A brief look at The Armored Transport DLC. [PAYDAY 2]

Let’s take a brief look at The Armored Transport DLC. This was the first heist DLC released for PAYDAY 2… …and, to be honest, it kind of shows. So, okay, let’s start off with the heists themselves. This pack comes with SIX HEISTS! That sounds AMAZING, right?! Well, in reality, it really comes with two heists… …spread across six maps. The first five heists are all the same scenario in different locations… …a harbor, a city park, a downtown mall, a four way intersection, and an underpass. Now, if you’ve ever watched the movie Heat… …you’ll catch onto these heists pretty quick. The gang intercepts between one and four armoured transports… …all carrying valuable cargo. You drill or blast your way into the vehicles… …open up the boxes, get the loot, and bail. Pretty simple, right? Well, yeah. It is simple… …and that’s kind of the problem. They’re all very two-dimensional. They are loud only heists where you set up a drill, get loot, and escape… …that’s really it. The only version with more going on is Crossroads, as there are ATMs and cash registers to get around the map. Do be careful though, as cloakers and snipers are very abundant in this variant of the heist. But yeah, anyways, the other four versions of this heist don’t have any extra loot… …just the transports. That’s pretty unfortunate, considering what loot is available… …isn’t worth very much at all. Since all the bags that are required in order to finish the heist have their values tremendously reduced… …you only start making any real money with the bonus bags and loose cash. But, for the most part, there isn’t really enough of those available to make any real profit. That may be intentional though as, for the most part, these first five heists are pretty easy. If you have shaped charges and a saw… …you can clear them in just a few minutes. These first five heists are all quite generic, obviously similar, and not very profitable. The final heist, however, is quite the opposite! The Train Heist is a much bigger, higher risk endeavor with a huge payday waiting at the end. After finding military documents in one of the transports from the other heists… …Bain finds out that there is a high tech- [TF2 ENGIE: SENTRY!] -being transported in a train, along with its ammunition. All of this is very valuable, and provided everything goes well, you’re looking at a great payout. This heist can be done either stealth or loud. In stealth you use a hard drive to hack into the vaults, and sneak the loot over to either a truck or a boat… …in loud you just drill into the vaults instead. You’re given ziplines to speed up loot transporting… …which is nice considering the large amount of bags you’re expected to move. And don’t worry… …despite what some players, and even Bain will tell you… …the ammo won’t explode. You can throw it around and shoot it all you like, it’ll be fine! They used to detonate at the lightest touch in older versions of this heist… …but that’s no longer the case. Anyways, The Train Heist clearly stands out as the highlight heist of this pack. Next, we’ll quickly touch on the masks. The President masks make a return from the first game, and they look goofier than ever. Now, obviously what masks and customizations you think are good are entirely your opinion… …but I personally love these masks… …and the nod to the original Point Break crew. Now let’s move onto weapons. This pack brings three to the table. First up is the Commando 553. This gun has the fastest reload out of all the assault rifles available… …and is tied with the JP36 and the Clarion for the highest ammo pool of any rifle in the game. However, the accuracy, damage and mag size are so low that this gun can really struggle to deliver. Then again, with silencer skills this gun actually performs really well. So well, in fact, that this gun still sees pretty frequent use, even today. If you can spare this skillpoints, this rifle has a lot of promise. Next on the list is the Swedish K sub-machine gun. This weapon… is pretty mediocre. While it does have good damage and a big mag capacity… …the low rate of fire, tiny ammo pool, slow reload, lack of a single fire mode, and intense recoil… …make this gun, just… not very good. It does have one purpose though, (I’ll get to that in a second)… …but first let’s talk about the final weapon. The Gruber Kurz. While the Commando is great, and the Swedish K is grating… …this weapon kinda falls somewhere in the middle. Once upon a time this little guy used to be one of the best pistols available for dodge players… …but rebalance patches and newer weapons have sort of taken it out of the spotlight. Still though, it sports a really short reload time and a good ammo pool… …and even if the damage, mag size and accuracy are low, pistol skills can fix this. But let’s get onto the most interesting thing that all three of these weapons have in common… …they all have very high concealment. All three of them can be modded to be some of the most concealable weapons in the game… …so dodge and stealth builds can compliment these weapons pretty nicely. I find that the Gruber Kurz in particular makes a great sidearm for stealth… …if you’re looking to bring a bulkier primary in case things head south. Basically, the weapons range from meh, to decent, to great… …but they’ll all do an excellent job of keeping your detection risk low. It’s also worth mentioning that this pack grants you the See More Sight… …which is one of my personal favourites. It’s a very simple, unobstructive sight that works well on pretty much any weapon. A nice little bonus. So… would I recommend this pack? This might surprise some of you but, honestly yes! Thanks to a few different updates released after this pack’s arrival… …its content has gotten, (for the most part) much better over time. This DLC got panned pretty hard on release if I recall correctly… …and at the time, it kinda made sense. However, since then the Commando has been buffed, and The Train Heist has been improved substantially. I dunno, maybe it’s my undying love for Heat… …but I just can’t find myself not liking this pack. Even if the title heists for this DLC are pretty weak… …the nice masks, See More Sight… …Commando rifle, and especially The Train Heist… …make this pack, in my opinion, worth the price of admission. Thanks for watching, and take it easy!

