51 Questions with Brian Staver, Net Pay Advance President

Good morning Brian, how are you? I’m finer than a frog hair and yourself? Good, where are you headed? I’m head to work. Are you ready for your 51 questions? Wooo, 51! Alright, yea, why not? Let’s do it. First question: do you have any kids? I do have kids, I hope they’re all like this
that’s easy. I have three kids, a daughter and two boys. How do you manage balancing your family life
and work life? Uhh, I mix the two. Right? So I try to balance on both sides. When I’m with the kids sometimes it requires
me to do a little work. When I’m at work sometimes I have to do some
stuff with the family. So it’s a mixture. Not sure if that’s a really good answer but
that’s what I do. We’ll accept it. Alright. How tall are you? Ha! I’m like 6’8′ used to be a basketball player. Naw I’m just kidding, I’m 5’9′. Favorite color? Red. Favorite kind of cake? Ooo, angel food. Best cake ever. Favorite kind of ice cream? Hahah I’m a sucker for butter brickle ice
cream. Are you competitive? Yea, you could say that. Just a little. What piece of technology are you most impressed
by? Ummm, how computers have evolved today to
utilize and analyze data to help us in the business world is pretty impressive stuff. And now what’s happening with AI. I wish I could tell you I know more about
it but that impresses me for sure. Best way to manage your time and make sure
your work gets done? Scheduling my day and yea just scheduling
the day. Early bird or night owl? Yea, it’s both. I’m often up late and I get up early as well. {car door slams} Your favorite pizza topping? Pepperoni. Last book your read? I wish I could tell that I finished a book
because too many times I haven’t finished a book. I usually read a book get what I want out
of the book and move on to the next one. How do you stay inspired and motivated? I stay inspired and motivated by getting things
done. Yea, getting things done is the best motivation. Your favorite dance move? {Chuckling} My favorite dance move. If you asked the people who know me they would
tell you that I can’t dance but when I’ve had a few cocktails, ya know, I do get what’s
called “happy feet” or at least that’s what they’ve been called. Bonus question: Can you show us happy feet? Bonus question? Ha! No I don’t think I can make that happen. What’s the hardest thing you’ve had to overcome? There’s been quite a few things but in the
business world anyway at one time I had to rework some product. About 165,000 units and it took that I had
to have done in a short period of time about four weeks so that was a pretty tough chore. Favorite sports team? I like the Cowboys for football and baseball
I like the Royals. Tell us a joke. A joke? Knock knock. Who’s there? Boo. Boo who? You don’t have to cry about it {chuckling}. That’s about the extent of my jokes. That’s a good one. Oh, you liked it? Yes. Dogs or cats? For sure dogs, yea. How do you keep your employees motivated? By hopefully giving them flexibility and the
resources giving them also the resources they need in order to do their jobs and staying
out of their way probably. That’s probably the biggest thing. Staying out of their way. Favorite song? Old Black Water by the Doobie Brothers. Favorite part of coming into the office every
day? Favorite part of my day is probably, learning. Yea, learning. What work things are you most excited for? Some new products that we have in development
and just some of the cool stuff that we’re developing. What’s the coolest experience that you’ve
ever had? You know, I got to work at one point with
Navy Seals and I don’t know if you’ve ever met a Navy Seal or not but they are truly
impressive individuals. Favorite movie? Favorite movie is “If You Could See What I
Hear”. Instagram or Twitter? Oh, Instagram for sure. Definitely Instagram. If you could have dinner with anyone in the
world who would you choose? Oh yea, I’d probably have dinner with the
Pope. What decade would you live in if you could
pick? The next one. How do you de-stress? De-stress. Sometimes that’s difficult. De-stress is I like to do manual labor with
my hands something I can do with my hands where it allows my brain to just kind of wander
and not have to think and focus. What was your first job? My first job was a dishwasher. What projects are you working on right now? Well, we’re working on multiple projects. We’re working on a management software system
type of thing. We’re working on PCI compliance and we’re
working on upgrading our computer systems. Pick three words to describe yourself. Confident, persistent, ambitious. Three words, is that right? Yes, three words. Alright, that’s three. Who do you look up to? Who do I look up to? Oh, I look up to my mom and dad, for sure. Where did you go to college? Wichita State University. How do you want your employees to think of
you in couple words? Caring, giving, nurturing. What are you most proud of? My family, yea. Do you like spicy food? Oh, I love spicy food. Yea, yea, for sure. Favorite hobby? My favorite hobby is hunting, for sure, definitely
love to hunt. If you weren’t the President of Net Pay Advance,
what would you be doing? That’s a good question. I would probably want to be the president
of another company, doing something else. I like to build and develop things so something
that puts me in that capacity. What’s your parenting style? {Chuckling} Probably disciplinarian. Favorite sports team? Although I am a pushover there so let’s be
clear there. What was the next one? Favorite sports team? Favorite sports team, Dallas Cowboys and probably
the Kansas City Royals. Are you a list maker? Yea, I make a lot of lists. Yep. Text message or phone call? You know I used to be all about the phone
call but text messaging I think gets people attention better and they can answer it at
their will. Mexican or Chinese food? Authentic Chinese food for sure hands down. Favorite food? Sounds weird but veggies. Tomorrow you win the lottery, what do you
do with the money? I invest it. Ok, last question. Ooo we’re done? Alright. One more. What’s one thing people don’t know about you? Probably that I do have emotions. Probably don’t show them enough but that’s
probably the one thing that people don’t realize. I should probably work on that. Ok, thank you for your answers Brian, have
a good day at work! Alright, thank you. Have fun! {Waving, door closing}

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