A brief look at The Diamond DLC. [PAYDAY 2]

Let’s take a brief look at The Diamond DLC. This was the fourth paid heist DLC released for PAYDAY 2… …and after coming off the heels of Hotline Miami, The Diamond has a lot to live up to. Does it succeed? Let’s take a look! After successfully breaking out Hoxton, The Dentist now expects great things of us… …and has contracted us to steal an ancient, and supposedly CURSED diamond… …which is worth a fortune! The problem is, it’s in The Mckendrick Museum, locked behind several layers of security… …ranging from normal guards to entire trapped rooms. So a heist of this magnitude will require, like Big Bank, a lot of preplanning right? Weeeell, no. The preplanning for this heist is pretty much just a checklist. If you’re going to stealth, get the glass cutter- [HORRIBLE SHRIEKING GLASS CUTTER NOISES] -*shudders* and maybe some earplugs… …thermal paste to sneak into the basement, the bag guy to secure loot in one of two locations… …and then either body bag cases, or spycams if you’re bringing bags of your own. There isn’t a lot of room for variance; you either get all the assets or you don’t. It’s even worse for loud, where none of the previously stated assets matter much for anything. You’re pretty much just gonna be placing doctor bags, ammo bags, and grenade cases wherever there’s room. All in all, the preplanning is pretty weak. But how does the heist itself play out? Well in stealth you need to, obviously, sneak into the building. You could always use the front door, but seeing as guards frequent both sides of the entrance, this isn’t exactly the best idea. Chances are you’ll use thermal paste to melt a gate on a window, and sneak into the basement. Once inside you must find four fuse boxes to rewire, in order to disable lasers blocking your progress. Usually there’s one in the basement, and one on the main floor, and the rest are in the exhibit halls. Many of them are behind locked doors, keep an eye out for what the sign above the door says to know what’s inside the room. If the sign says “EMPLOYEES ONLY”, it’s empty… …if it says “HIGH VOLTAGE”, it contains a fuse box… …and if it says “Security”, it’s obviously the security room, with the camera guy. After rewiring all four boxes, you can progress to… …instantly be stopped by a locked gate. This gate requires a keycard. Every civilian on this map has a keycard on them, and will drop it when tied up or killed. So, hopefully it won’t be too hard to find one. Use the keycard, wait out the timelock, and now you can proceed to the second half of the map, where you’ll find… …another locked gate. Which, requires another keycard. *sigh* Use the keycard, wait out the timelock again, yadda yadda, and you’ll find… …a locked door. Yeeeah, this map is a little bit tedious. It’s not a bad idea while doing all this waiting to search around the exhibit and find extra loot. Any display case marked with a GENSEC logo has artifacts, the rest are worthless knockoffs. There are at least twenty artifacts to get, including four paintings scattered around the map! The only problem is they’re all worth very little. Even collecting every single one will net you very little profit. But we didn’t come here for artifacts, we came here for THE Diamond! So after busting through all the layers of SECURITEDIUM™… …you’re finally in the same room as the cursed gemstone. BUT WAIT! Be careful! The tiles in this room are pressure sensitive; stepping on the wrong one will not only sound the alarm, but flood the room with toxic gas. So, you can open up the power box on the left, and generate a path across the room that won’t trigger the alarm. This path is randomly generated, so sometimes you get a literal straight line, and other times you get… …this mess. The path will only last a set amount of time. The higher the difficulty, the less time you have before the path becomes invalid. If you’re too slow you’ll get gassed out, the alarm will sound, and the diamond will be lowered into the floor. It’s still possible to drill into the diamond’s container… …but at this point, cops have already swarmed the museum. Hopefully, you can grab the diamond without raising the alarm, and book it outside to your escape van. Loud plays out pretty similarly, but instead of lasers you now have shutters that must be opened by hacking the security room PC. After that you still have the two locked gates, but instead of using keycards you just have to brute force it with hacking devices. All this time, get ready to fight for your lives! This map is INFESTED with cops! They spawn everywhere, in large numbers, very quickly. It’s not uncommon for one player to get above 500 or even 1,000 kills BY THEMSELVES on a loud deathwish run of this heist. Anyways, after getting past the gates you still have a chance to solve the tile puzzle… …except now not only do you have the entire population of New York masquerading as cops shooting at you… …but chances are someone has a converted “jokered” cop who can screw things up. It’s not the end of the world if the wrong tile gets pressed, though. Wait for the gas to clear, use a drill, and get the diamond by force. Since The Dead Men of Dunharrow have the building surrounded, you’ll have to call in Bile to get you out by air. The problem being the helicopter can only take four bags at a time, not counting the diamond itself. So if you want to secure all of the artifacts, you’ll be here for quite a while. Secure the diamond, and any other loot you feel safe fighting Master Sifo-Dyas’ other secret army for, and escape! So, the heist is a little bit tedious, but pretty fun. Let’s look at the rest of the content. The masks are all based off of creepy mythological characters. They all give off a sort of “uncomfortable” vibe, which is the intention… …so if you like that sort of thing, they’re pretty good. And finally… wow, that’s… all. Yeah, there aren’t any weapons in this pack! All you get is the heist and cosmetics. Sooo, uh, I guess that’s it. Would I recommend The Diamond DLC? Yeeeah, I, can’t say I would. Aside from cosmetics, all this DLC nets you is the heist itself. And The Diamond Heist isn’t really anything that amazing. I mean, it’s kinda fun if you want a hard deathwish challenge… …with stealth being locked door simulator and loud being a case study into why throwing more bodies at the problem doesn’t work… …but there are plenty of heists, free or otherwise, that do this better. If this pack included some weapons, I might look at this differently… …but as is, for many people (myself included)… …The Diamond DLC is considered the worst heist DLC in the game. Ah well. Thanks for watching, and take it easy!

