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5 Million Dollar Business Loan Elite Business Funding Million Dollar Business Credit Lines Here 844 824 2432 https smallbusinessloans life One high limit route is the Small Business Administration s general small business loan or 7 a program with a maximum amount of 5 million Another option for a million dollar business loan is called the CDC 504 loan program which finances major fixed asset purchases such as real estate or equipment If your small business was impacted because a key employee was called to active military duty and consequently the business could not meet its normal operating expenses the SBA s Military Reservist Economic Injury Disaster Loan program can fund up to 2 million For 7 a loans you must be considered small as determined by SBA standards for your industry do business in the United States and its possessions use alternate assets before seeking financial assistance demonstrate loan need and not be delinquent on any debt obligations to the U S Which means that they make boring loans to boring companies for boring purposes Which means that a good idea is not a sufficiently good reason for a loan A bigger reason is that if there s no obvious and reliable exit strategy like going public or selling to a huge public company then there s no rational reason for someone to make an equity loan The entire upside comes when you sell and if you can t easily sell which is most businesses they re even harder to sell at a profit than a used car then there s no VC investment to be had If the entrepreneur still controls the board of directors the value of the entrepreneur s stake is lower If the entrepreneur has been replaced as CEO or if outsiders control the board of directors the company s valuation will be higher Because if you have more assets you tend to be able to make more money and people rarely give up assets without looking for some kind of control over them For trustworthy financing business owners turn to us for Small Business Loans that provide the working capital they require to grow their businesses at a faster pace Unlike traditional banks we offer unsecured Small Business Loans We work with all types of businesses no matter their credit history or area of expertise To fill out an application or for more information about business capital loans please click here and take advantage of our Small Business Loans today Do you still have questions about small business funding small business financing or a small business line of credit Use our Business Line of Credit to improve your business cash flow borrow according to seasonal needs and eliminate the stresses of time gaps between capital needs and revenue realization We also offer financing to businesses of all sizes all around the nation no matter the credit history Our simple 2 minute application will help you attain the right small Business Line of Credit and business financing How To Get A 5 Million Dollar Business Loan 844 824 2432 https smallbusinessloans life

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