5 Things to Do Before Going Infamous in Payday 2

Payday 2’s infamy mechanic is designed to
increase replayability, but it can be daunting since it’s non-reversible. There are some things you can do to make your
next level-up marathon easier, so without further ado, here are 5 Things To Do Before
Going Infamous. Number 1 make sure you have a good primary
and secondary weapon without reputation level requirements. I recommend the Interceptor 45 pistol and
an akimbo SMG. Speaking of akimbo SMGs, number 2 since you
retain any weapons in your inventory, fill all your remaining weapon slots with the priciest
gun available. At the time of this video, it’s the Tatonka
SMGs. After going infamous, you can sell these to
get some decent starting cash. Number 3 if you run out of slots and still
have spending cash to burn, you might as well use as much of that as possible buying new
weapon slots, mask slots, and masks. Unless you’re me who’s only ever used one
mask his entire career. Number 4, level up a CrimeSpree since you
can cash it in after going infamous to bypass the early levels. If you really want to blitz through the infamous
process, a CrimeSpree between 550 and 600 will allow you to instantly hit level 100
again. Number 5, this might also be a good time to
pop any achievements that are hard to do at lower levels, such as equipping or purchasing
a certain weapon, or “I’m a Healer-Tank-Damage Dealer” which you can effortlessly unlock
when at level 100. Finally, bonus number 6, after going infamous
this is the best time to use the big red button in the safe house to burn all your offshore
money for the secret trophy. But do note that you need to have at least
$50 million in your offshore account and your vault must be fully upgraded to get the button
to spawn. Thanks for listening, as always this is aabicus
with the SPUF of Legend, keep those helmets flying!

9 comments on “5 Things to Do Before Going Infamous in Payday 2”

  1. Terry Roraus says:

    Burn it… BURN IT ALL!!!

  2. Dribbleondo says:

    I legitimately didn't know about the "sell the most expensive weapon in multiple slots after infamy" trick.

  3. Bill Green says:

    How do you only have one mask?

  4. Stahl Sonyx says:

    nice video, short and to the point as always

  5. GermanPeter says:

    I think I watched another one of your videos before, can't remember, but if I did, then I probably pointed out how short and sweet it was! Because that's what these videos should be like, not 10+ minute long videos for the extra revenue (like how I do it :D), but just long enough to not get boring, but not too short to feel rushed. You could make it ~1 minute longer however just to hit that sweet spot. Still, very good!

  6. blake spurgeon says:

    I saw you videos from Instagram and I realy like what your doing 🖒🖒

  7. Etriuswimbleton says:

    So hows the 5000$? Good?

  8. Nobody Famous says:

    I am having trouble getting my meltdown trophy help

  9. ImELFY says:

    why am i watching this im level 74

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