5 Free Weapons in Payday 2 Every Player Should Try

Last week Derpy-Eyed Princess Jasmine asked
for good weapons for base game players, and, I mean I don’t have any better ideas, so,
5 Free Weapons in Payday 2 Every Player Should try. Just ranged weapons, if you want melee weapons
check out my previous video. Number 1 the Platypus is the only sniper rifle
available to base game players, meaning that it can penetrate shields and damage as many
cops as you can line up. If that sounds good but your primary slot’s
already full, instead maybe consider taking Number Two, the 5/7 pistol is the only armor-piercing
pistol in the game, meaning it has the exact same shield-piercing capabilities. Speaking of pistols, number 3, the STRYK,
is the only pistol capable of fully-automatic fire, meaning it plays like a submachine gun
that can use pistol skills. This makes it a very versatile firearm, and
that goes ditto for the Akimbo version which I unironically consider the single best weapon
in the entire game. Number 4 the KSP58 is the only light-machine
gun available to base game players, meaning it comes with a large magazine size, optional
bipods and a truly blistering rate of fire. But if that’s not enough dakka, consider graduating
to the XL56 microgun, a heavy-hitting minigun whose magazine capacity and ammo count are
the highest of all weapons in the game. And finally number 5, the Compact 40 millimeter
is the only free Grenade Launcher. Grenades have so many unique upsides, from
crowd control to shield-busting to optional incendiary damage that if you’re only gonna
use one weapon from this video, make it this one. Bonus number 6, the Galant rifle might not
be as weird as all these other weapons, but it is seriously one of the most satisfying
guns to use in the game. you unlock it through the Rapid retribution
side job, which will take a while, but once you get there, it has high damage, high accuracy,
a controllable recoil, and a quick reload, it actually is the only weapon that reloads
faster from an empty clip so feel free to fire all your bullets before hearing the satisfying
ping. Thank you for listening, as always, this is
aabicus with the SPUF of Legend, have a great day!

16 comments on “5 Free Weapons in Payday 2 Every Player Should Try”

  1. Silver Lining says:

    Good stuff. How about a vid on what heists are best for money/xp rates?

  2. Cap'n Chas says:

    Good timing with that last "ping."

  3. BLU Medic says:

    If I start playing Payday 2 again I'm totally gonna try that grenade launcher.

  4. Steam Condenser says:

    Too true on the Galant. That ping every time you reload is just magical.

  5. TheMasterPootis says:

    I like these videos. Even as a veteran these are nice to watch, and I'm sure new players could learn a lot 🙂

  6. Stahl Sonyx says:

    thank you!!!

  7. GermanPeter says:

    Short and sweet, exactly how a video like this should be. Improve your editing though, white font with no black outline or shadow is hard to read and bland to look at. Still, nice job!

  8. J0chem0o says:

    Some pistols can pierce armor? I have over 500 hours and i didnt know that.

  9. humanized says:

    good fast paced and informational. well done

  10. 남안현태 says:

    note:EVERY akimbo weapons are FREE.

  11. Grape Juice says:

    UAR used to be good, but then the Union came out and it feels like the Eagle Heavy Rifle's damage and stability were put on the UAR. It is now my armor primary of choice.

  12. Terry Roraus says:

    This boi knows about the Dakka. HE'S PART OF DA WAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH!

  13. Kia Dan says:

    That was … FAST! and usefull in same time! Good job! 👌👍

  14. MrKoxu says:

    Where's M308?

  15. Nobody Famous says:

    We need more youtubers like you

  16. spartygrad89 says:

    Love the KSP even at level 100. Never run out of ammo as it has a monster magazine and picks up 25 shells per ammo drop. Reload a little slow but you can walk right up to a Skulldozer and shove it into his helmet and watch him drop.

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