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  1. PopGabe says:

    Hey,could you do a little tutorial for the driving in ''car shop'' it's terrible and can't do it at all!

  2. Su1phur Tse says:

    Locked Door Simulator will be on my steam wishlist for this Christmas XDD I heard it is very fun and challenging to open the locked doors XDDDDDD

  3. Petronia says:

    Whoa! Ok, I knew you could grab 2 paintings in that art & medival weaponry room that is under construction.
    But I did NOT know you could grab the paintings that are just out in the open in the hallways!

  4. tonistanelsnake says:

    You said New York instead of Washington…. how can you fuck that up

  5. Fındık Babi says:

    New York….Wait what?

  6. Pizza Heister says:

    Master Sifo dyas' second secret army, i just found your videos and i love you already!

  7. Mr.Rocket says:

    the only reason i have this dlc is because it ahab was giving away allot of dlcs one time

  8. John Filice says:

    entertaining, informative, high quality.

    you deserve more subs.

  9. CoolTops says:

    Clover is with the diamond heist…

  10. little suds says:

    what hud is that?

  11. callout101 says:

    I use it for stealth practise

  12. Smelly Socks says:

    uploaded on my birthday

  13. tomas fabbro says:

    to be fair there is no drills in that map so that is an upside. but for veterans like me all dlcs are a must buy except the ones we can't like cop.

  14. Bingis Boy says:

    Nice reference..

  15. Owls Op says:

    honestly the diamond heist is my second favorite heist

  16. John Asiyo says:

    I do agree it is a shit dlc but I love playing this loud with whatever shotgun.

  17. Mad Maverick says:

    I bought the heist bundle that included the diamond, big bank, hotline miami and the armored transport heists. I got it on sale as well, so if everyone wants to get any of these heists, buy the bundle, it's worth it.

  18. водка человек says:

    Didn't it come with a pistol?

  19. Judge Artyom says:

    Jokers and AI don't trigger the tiles, only the player can fuck up things.

  20. Angry Thumb Man says:

    the diamond heist is kinda like a stealth heist instead of a loud heist

  21. Dr.Martex says:

    "Master Sifo Dyas's Other secret army"
    Are you saying…. THERE ANOTHER CLONE ARMY?!
    Dr.Martex Left the game (Nope. Not again. Not having another clone war. Not passing go. Not collecting $200.)

  22. Juan Campos says:

    Great review until you said NY.
    It's DC :^)

  23. TheBlue22 says:

    The Diamond is probably my favourite just for the loud. The sheer amount of cops is amazing to test out any new build I make.

  24. Atem Andrew says:

    In hindsight, considering our connection to the Elephant and, by extension, McKendrick, you'd think we could have a touch more help. Maybe something like the 'Reduced Mobsters' preplan.