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  1. Glitch Master Gaming says:

    why is the hockey heat mask in the picture of this dlc if its not in it?

  2. Duyt says:


  3. ChiefR96 says:

    The commando with Surefire and body expertise oh my god. This is my Overdrill weapon

  4. LunarTomori says:

    Heat intensifies

  5. Hasiba Beckovic says:

    That's the sentry from tf2

  6. Looney the flipper says:

    Who's waching this in 2017

  7. NoFckYou says:

    Is that a Sentry from TF2?

  8. SuperCoolCola Dude says:

    Fun idea for the train heist: rob it using cowboy related items and armour. Me and my friends did it on Overkill and we somehow beat it even though we did it with no armour and no dodge

  9. Elijah Almacen says:

    you need some suppressor skills

  10. Joaquin Correa says:

    One time I felt like I was in the matrix I dodged a cloaker in jewelry store

  11. lucas perez says:

    Keep Up The a good Work! Hope You Get 1 Millon Subs!

  12. Mayoto says:

    Swedish K, aka "fold the stock for $16.000"

  13. Jeff Sandt says:

    I love putting piano black on the obama mask

  14. Wearyaxe says:

    The ammo exploded for me….

  15. 火災 says:

    Wait is it really a tf2 sentry or is that a mod?

  16. Stinky Nigga Broccoli says:

    We all know the only reason why we sometimes play as chains is to wear the Obama mask

  17. Shadow Company says:

    1:04 the cloaker

  18. jack the doom says:

    comando 557 + jacket = IQ cosplay

  19. sarin says:

    is that the actual sentry or a mod

  20. Alex Robinson says:

    "train heist can be done in stealth" good joke

  21. voltsy says:

    i can agree with what you said about the commando.

    im on ps3 still so to me its still the most solid gun i have access to. it has deep ammo and with the enforcer skillsabout ammo pick up its quite ammo effective

    edit: also when modded right it can be decently accurate and have non existent recoil

  22. PungentTrout213 says:

    The masks in this dlc are in Payday the heist and if you use shaped charges you will lose some loot in the trucks.

  23. greenrover10 says:

    I LOVE the background music! In case anyone's wondering, It's "Armed To The Teeth" from the payday 2 OST.

  24. Jumping Buddy says:

    If only there were dispensers

  25. Foxy Dash says:

    Sweedish k = German mp40

  26. Sham RBLX says:

    The turret look like TF2’s sentry gun

  27. Rhy THM says:

    3:08 Dat sicc flip xD

  28. antonio39777 says:

    How the fuck you get that hud I can't figure it out

  29. Poblo says:

    If sentry parts are worth millions how is engie not living some lavish lifestyle.

