7 Tips for Losing Weight

– Seven tips for losing weight. Number one, you want to lose fat? Stop actively gaining it first. Regulate your caloric intake. Don’t worry about what it is. Just start by regulating it. Very few people overeat on a daily basis. The body is largely pretty smart, and does a reasonably decent
job of regulating its intake. Watch out for those foods
you tend to overeat, and regulate them a little bit more. Number two, pick something
active you enjoy doing, and do it consistently on a daily basis. If you don’t think you
can do it consistently, find something you can,
something you enjoy. Number three, stop worrying
about scale weight. Body weight will very
rarely go down linearly, so when it does or it stops, or it goes up or it fluctuates, you’ll quit or your likely think about it. Number four, if it’s a quick fix, it’s like a payday loan. You get what you want fast, but you end up paying
it back with interest, progressively moving more
and more into wet debt. It’s this yo-yo scenario we talk about. Number five, drink more water, progressively and consistently. Your body will, over time,
absorb it and use it. Do too much straightaway, you’ll be on the toilet all the time. This makes it inconsistent, and likely unsustainable. Number six, don’t buy into
detoxers or fat loss pills. False promises, for the most part, without detracting from the
simplicity of this video, for many in your current
state will do nothing besides give you a financial incentive to exercise and eat better, hence the belief that a pill or a potion was the catalyst for that. Number seven, get some decent advice. Just like learning to drive a car, you didn’t just jump in and away you went. You’ll crash and question why. You’ll keep doing that until you learn. A good coach should always be able to answer the why’s and how’s of why he or she tells you
to do what you’re doing. Get some solid advice in there.

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