s start with multimedia. Sever your ties with your
cable or satellite provider. You’ll easily save $80 to $140 per month, and there are great options. Live TV on your terms is a reality for $20 per month with
a service like Sling TV. Amazon Prime video, $10 per month, in addition to all sorts
of music streaming options, and Hulu Plus, under $8. Great ways to entertain
yourself on a dime. Now, for a few thermostat tweaks, you can lower your monthly
costs significantly. Let’s start with your hot water heater. It’s likely turned up to a point that’s complete overkill for your home. Lowering it slightly can save you as much as $40 a month, and lowering your thermostat a degree can cut costs by as much as $40 per month. Additionally, a programmable thermostat can save you another
$10, and cut the takeout. While I rarely recommend
meal subscription services as a way to save, if you simply have no
time to grocery shop, or you’re not a great cook, you can replace your restaurant meals with a service like Blue
Apron or Hello Fresh for about $9 per portion per month. You can save a whooping $150 by avoiding those restaurants. Now, if you do cook, that’s better, start buying generic, and join a wholesale warehouse
club like Sam’s Club, Costco, or BJs. You can easily save $90
more per month on food. Now is a great time to refinance your home at a lower rate, or if you have debt, take advantage of the balance transfers that always pop up at this time of year with 0% APR that can run you 18 months in many cases. That could cut your costs an additional $70 per month or more. Show your bank who’s boss, and stop paying ridiculous
monthly bank fees. Findabetterbank.com will
help you cut your fees to the tune of $20 per month. And make the promise right now to never buy anything that’s not on sale. I can help with that. – Matt, what are these? – [Matt] No comment. – Click the subscribe button and the thumbs-up button at
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every deal is right there. There you go! You are awesome, thank
you so much for watching.

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  1. T DeVoll says:

    Thank you Matt for great and valuable information to save some xtra cash monthly.

  2. Va Velle says:

    Matt, my husband needs an intervention to help him cut the cord with Dish!! Such a waste of money!

  3. Quinn E says:

    Great tips! I'm keeping these in mind for when I'm in my first home!

  4. Buforina Almond says:

    love saving money

  5. Amy Maddock says:

    These are great ideas!

  6. Ron Johnston says:

    we cut the cord about 2 years ago and have not missed it one bit. it's been two years since I've seen a Kardashian. we have Netflix and over the air television which is high-quality HD TV not compressed like the satellite services do. I did get a DVR Plus which is a way to record over-the-air. so cut the cord!

  7. MonkeyChoz says:

    I love money

  8. Tara Brown says:

    Great tips. Thanks for the information.

  9. Alyssa Anderson says:

    I love Costco, it can also cause a bit of over spending if you don't stick to your list! haha

  10. Sandra Gallagher says:

    Great tips! And it helps as reminders to save!

  11. Garvin Hunt says:


  12. luca joe says:

    thanks Matt. we've been trying to decide on what service to replace satellite

  13. luca joe says:

    any feedback on rebate apps like Ibotta, Checkout51 etc

  14. Kissiah Aiken says:

    I love the money saving ideas! Thank you!

  15. JOSE75214 says:

    no comment

  16. Katie Johnson says:

    I cut my cable last year, best choice I made financially. I have a Hulu and Cbs All Access. My friend has a Netflix and Amazon Prime account, so we share! And we each have 4 subscriptions for the price of 2! Great way to save a few bucks every month as well. 😉 Have a great weekend! Rest up! Kate

  17. Aaron Ramirez says:

    I have to say ur, intern Amy has a very cute face, and makes the show very enjoyable to watch when she participate in testing out the product, keep up the awesome work you do to help out.

  18. Joseph Kowalczyk says:

    I love the money savings idea. thanks.

  19. Pizza Pie says:


  20. N F says:

    I'm saving my rewards money to buy a new cell phone that I've had my eye on. My current phone is old & slow but I just can't part with the cash for the new one. I don't mind waiting. Debt is NOT YOUR FRIEND.

  21. shirley brock says:

    Thanks for helping us save money Matt !!

  22. Crystal Hamilton says:

    Love the cost saving ideas!

  23. Monica Sada says:

    Thank you so much Matt! Thanks to your awesome videos I've cut cable out! yay me!

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  25. David Cruse says:

    FANTASTIC ! Savings and Idea ! Thanks Matt ! Always my favorite information SOURCE !
    THE Best SAVINGS ! Love ya Matt !

  26. TheNateNoHate says:

    Or maybe we could raise minimum wage so that poor people don't have to give up small creature comforts.

  27. MellowGoblin says:

    …. I'm gonna do it, I'm getting rid of my cable and getting fire tv! Thank you Matt

  28. Karen Klavoon says:

    thanks for all the great advice and tips on saving—YOU ROCK!!

  29. Ej Thompson says:

    I need free stuff!!!

  30. jimsad12 says:

    Great advice. Thanks Matt!

