60 Days In: Bonus – The Extortion Specialist (Season 5, Episode 5) | A&E

– Tyrus, he leads
the kin folks. He leads the blacks. He’s a hustler and he’s
doing what he does. You know, he has a little store. – [Tyrus] You know I just
be having so much commissary so I just make a slight
transaction with people who eat they commissary so
quick, I’m like I’m going to give you this
and I just want two back. – Me and Billy like
to call Louisiana the extortion specialist. Because he’ll do
everything two for one. So basically it’s like you’re
getting a payday loan for $100, and you gotta
pay back $200. – When it come to my
money I don’t see colors, I see green.

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  1. Danny newedge02GT says:

    If you've never been to jail or prison please don't comment

  2. kwitter says:

    "hE lEaDs ThE blaCks"

  3. RandomMusicMan says:

    Interesting video if only it was longer

  4. bryen keyth says:

    A wanna be reality "Oz" show. Some of the former contestants have come forward and said the show was fake and they got paid to be on it

  5. pubble and mopsee says:

    That time in school theres was that kid who sold school candy.

  6. Matt Johns says:

    When in jail avoid douches like this

  7. Booty Full says:

    Get yo hustle on playaaa 💰

  8. Oh Oh says:

    When the jail gets wind of this he is going on a trip and guess who getting his loot?

  9. Brian King says:

    Stack them soups

  10. Ryan V. says:

    "When it come to my money, I don't see colors, I see green" 🤦‍♂️

  11. Bakari Murrane says:

    Is that real food or fake prison food

  12. Walker #18936 says:

    What are the age range for people to get in here?

  13. Thequeen Nicole says:

    That’s just how it works in jail or prison.

  14. Natalie Harris says:

    Extortion? Nah.

  15. Dr. Hambone says:

    Career miscreant

  16. Agent _BlackArrow says:

    When it come to my money i don’t see colors I see green 😭😭😭😭

  17. Elliana Park says:

    i can personally tell you florence jail sucks.. its worse than LBJ

  18. llt C says:

    When he said he don't see color he sees green….. hes taking about race you can be white,black,hispianc hes gonna get that pay.

  19. Zero2ahundred DMV says:

    Extortion? It’s capitalism at its finest. White man always tryna make the black man look bad. 2 for 1 is basic jailhouse hustle. And even in the free world you get nothing for free. Fuckouttahere

  20. Aaron Geee says:

    I like them blue faces a lot more than them green bills

  21. Daniel Pratscher says:

    Love that BONUS!!

  22. Dr.Nug710 says:

    I’m sorry to inform you but green is still a color

  23. joey gibbs says:

    how do i watch the full series in England?

  24. Sin 3.14 says:

    Yo he looks like Waka Flaka

  25. Uwanda Roberts says:

    Why would you exchange when you have to give more back. Just do not get involved. simple

  26. Tom theKat says:

    Oxygen theives

  27. living in a desert says:

    He's making his money but gaurds see it as hoarding..They'll once in awhile go thru his store sheet and take whats not on it. He wont care because hes got ppl on the outs putting money on his books.

  28. CookieBagels says:

    I dont see colors i see green

  29. Casey Wyatt says:

    But when they get a bunch of items they tell guards they fear for their life or gonna get in fight so they don’t have to pay… called getting checked off

  30. Jay Day says:

    Thats not extortion. That's called juggling in jail but simply hustling

  31. manny arroyo says:

    I was in pinal county wasn’t bad at all they should of done tent city when I was still up

  32. teamhex says:

    That's not extortion at all. He's a loan shark with a store. It's not extortion when pay day loans prey on people is it? The only difference here is the lack of paperwork.

  33. Ray Cyst says:

    bunch of county jail turds. not one man among them

  34. Gordon Thomas BAILEY says:

    Good for him! Free enterprise is the foundation of Capitalism and his nickel and dimes are nothing in comparison the greed and thievery of the Corporate World. The amount of individuals and businesses that profit from these inmates outrageous yet the victims are pushed to the wayside or buried and cremated.

  35. YOUNG MIKE. says:


  36. Numbaaa 3 says:

    It's called 2 for 1 😂😂

  37. Eric Fernandez says:


  38. I b says:

    Is Tyrus, “Louisiana”?

  39. Ricky H says:

    He’s got his mindset on buisness I like it

  40. Remote Grower says:

    Incredible how jail mentality works, at first they act all timid and shy and inocent then they end like this guy, think he actually runs a business 😄😂 that is funny! the sad thing is that this is all promoted by the officers is whole monopoly between the states and the jail keepers turning people like this I mean even making a show about it is diminishing, I'm supposing individuals don't want to be there already so why would you be filming them like is supposed to be entertaining to watch all these people be forced to be incarcerated?😕

  41. Lil E says:

    So let me get this right, cuh said he don’t see colors, he see green. But wait afta green a no color??

  42. Harry Ballzac says:

    Well duh, that's how it works inside. If you're dumb enough to take a deal like that, then it should be made available for you. Idiots

  43. Short North says:

    They went and found the softest jail they could find, look like a bunch of kids, homeless people and drug addicts

  44. kerlie76 seven6 says:

    Extortion specialist the government is the extortion specialist they make us pay taxes yet this country is founded on not wanting to pay taxes to the red coats wtf

  45. King Queen says:


  46. Bubbles says:

    Do that in uk aswell shop in cell

  47. Rosalinda Rodriguez Morales says:

    These videos get shorter and shorter every time

  48. Life With Zay says:

    "when it comes to money I don't see colors I see green"…….oh wow

  49. Jpgitters Official says:

    Does anyone ever dislike comments?