  25. Atem Andrew says:

    5:22 the new difficulty updates in a nutshell

    (combined with bullet sponginess, for flavor.)

  26. Potato Destroyer says:

    I got an ad for clothes to give on Christmas
    And the people were happy in the ad
    But people will hate you if you give clothes for christmas

  27. Finn Griggs says:

    payday 2 crimewave edition gets you this hiest free

  28. Sintag says:

    Don't you mean THE Diamond DLC? 😛

  29. Doge Yes27 says:

    I only like the diamond heist because of the retarded amounts of cops that can spawn so fast and if you are in the diamond room about 90% of them just comes through the narrow hallway and it's just so fun to kill so many cops so fast

  30. Yoshikage Kira says:

    5:37 lol no that's the goat simulator hiest

  31. MiffedLettuce says:


  32. Greed says:

    cony can you tell me what menu background is that when you review the masks?

  33. Pajamapants Jack says:

    Nice Star Wars reference

  34. Marshall Merryrose says:

    "The worst heist in the game"
    Umm, it's not the best DLC, but…. Goat Simulator?

  35. Shane says:

    "Worth a fortune" heh good one

  36. Gnysis Lasky says:

    shit. 666 likes.

  37. ukLz says:

    what shotgun is that? name? please!

  38. shane lard says:

    i think the diamond heist is good for people who are just learning stealth since it has a lot of obstacles like moving civilian's without being detected or finding objectives like power boxes without being seen by a gaurd

  39. Manek Iridius says:

    I honestly think having no weapons is better than getting a pile of reskins and/or slightly better versions of previous weapons.

  40. Crandy Dandy says:

    Nice Starwars reference XD

  41. Adam Hepburn says:

    Star Wars jokes

  42. BuckyBoi says:

    3 of the masks are Anubis (Egyptian god of mummification) and Medusa (the girlfriend of Poseidon who was turned into a monster) and also the Minotaur that weird bull looking mask.

  43. Miideum says:

    The diamond on one Down now gives 11.5 mill I think

  44. Toa Kovika says:

    Your clones are very impressive, you must be very proud.

  45. Peri says:

    So.. If you throw a bunch of artifact it can't fit,

    While in escape, You can fit a bag loot of money in a helicopter.

    They wot

  46. G r e e d says:

    No it is so fucking bad and gives you no fucking cash like you get the same or more cash on bank jobs nigga.

  47. Dwagin says:

    Every time The Dentists says the diamond, he says it in the exact same tone.

  48. Project TRP says:

    Let's take a good look at this amazing youtuber.

  49. Unknown Catty says:

    The Diamond DLC WAS the worst heist DLC.
    Then Alesso came out…

  50. Bloatatoe ONCE says:


  51. B Sibbs says:

    What, worse than the alesso heist?

  52. derpy says:

    What gun is he using at 1:00?

  53. Привет . . . says:

    Cutting Glass Intensifies

  54. A British Pakistani says:

    5:35 "cough cough" bomb forest uh it's god awful

  55. elfhiem says:

    happy 1 year anniversary to this video.

  56. Travis says:

    Was kinda bummed out that the whole Diamond curse was never followed up on.

  57. Dwarficus C. Maximus says:

    I remeber when this was released, was a buggy mess. I frequently crashed (no mods installed) at loading into the lobby, or when anyone added an asset in pre-planning, or loading into the map, or whenever a guard sneezed, or when…. you get the idea. Overkill were their usual selves and couldn't be bothered to give a response to my request for help. So many forums were hit to solve the problem, which was fixed by manually changing the games properties within the AppData folder in Win10. It's not a bad heist, but it's not one of the better ones.

  58. Jack Scott says:

    Yay I got an ad on the video! Enjoy the like half a cent from my view!

  59. Blitz Blyat says:

    I love the Anubis mask, it's one of my favorites.

  60. Soldiers And stuff says:

    what mods do you use to make the police and guards look good

  61. Soldiers And stuff says:

    like the FBI swat have police instead of FBI on the back

  62. 許進曾 says:

    may i remind you bomb forest

  63. Alex Nestor says:

    ~The Diamond DLC ~ worst DLC yet!
    ~Alesso DLC ~ worst DLC yet!
    ~h3h3 DLC ~ worst DLC yet!
    I quite like the other two, but I have to agree with you on the last one.