  31. Ann Scott says:

    I've also heard of Roku for streaming video.

  32. Mulham Harrasi says:


  33. Martha Faulkner says:

    I like this saving 5 easy ways, believe it or not I started to see savings already. No cable! what a difference. great suggestions! going down the list, thanks team.

  34. MISSY gold says:

    how can I watch you on TV what channel I have directv

  35. MISSY gold says:

    o and can you find me a amazing, deal on generac that gentorar that if your electric goes out it kicks on an runs your house cause I'm disabled as I have told you before and I'm on oxygen so it would be a great thing for me I just can't afford the 2500 dollars there asking on TV an as always thanks Matt

  36. Vincent Chimato says:

    Great tips, thanks guys!

  37. corey olson says:

    thanks for the tips. I cut the cable 4 months ago, got sling TV and a Roku ,plus Netflix and Pluto TV. saved 92.00 and could of been more happier.

  38. Laurie Dicello says:

    Excellent Tips

  39. vita mueller says:

    i love your ideas!!! keep them coming! i HATE paying for TV.

  40. Joe Scot Schroeder says:

    Maestro, THANK YOU once again for helping us keep a little more money in our wallets! 🙂
    Cable is not welcome at our table.
    Hot water may holler but the thermostats got his collar.
    Take out leads to livin' hand to mouth.
    Balance transfers may be the the answer.
    and lastly,
    No fees, release the squeeze, and help our wallets, please!

    Keep it real, keep it good, and keep spreading the love! 🙂

  41. Frito Hobbit says:

    some of the suggestions were obvious. I haven't had cable or satellite TV for years. But your suggestions of other much cheaper TV were helpful. Thx deal guy.

  42. sea jay says:

    Great looking out Matt thanks for the money saving tips !!

  43. bagnascofamily says:

    EXCELLENT Info. Matt !! As we shared before, the $20-$40 prepaid monthly cell plans (that use AT&T/GSM or Verizon/CDMA) is the 6th iterm Team Bagnasco would add to the list of GREAT monthly Savings, besides revisiting (shopping around) all Insurance Policies, every 12 months, or so (as they have no incentive to discount already existing customers, beyond a good driving record and multi-coverage). YOU 'DA BEST! Thank you.

  44. MISSY gold says:

    I mean other than the wireless 1 you showed cause its not available anymore

  45. MISSY gold says:

    my bad it's still in stock but it's for indoors I need a wireless 1 for in an outdoor thank you

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    Matt, thank you for the video – it was Great advise to save!

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    What a great video today!
    Thanks Matt

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    Awsome, awsome video today! We're already doing some of the things that you suggested! Thanks ya'll!

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    Five ways to save was some great information.

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    Great ideas, once again! Cut cable 10months ago and haven't looked back; too many other options available. Thank you for helping us save money!

  54. Scott Bennett says:

    I love the idea of ditching cable. The only rub is the whole reason I have it is for sports. Is there a way that I can get live sporting events with out cable? I have tried antennas but can't get the net works and even if I could that still does not get me ESPN. Any ideas?

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    5 Easy Ways To Save Money.
    1 Deal Guy To Save Money!

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    I would love to drop cable. 😎

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  61. Jesse Hartley says:


    I do a lot of these already. Another great way to save $$$ is to change out light blubs to LED they produce less heat and use less energy. Black Out thermal curtians work great too keeping the house cool during summer and warm during winter; they also block out some noise too.

  62. Todd Zieja says:

    Great Job!!! All good ideas!!

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    Can you, at some point, please discuss digital recording options for those who have chosen to cut the cable? Searching for "DVR" on Amazon returns results that range from $39-$300+. Surely these don't all do the same thing. Thanks Matt. You're the savingest saver on the air!

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    Great tips, Matt. I earn a percentage back at BJ's when I use their credit card. The cash back easily covers the cost of the membership. I did purchase a FoodSaver (on sale of course) to vacuum pack my wholesale club purchases. No sense in buying in bulk if I'm tossing some of it away. Keep a look out for deals on the vac-bags. They're pricey, but reusable.

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    What is the best internet deal after cutting your cable?

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    Ive done the one and five challenge this year started in Feb untill now over 1800 in ones and 2900 in fives not gonna stop dont need it nice way to save it works and adds up for sure my next goal is 10$ a day on top of that

  99. Elisabeth Montoya says:

    Thanks for some of your great ideas. Refinancing is a BAD idea! This move usually only helps the banks and the sales person who gets commission on selling you a new loan, unless you are educated and tell the bank you don’t want your new loan to start the 30 years over again. If they extend your 30 year mortgage another 30 years, that’s NOT good for you. If people don’t change their habits, and they just transfer all their credit card debt into the refinance, they just created an even greater nightmare for themselves when they charge up their credit cards again. MOST people are not disciplined and are uneducated about refinancing.

  100. Jotique Harlee says:

    Coupon slogan::: Never pay full price

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