7 Genius Cleaning Tricks For Your Bathroom

– [Voiceover] It’s your turn
to clean the bathroom again and you’re fearing the worst. What hellacious fate awaits you this time? The hair clogged drain? The toothpaste explosion? Or is it the mysterious ceiling stain? Well whatever it is, we got
six tips to take care of it. Now if you’re all about
natural cleaning methods, brew a really strong batch of black tea. Talking three bags in
an eight ounce glass. You’re gonna use it to
clean the glass or mirror in your bathroom. Transfer the tea into a spray
bottle and instead of using a paper towel, try newspaper. Apply a thin coat of black tea
and put the newspaper to work on your dirtiest mirror in the house. For best results, two or more
applications may be necessary, but look at that difference. No one likes scrubbing the
shower, but it’s gotta be done. It’s probably long overdue. If you wanna tackle that
soap scum and nasty grime, get yourself a dish wand and
fill it with half vinegar and half liquid soap. It’s quick and easy and
can even be accomplished while showering. Rub-a-dub-dub. If you’re looking to remove
those hard water stains from your fixtures, all
you’re gonna need is a lemon and some elbow grease. The acid in the lemon
breaks down the hard water and it’s easy on your hands so there’s no harsh chemicals needed. If you’ve got tougher stains,
then you can try wrapping wash cloths around the
effected area and soaking them with distilled white vinegar. You’re gonna let this
sit for about 30 minutes before you can remove the rags. But here’s a pro tip, you
can get an old toothbrush and get to the hard to
reach spaces as well. Simply rinse off the
fixture when you’re done and watch it shine like new. Is your soap dispenser or
toothbrush holder looking pretty nasty? It’s one of the most neglected
items in our bathroom. Here’s a quick trick most
people don’t even consider, try tossing it in your dishwasher
next time you do a load. It’ll do all the hard work
for you, you’d be mighty surprised at the amount
of grime that builds up. You won’t have to scrub any soap scum or dried toothpaste off anything. Next time you clean your
toilet, try using vinegar. It’s an ecofriendly method that
kills bacteria, germs, mold, and lime deposits. Start by giving your
toilet an upper decker and pouring a bunch of
vinegar into the top bowl. Now go ahead and move to
the rim of the toilet, and clean that with vinegar as well. Next, soak some toilet paper
up with vinegar and stuff it on the inside rim of
the toilet and allow it to sit for several minutes
while you pour vinegar into the bowl and clean with
your trusty bowl scrubber. Then remove the toilet paper
and scrub the inside of the rim with an old toothbrush
before finally flushing. That toilet’s so clean,
you could eat off of it. One of the most common sources
of nastiness and smells in the bathroom is your toilet
brush, but it goes unnoticed. The best way to deal with
this is to pour some sort of all-purpose cleaner at
the bottom of the holder. We’re talking your Pine-Sols,
your bleaches, stuff like that just make sure to top it off
every now and then to keep your brush nice and sparkly clean. Here’s a little bonus for
those of you who might happen to have a washer and
dryer in your bathroom. Did you know that clogged
dryer vents cause thousands of house fires each year? But it’s one of those things
that can be easily avoided. So while you’re doing your
bathroom cleaning duty, bust out the vacuum and get
yourself a paper towel roll, hook it to your vacuum hose
and go to town getting all those hard to reach places. This’ll really extend the
vacuum sucking power quite a bit and you can get rid of all that extra lint that might one day cause a fire. We hope these tips can help
contribute to you having a fantastically clean
and sparkly bathroom. As always, thanks for watching
and we’ll see you next time.

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  17. ashdragon1 says:

    When you use a newspaper don't crumple it, instead fold it into squares. The edges will sync perfectly to the sides of the mirror / glass. And then you can use the other side, then open it and fold it inside out to use 8 other squares. You get 10 x the amount of use that way

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    Please remember that vinegar mixed with ammonia (from urine) can be harmful to pets, young children, or anyone else with sensitive lungs. While it won't typically hurt a healthy adult, other options should be considered for pretreating before using vinegar to clean those types of messes. A simple enzyme cleaner can help remove the ammonia from urine and then vinegar can be used to clean general bacteria and hard water stains afterwards.

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    I put the vinegar dish soap mixture in a spray bottle, spray the shower and leave it for few hours later or overnight. Give the shower a light spray and wipe with no scrubbing needed.

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