  30. Jose Chavez says:

    Heat reminds me of gTA,5 mission

  31. JojiKo says:

    Who's watching this in febuary 2006

  32. Spell_Whomstve says:

    They stole the engineer's sentry. WHO ARE THE CROOKS NOW?

  33. You’re Not A Man Of Culture says:

    I use commando

  34. Andrew Banks says:

    What HUD is he using?

  35. DimentiosLoyalest says:

    nah fuck off with that

  36. Someguy2000's Voices says:

    not talking about how armed to the teeth is complete fire

  37. William Simons says:

    High tech SENTRY!

  38. VinierAardvark1 says:

    RiP Silencer Skills

  39. Toucanish says:

    lol tf2 sentry

  40. Juris Redmanis says:

    Rip commando no silencer skills

  41. Juris Redmanis says:

    Rip commando no silencer skills

  42. sharknado096 PDTH says:

    Thats the level 1 sentry from tf2

  43. Hoingo Boingo says:

    Sentry going up, let’s do this Texas style, spy’s sappin my sentry

  44. Hoingo Boingo says:

    I used to use the Geiger kurz pistol for stealth because I couldn’t get a silent killer suppressor

  45. sharknado096 PDTH says:

    I think the (red) engineer from TF2 made that Sentry

  46. HeadcrabN says:

    "With Silencer Skills…" Ah, the innocence of 2016 Connor Shaw.

  47. Doctor Fuze says:

    "With silencer skills"

  48. Tom H says:

    Not sure if it acts as an update yo this DLC, but a new mask called "The 45th" was added for obvious reasons. It also has a "God emperor" variant which is nice

  49. epic gamer man 123 gmaer boy 2009 says:

    Are you depressed? Well fear no more; all you need to enjoy existing again are S I L E N C E R S K I L L S!

  50. aura enchanted says:

    i rather enjoy the armored car heists, people may criticize them for bad loot or being "too simple" but sometimes you want that from a heist, you dont need all the extra complexities of scarface mansion or you dont want to deal with the BS of framing frame after failing a few dozen times to do it silently. a heist where u can go in, plat a drill and then walk out with money. instant, sweet, and straight to the point.

    its like being in love, sometimes a simple enjoyable night with your sweetheart is better then any complex day is. grandiose moments sometimes just get boring. its a pace breaker

  51. SUS a.k.a. Pink Guy says:

    the only reason i bought this dlc is becuase i wanted the train heist

  52. Sullivan McClanahan says:

    I looooooove croakers. All my friends make the cloaked so the biggest meme ever

  53. Meme Lord says:


  54. aura enchanted says:

    i think u were to unfair with the armored transport heists. not every heist needs to be a grandiose nonsense escapade. its funny how a simple heist like armored transport got it right but gets called bland but when other heists do big loud and complicated they get nailed for being too complicated and poorly designed.

    i think that armored transport needs to return in payday 3 and is perhaps my fvourite dlc they released before the big bank

  55. Mikestion says:

    bootyful sentry

  56. Ripudude Luke snowden says:

    I remember the days of bag explosion.

  57. Novyana Lalawi says:

    Is that a tf2 sentry lol

  58. Box says:


  59. Fabrobin says:

    Heat is awesome! Al Pacino was great

  60. orangeapples says:


  61. I Climb Everything says:

    At this time these heists are basically just obstacles between you and your Mayhem/Deathwish/One Down heists. At those points in the game the heists just become a "hide in a corner and hope to God you brought kickstarter aced and also don't get one shot by one of the 11 snipers on the map" fest

  62. Seal Derp says:

    "The 45th" Mask is also out now

  63. xRiptidez says:

    I use be gruber kruz cause I can’t get a fucking suppressor for the Judge

  64. ElCreamyPants says:

    Who noticed that the pistol in the dlc is also from tf2 where the sentry or turret is from

  65. oferohayon69 says:

    R.I.P kaboom bags

  66. JJ Ortiz says:

    Heat ain’t that great a movie anyways.

