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hi this is jesse here with cobalt credit services now during the holidays as a time when a lot of debt collectors try to take advantage of consumers I wanted to show you this voicemail that I received from a fraudulent debt collector yes this is Miss mourns with the litigation department if CRM for Jesse Rodriguez, Rodriguez yes I’m calling you from the litigation of CRM in regards to what looks like two complaints pending for processing is unable to reach you by phone you will be actively pursued at your place of employment in residence Jesse, fortunately you do have the legal right to contact the plaintiff to resolve the case out of court on the voluntary basis please understand when you are located you do forfeit that right calling regarding case number to 8 * 8 16 and you can reach the legal department as the trouble for number 5 09 3 19 256 to the Jesse Rodriguez, you have been officially and legally notified good luck this was a voicemail i received this morning it’s completely out of compliance it is actually a crime for someone to threaten a lawsuit against you when they don’t intend to actually take action and it’s an even bigger crime for a debt collector to threaten a lawsuit on a debt that has passed the state or federal statute of limitations in this case i live in washington state the statute of limitations is six years i’m putting it out there so that other people aren’t scammed by this debt collector called compliance risk management i even had one of the employees tell me that they’re paid under the table i couldn’t find a business license or a license to collect debt in any state for this collector so my recommendation to you which is not legal advice i do not recommend you pay them

2 comments on “(509) 319-2562 Debt Collection Scam – CRM – Compliance Risk Management”

  1. lasalleman says:

    Possibly this group:
    Per records of the Secretary of State of Georgia:


    Control Number:              12064263

    Business Type:  Domestic
    Profit Corporation       

    Business Status: Active/Noncompliance

    Business Purpose:                                          

    Principal Office Address:              

    2659 Freedom Parkway , Suite 171,

    Cumming, GA, 30041, USA          

    Date of Formation / Registration Date:   8/8/2012

    State of Formation:         Georgia

    Last Annual Registration Year:    NONE


    Registered Agent Name:              


    Physical Address:            

    1420 Southlake Plaza Dr.,

    Clayton, Morrow,

    GA, 30260,


  2. Jared Heyde says:

    I have had two fake debt collectors call me

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