6 Extremely Weird Ways To Make Money 2019 (New!)

You won’t believe that there are so many weird
way to make money. When I do research about it, I was shocked,
“no way, this is so weird!”. But hey, today I’m gonna show you six weird ways to make money,
so stay tuned. Music. What’s up sexy freedom people, welcome back
to my channel! Today lovely video, I’m gonna show you six
weird ways to make money. If you curious enough you shall receive the
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money online, how to work from home, how to live an ultimate lifestyle that you want. Now if you’re serious about making passive
income part of your main income, then check the link on the description of this video. I will share with you some of that information. Alright, let’s dive in in today topic. Number one; make money eating. Yes, you can make money by eating! I don’t know about you guys but I love to
eat. When I go to a different country, I would
love to try their authentic food. Just check out my recent travel vlog, I eat
tons of food in Bangkok night market. You can become a professional eater! Several people make over $100,000 in prize
money by winning the contest. So, check about this website guys, majorlyleagueeating.com
and look for the event in your area. If you can eat 70 hot dog and bun within 10
minutes or 30 taco for 8 minutes, you can make 3,000 to 5,000. This is crazy weird guys! If you have a big appetite and you love to
eat, go ahead, check it out. I was just looking at the record; this dude
eating 83 slice of freakin’ 10 inches pizza in 10 minutes. Man, I don’t think I can finish that amount
you know. Hey, if you have passion and you love to eat,
go ahead, join the competition. You will be amazed how many amazing people
out there can do this. Number two; Rent a Friend. You can rent out your body. What! Not anything sexual way guys but you can rent
out yourself out to people and you can shop for people, you can go see-sight with people,
you can even rent yourself out as work out partner. I know this is a little bit crazy weird but
this is real yo! You can do so much more with this, look at
this list; some people charge $20 per hour for going to the club or going out dinner
with you or just going to the park for $20 per hour. Not really too bad at all. You can meet new people, why not? So, rent yourself out and make some extra
cash by going to rentafriend.com. Number 3; spending time at the bar. Believe it or not, there’s a website that
pay you for doing this is that barstoolie.com. It’s a bar integrity mystery shopping. The basic idea of the bar mystery shopping
is you go in and check out the store and you act like a shopper but actually, evaluate
how people treat a customer, how is the pricing, how things are situated in the store. You are doing the same thing but this is in
the bar. Literally you give yourself an excuse to go
to the bar and have a good time, while doing some evaluating work. Check the bartender work, how quick the service
is and how nice the bar treat to the customer. So, check it out this intro video. If you are a bar owner or a manager, then
come a little closer, here’s an interesting fact for you; on an average, seven out of
ten bartenders are engaged in some sort of leakage such as over and under pouring, no
sales rings, giving drinks away and of course blatantly stealing. Introducing Bar Mystery Shopping Integrity
Audits by barstoolie. A unique way to measure the guest experience;
Drink pouring, cash-handling, suggestive selling, ringing of all drinks and bartender ethics. To become a bar mystery shopper for barstoolie,
you can go to this link right here, Support our stoolie and fill out the application right
here. I will leave the link on the description. The range, they’re gonna pay you about 5 to
$20 per job is not too bad, but hey, you can work while you can hang out at the bar. Number four; donating your poop. You’ll be like what! Yes, you can make money donating your poop! Sound crazy weird but this is real stuff. This website called openbiome.com and you
just click here to become a donor. So, when you scroll down, you can see “how
does donating work”. So, it’s different than donating blood. Stool donor go through at least two round
of rigorous screens that involve blood and stool test. They must drop off donations several days a
week for at least 60 days. A compensation for this commitment, donor
receive $40 per stood donation. You need to read through the qualification
and register process to become a donor of poop. This is the article in Washington Post saying
someone earning $13,000 per year by doing this, selling your poop! Number five; you can sell your hair. You might be asking, “Mike, you just told
us to sell out poop, now hair this time?” Yes, you can cut your hair and sell over at
this website, hairsellon.com. There are people willing to pay you a hundred
or even few thousand dollar just for your hair. You won’t believe this, wig industry is huge. Wherever you are in the world, it doesn’t
matter, if your hair under five inch or above ten inch, you can sell your hair at this website. Now, the good thing is you don’t need to cut
your hair until you sell it, so you can take a picture of the back your head and show your
hair. If you have a long hair and plan to cut anyways,
well, this is a great way to earn some extra cash. Now, if you’re not sure what your hair is
worth, you can hop over this page; Hair Price Calculator and fill out the information here. They will estimate your hair value and what
people are willing to pay for. So, go on, check it out guys, this website
is awesome. Number six; Let someone borrow your home or
guest room. That’s right. Now you can rent out your spare room for the
night or the week and you probably know this website called Airbnb. It has a cool a calculator on this certain
page. I will leave the link down on the description
so you can access to this page. When you try to earn money as a host, you
can put a location, where you are. Usually you can put near major city. It doesn’t matter what country you are in,
you can put private room for $500 per month or share room 300 per month and you can put
how many guests and it will estimate the price for you. You can say, if you have an extra space that
you are not using it, you can make extra 200 to 900 per month depending on the space. Here is the three step to become a host. List your space for free, decide how much
you want to host, welcome your first guest. The beautiful thing about Airbnb is they are
protecting the host which is a good thing. Their insurance cover up to 1 million property
damage protection and they want to make sure your stuff is safe. Airbnb model is built on
trust so I can say to you, it is safe to rent out your space or you can stay in someone
place. I have been staying Airbnb while I am traveling. All my host really good to me and my fiancé. You can really make a nice part-time income
or even more by doing this. Now, if you would like to make a little bit
better cash than the website I mentioned, if you are tired of trading your time for
money and you want to have freedom, do whatever you want, if you would like to learn and create
a passive income right online, check on the link on the description, I will share with
you some of that information. Hey, if you want to learn more about making
money online, check the video right here, I have a whole playlist for y’all. Make sure you check it out. Keep hustling, keep grinding. Until next time my friend. Be the 1% taking massive action. See you to the next Vlog. Peace hustler!

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