  67. Xman Tigger says:

    Spahs stealing my senchury

  68. Noah_Lawz says:


  69. Clever_Girl_76 says:

    Did they port the turret from tf2

  70. The Gaming Bay : Skeletor says:


  71. OmniPoticus says:

    They recycled the gun sound for the Swedish k from the mp40 in insurgency… nice effort overkill

  72. Certified Meme Inspector says:

    what hud is he using? i want it

  73. YourAverageAussie - youtube says:

    2:01 its actually a TF2 sentry xD

  74. Dinosaur Assassin says:

    getting the sentry trophy is worth it

  75. Jack Evans says:


  76. OmegaHexagon says:

    S E N T R Y

  77. Longfinger Kirk says:

    Well this dlc was nice overall.6 maps in a dlc(there are 2 but i dont care),good dodge weapons(rip Gruber Kurtz)and the masks reminds me of Point Break(the 90’s version of it not that 2015 bullshit)


  78. Paranoid Android says:

    But engie will just use destruction pda, and build another one

  79. Dawn Rankin says:


  80. airincy cyzq says:

    2:00 is funny engineer:dispenser mistake has made

  81. Grant Stachurski says:

    Sentry going up

  82. Alexander Kimberley says:

    When the heist first-came out, the ammo exploded if it got shot or thrown too far. Each bag would go off like a frag grenade. It made the heist almost impossible. Also, there was no Zip-Line.

  83. Johnathan Montano says:

    I have 5 to spend on a character pack any suggestions?

  84. Peak Of Evolution says:

    Wait is the sentry model actually the tf2 sentry lvl 1 model?

  85. Lop Lop says:

    Overkill copyrighted the sentry from TF2

  86. tract or says:

    I did one of theses missons and I don't have the dlc

  87. fishiemann says:

    the god damb TF2 sentery, truly the peak of technology

  88. Hikkomori-Frog TM says:

    Gruber Kurz is great for stealth. It has nice modifications that don’t murder your concealment, and it’s just cute. Shooting from it with a silencer is literally “pew pew”

  89. Tuan Cuong Pham says:

    The ammo: explode
    Player: Won't you believe it ?
    Tom and Jerry anyone ?

  90. Ivan Sharonov says:

    I like the tf2 reference

  91. Dinocayden says:

    4:53 The Steamed Hams sight

  92. Benis XD says:

    1:05 Did that Cloaker just parkoured above the dumpster and dropkicked his ass?

  93. Cat 1245 says:

    I just realised when you showed the clip from heat that’s actually in gta5

  94. Sevimsiz Ananas says:

    pootis SENTRYYYY

  95. Kabbak says:

    What is that hud?

  96. Catrin Öhrn says:

    Same hiest in different location is not that bad

  97. milliardo Lovecraft says:

    No brief look at hardcore Henry dlc?

  98. BreakerXtreme says:

    back to the first video of the playlist to THANK YOU, for all the explanation of what the dlc had and in which order they have been release, has right now i'm at your 13 video (the one after "The Diamond" DLC
    i'm not new to payday 2, just that i've played it at release on ps3 and alot of time has passed since i begin to replay it this week,(On Steam)
    and i'm kind of overwhelm with all the content, and i kinda want to know in which order the dlc has been released and know what to expect from them, and with your series of video review, i now know what to expected and i will appreciated way more playing the dlc that not having watch your video (cause to me when playing i was like, it's that map a dlc ? 😛 )
    that all, just want to thank you for your awesome quality video ,i'm going back to watching have a great week 🙂 (no need to mention that i've sub and notification on )
    (please excuse my english if there typo in my text english is not my main language ^^)

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