6 Ways You Can Make Money Without Leaving Your Home | Quicken Loans

– Hi, I’m Catherine Alford. I’m a family finance
expert and financial writer dedicated to helping you live
your best financial life. I’m a mom of twins, the
wife of a busy physician, and together we’re paying down
six figures of student loans all while trying to save for the future. I know what it’s like to
juggle many responsibilities and I’m excited to share what
I’ve learned along the way, so you can make the most of your finances. (soft music) Working from home is
becoming incredibly popular, especially for moms who want to spend more time with their kids. I’ve been working from home
for three and a half years and it’s one of the best
decisions I’ve ever made. Luckily, if you want to give
up that dreaded daily commute, there are many different
ways to make a living at home and today I’m gonna share
with you a few of them. Number one, flip furniture. You can find used furniture at
garage sales or thrift stores and then you can repaint
them or restain them and sell them for a profit. Number two is you can learn web design. Use online courses or free tutorials to learn the basics of coding and design and put your skills to good use. Then you can start your own business and help other small businesses create a beautiful online presence. Number three is dog
walking and child care. There’s no better way to
spend time with your kids than to get paid to watch another child, so you can watch all of them at once. Number four, freelance
writing and blogging. This is how I make income from home. What you do is you establish a blog and overtime you can
make it your portfolio. You can write about what
you’re passionate about and that way clients can find you to help them with their content too. Number five, bookkeeping. If you’re someone who’s very organized, you can help local business
owners manage their books, keep track of their expenses, and make sure their
payroll goes out on time. Number six. If you have a master’s degree, you can actually become a professor and teach college courses
online from your living room. Of course, these are just a few examples of the ways that you can work from home. As long as you have an internet connection and a strong work ethic, the possibilities of working
from home are truly endless.

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