  64. average Gamer says:

    Is this the tf2 DLC? If you get the joke

  65. Rishi Panigrahi says:

    What HUD is that?

  66. Horatio Johnson says:

    That sneaky star wars reference I noticed that you sneaky Connor

  67. Piboy B312 says:

    Him: let's take a brief look at this heist
    tells you everything about the heist
    Me: breif

  68. Dark wolf says:

    I never understood why the payday gang is to stupid to take the key card out of the door and use it for another door

  69. Stefan Bolbrugge says:


  70. BulletsFTW says:

    [5:21] A case study of why throwing bodies at a problem doesn't work

  71. Landon Thielen says:

    This voice…

    This voice is perfect

  72. epic lolito says:

    "master Sypho dias's other private army"
    oh my god, that reference gave me an orgasm

  73. AllianTheGamer says:

    the diamond was 2.5 million for me lol

  74. Venom Gaming says:

    dentist tryna get the infinity gauntlet

  75. CaptainDreadEye says:

    NOTE : There's now only two paintings to steal, thanks to the RAID exhibit removing two of them.

  76. Nothing. says:

    Locked door simulator 2018

  77. CottonyDock 9 says:

    YouTube's new "shop for similar items" searched for pants because briefs were in the title

  78. Dr.WhipperSnapper says:

    Armor bag is only good with hacker perk deck

  79. Logan Pachulski says:

    I am so glad I got ultimate edition, paying for all these heists would have sucked.

  80. Certified Meme Inspector says:

    Whats that hud called?

  81. Finnster 9 says:

    Ok I have to admit that i am a beginner and only play on normal or hard and I did buy the ultimate edition for like 20€ so I cant say if its worth it because I dont even know the price of the DLC itself but for me its one of my favorite heists to play in stealth.But I dont have an professional opinion because I am a noob who only plays solo steahlt since level 1 (im now lv 62) and I did not even payed the full price,but I think its a grat heist,its just fun and pretty easy to stealth tbh (ok the hardest I played it on was very hard but yeaaaah)

    And btw sorry if my english is bad I am from germany 😊

  82. Nathan Johnson says:

    "The diamond is the worst heist in the game"

    Famous last words prior to the Goat Simulator release

  83. Longfinger Kirk says:

    Uhhh…….i hate the Diamond heist(doing this on loud is hell)and the masks are garbage(for me)

    5/10(not even a single weapon,gg Overkill)

  84. Yogoseth :D says:

    so i was playing with AI (because no one plays on console) and i was at the part at the tiles and the path was a bit complicated but i could do it, then the AI kills someone, and their body landed on a tile then the room filled with toxic gas so… yeah… dont do that lol

  85. Figet W says:

    I got the Star Wars reference in there

  86. TheRealMatthew says:

    Never Done stealth

  87. Lo X says:

    It worth 6.9M on One Down/Death Sentence why not

  88. Saru Malla says:

    Why did you call thermite paste 'thermal paste' surely you wouldn't waste thermal paste on a door and use it on your CPU.

  89. Imaginary Armageton says:

    but the heist is tied to the white house heist

  90. FirmyNator says:

    yeah, i'll just use a dlc unlocker thanks

  91. BFGmaster says:

    Time to download the demo to see if I can run the damn game

  92. Scott Arcement says:

    "Locked Door Simulator" LOL

  93. David R. says:

    t h e d i a m o n d i s h i s t o r i c

  94. Sanstheske1eton says:

    "Worst Heist DLC in the game"

    rip goat simulator
    rip alesso heist

  95. Thomas Parker says:

    Connor Shaw: The Diamond heist is the worst heist!
    Overkill: adds Connor’s voice 🙂

  96. CarFloBlys Gaming channel says:

    There was one thing I've noticed,

    Very, very, very, little chances of the Tile Floors connected to the Wire with no time limit. This is nice, as there are no time limit to THE Diamond

  97. Alex Deguzman says:

    What’s with the Star Wars reference

  98. Sir. Ben says:

    The Dimond is based off the hope dimond the biggest dimond and yes it is really cursed it’s a neat story look it up when you have time

  99. MLGPRO says:

    5:16 Hard and Death Wish are antonyms. HahhAHhaHAHhahAHhahhhAhAHH
    Hard death wish challenge… So fucking objectively

  100. impr0visati0n says:

    Old payday 2

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