  50. Tim Lawrence says:

    Proud to sell ramen and honey buns…

  51. Southwestkid says:

    That boy turbo

  52. Chris Hansen says:

    Shout out to all my medical problem inmates who sold the pills for the deals

  53. only one Mr X Only one Mr y says:

    I get the feeling prisoners live better than most Americans ?

  54. Nathen Mendoza says:


  55. Nathen Mendoza says:

    My money See's another day ur life doesn't make it worth it time homeboi

  56. RonnieReacts says:

    I remember having my store when I was in prison but I ran a store because I didn’t have income nobody put money on my books it is a great way to survive

  57. six million says:

    This looks like a resort compared to the LA county jail

  58. YoungLo Martinez says:

    That's called a store that's how it works in jail

  59. Archie Gardner says:

    Loan sharking but you can't knock his hustle!!!

  60. Sub to 21Djesco YT the clown pic says:

    Don’t u hate this trick sub if you fell for it

    Read more

  61. Barack Obama Barack Obama says:

    Green is a color

  62. Jonathan Ramos says:

    That is real common in prison I used to run a store in the Feds back in the days

  63. LiveLeak says:

    2 for 1 they do this in all jails or most jails

  64. Mil mil says:

    It works till one day they all get together and say we aint paying you back..so go pound salt punk

  65. Bill Nye says:

    Aye it’s in Florence Arizona where I use to live


    YOU GOT EAT BABY! 😂✌💪🍀

  67. Jay felix says:

    “Extortion” specialist ? Ummm nah that’s business he not making you give up that 2 for one y’all get fed 3 times a day

  68. Obi wan Kenobi says:

    The vidoe starts off with stores are not aloud in prison yet they are doing stores and is brodcasted for millions of people

  69. Alex 10,000 says:

    well done. nothing wrong with making money. if the people want it bad enough they'll pay. soups and skittles are a luxury. keep up the good work.

  70. Anonymous Monterrey says:

    Deam i remember doing that in Galveston County, Commissary Stopped for 2 weeks for a Update and i got in a debt of $10 Dlls of Commissary, oh well, good thing i had the money

  71. Tony Gotti says:

    Thats not extorting thats helping someone out

  72. KhuKhu says:

    Episodes getting smaller and smaller!

  73. Tayy C says:

    I did 5 years state time. I ran store 2 for 3 allday. Only tobacco pouches i did 1 for 2.

  74. Michael Parotte says:

    Tyrus is the leader of the blacks, but is always with the Chicanos?

  75. Yareth OL says:

    That’s weird that’s pretty much what my bank does

  76. Kenzo says:

    Wow a genius

  77. Kean Manasor says:

    "I don't see color I see green" me: isn't green a color ?

  78. matthew mcpeak says:

    That’s awesome that he’s running a successful store even though he’s colorblind. Respect

  79. checkoutmyballz says:

    Lol money? Bro your coming up on soup and food items. Jail currency is not real currency.

  80. A&E says:

    Like 60 Days In? Catch the new series Kids Behind Bars: Life or Parole, Tuesdays at 10/9c!

  81. SuperRomadoma says:

    Its alway double bubble

  82. Micheline Israel says:

    Why not ? The government is hustling the families of these inmates. We are sending them $$ and it’s only making everyone richer but us, the families!! He doesn’t see color, but the gov’t does. Hmm.. stay woke🤓🤓!!

  83. Artist God says:

    Everything is so racially divided and "The blacks" omg

  84. TheBrown1 says:

    Every single cell block / prison wing on the planet has someone with a shop . Ask anyone who has been to prison….😆😈👐👐

  85. Dave Pawson says:

    Apparently these idiots saying extortion don't know what extortion is probably because they're jealous or just plain stupid.

  86. Maurits says:

    I'm surprised that 2 for 1 is lucrative lol.

  87. Ashley Diggs says:

    I knew he was from da boot.thats what someone from Louisiana call. The state

  88. Josh Shurden says:

    Wtf you don't see colors you see green? Since when did they declare that green isn't a color?

  89. A&E says:

    Check out our new series 60 Days In: Narcoland, premiering Tuesday, July 30th at 10/9c!

  90. Jean Lance says:

    The government is crooked, so what', "Survive", that's what it is.

  91. Jazzma Palmer says:

    That how people are from Louisiana, natural born hustlers.

  92. killed 2deth says:

    "When it comes to money i dont see color i see green…" IQ:100

  93. Joaquin Linares says:

    So if thats so then why allow in in first place.

  94. Tom Creel says:

    That's not extortion that's an honest way of doing what's needed in jail i see nothing wrong with it in fact I bet when food dries up the other inmates are glad there's a store to get something when nothing else is to be had

  95. Robert Fernandez says:

    Not at all extortion! Believe me you'll know if and when you are being extorted!!

  96. 718 Staten island says:

    It's called juggling up here in NYC

  97. 718 Staten island says:

    Don't struggle get it on the juggle

  98. ToXiC VOID says:

    Bunch of jits

  99. Aliens Exist says:

    When it comes to my money I don't see colors I see to ramen

  100. southernphunkadelic says:

    It's ok for the government to extort but he cant do it??? Its a learned behavior

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