9 LIFE Saving TRAVEL Hacks You Must Know | #Travel #Trip #Journey #Anaysa

Suitcase checked Travel kit Sunscreen Cardamom Lemon preparing for what?? We are going to travel And will go along with our travel hacks and we wish that your travel too would be good & comfortable and hassle free too thats why we’ve brought these hacks for you now will talk later let go our vehicle has arrived and we’ve got the ticket at 1,00,000 LIKES and who will buy your ticket ? our friends who are watching out video How much time you’ll take?? pls bring the food we need to wash our hands too before eating I’ve already arranged for this.. she always ask for stuffs.. keep watching!! wish if I had something to wipe my face do you wanna a Sunscreen yes… I already knew it will keep asking for something in the whole trip thats why I’ve kept all the necessary items in a pouch and just keep this pouch in your travel bag so that you never miss any stuff oho.. how one can enjoy his trip with this much of luggage what happened? you’ve only one suitcase i too have that much of stuffs like you but should know the right way to arrange them I make small folds to the clothes like this and this hack wouldn’t ruin their ironing see so many clothes got arranged in the little space but what we should do with this lets carry this together Finally we’ve reached its time for party lets go I won’t be able to apply that much of makeup you just come with me while on trip don’t have that enough time to keep doing makeup all the time as we’ve to enjoy too so we are doing minimum makeup just apply primer, lipstick & eyeliner I ain’t seeing any difference in your hair and in this tree :-)) now I’ll make such a braid so that my hair doesn’t get tangled and will look cute too most of you face this situation so see how to prepare for this while travelling always carry extra black poly bags in your travelling bag so this will help in such situation and also you can keep your dirty clothes & shoes too still you’ve problem take this lemon but how you’ve cut it as knife is not allowed in planes or in metros I’ve solution for this too Cardamom… so always carry lemon and Cardamom with you whenever you travel next time from where this bad smell coming?? I think its coming from my clothes don’t know why always this smell comes from my clothes and not from your clothes even you too are travelling with me smell from clothes is obvious due to dirt and sweating and often we mix that clothes with the clean one so that smell comes from that clean clothes too so always carry extra poly bags to keep dirty clothes and shoes now go fast and change your clothes otherwise some more will die of this bad smell πŸ™‚ i’ve got pimple often pimple occurs due to travelling so when you return back to your room first wash your face and then do a spot treatment and sleep this will suppress your pimple to a great extent till morning my half bun got messed up from where I get the rubber band and clips done with bun but from where I get clips I too kept the with me but don’t know how have got missing I always keep rubber and pin in each pocket of my bag don’t know when and where we need them I am not getting it we both of us have bought shoes together then why only I’ve got these shoe bites as I always carry comfort shoes in travelling or if sometimes take new pair then I always keep them on trial for one week so to get to know whether its doing shoe bite or not so for now you can fix this bandage at affected area we all have face little bit of problems while travelling but these hacks will save us

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