A brief look at The Dragan Character Pack DLC. [PAYDAY 2]

Let’s take a brief look at The Dragan Character Pack. This was the second paid character pack released for PAYDAY 2, and introduced Dragan to the group. Dragan is a 45 year old ex-cop from Croatia. He was doing quite well for himself working for Interpol… …using brutal violence and his network of allies to earn his payday. However, after Dragan teamed up with The Butcher to protect her firearm trafficking operation… …she assigned him to head for The States and join The PAYDAY Gang. …in return, she’d contract out some big jobs to Bain, for us to handle. While the crew was a bit uneasy about Dragan joining at first, with him being an ex-officer and all… …his commitment to the job at hand, and ability to handle himself in a fight, made him a great addition to the group. Dragan’s Croat ethnicity is very apparent in his voice- [DRAGAN: Dozer killed! Got a shield over here!] -especially his swearing, in both languages. [DRAGAN: (something in Croatian I couldn’t find a translation sorry!) Get me a medic bag, or mercy kill me!] And I’m sure most of you who have stealthed as Dragan before know about his entertaining pager responses. [DRAGAN: The radio is near my crotch. My boner pressed the button, not me.] Dragan is a very popular heister, and one of my personal favourites. It probably helps that his actor, Dragomir Mršić, was once a bank robber in the 90s… …although it cost him three and a half years in prison. He’s been clean and a pretty great actor since then though. Next, let’s talk about his perk deck: Infiltrator. This one is a bit interesting; it’s revolved around close quarters combat. The more enemies that are near you, the less overall damage you take. It caps off at three enemies being within 18 meters of you, giving you a 32% damage reduction. This also stacks with the Underdog skill, totalling to 47% damage reduction! That means you’re only taking about half the damage that you would be otherwise! Infiltrator also gives a 20% boost to melee damage every time you hit with a melee attack. This can stack up to four times, totaling to 80% more melee damage! The boost lasts seven seconds and will go away if you miss a melee attack. Finally, when you hit an enemy with a melee attack (doesn’t matter if it’s lethal or not), …you’ll restore 20% of your health. You can only do this once every ten seconds. This perk deck works very well for heavy armour builds. As long as you’ve got enemies nearby… …you’ll be taking very little damage, and hopefully will be keeping your health capped off. Infiltrator has two pretty big weaknesses… …Snipers, since they are far enough away to not proc the damage resistance… …and being revived on higher difficulties. Since you’re only left with a tiny amount of health, running up to cops and meleing them and restore it back can be pretty risky. Still though, if you can keep that damage resistance up, and remember to incorporate melee into your combat… …this perk deck is a great choice. Up next is his melee weapon: Dragan’s Cleaver Knife. This weapon is pretty swift, and has decent range and knockdown… …but the damage is very low. Regardless, it’s fast speed pairs well with Infiltrator, making healing yourself a much easier task. Finally we have his rifle: The Lion’s Roar. This gun… is pretty average. A good rate of fire, accuracy, and damage is offset by low concealment, reload speed, and lack of mods… …most glaringly being NO mag capacity upgrades. This gun is also, weirdly enough, MORE accurate when hip-firing while moving… …as opposed to aimed-down-sights while moving. It is actually MORE accurate to not use the sights while moving. Be sure to ADS if you’re stood still, though, that still helps. If this gun had more mods, I would say it’s good, but as is it’s beaten out by other rifles like the Car-4 and The Queen’s Wrath. So, with everything said… would I recommend The Dragan Character Pack? Weeell, it depends. Pretty much everything in this pack has a vanilla alternative that performs similarly or outright better. However, Infiltrator is pretty fun and still viable, and Dragan himself is a great character. So, if you’re interested in the character, and are looking for a fun CQC oriented perk deck… …The Dragan Chracter Pack is for you. If you don’t care about either of them, then you can safely give this a pass. Thanks for watching, and take it easy!

100 comments on “A brief look at The Dragan Character Pack DLC. [PAYDAY 2]”

  1. Zachattacker says:

    Three to four years for bank robbery?

  2. Inferno Plays says:

    Can u do Bonnie next

  3. Ethuvi Tazered says:

    If dragon clever damage is low
    Then how the clever in hotline Miami was better

  4. Jack Clock says:

    "What are you going to do with my car?"
    "Make sure no civilians get away!"

  5. Laz0 says:

    Great video. Personally I love Dragan as I am a Serb myself, so I understand his lines. He's just an overall cool character, and no matter what other characters I play, I come back to him. A great video as always, keep it up!

  6. 5color says:

    You pronounced Dragan wrong :/

  7. Yallah Habibi says:

    I actually really enjoy the Lion's Roar, for me it's a healthy hybrid between the M-16 and Famas, but its all up to what you just grow to like in-game and less about the raw stats.

  8. Aaron Mimz says:

    I used to use the lion's roar on a sneaky bastard aced dodge build. Worked really well with a bernetti as a secondary to take down specials.

  9. Reaper Panda says:

    Regerdless – Connor Shaw

  10. Bill Arsenault says:

    Could you take a look at the Biker Character pack? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

  11. Metr0_Retr0 says:


  12. Kemba says:

    Dragan is not croatian its serbian look at his name and his last name DRAGAN is serbian neme and lastname mrsIC ever lastname on IC are serbian so its serbian guy and idk why pd2 put to he is in cro mby bcs cro in eu but that was dont reason to dont put serbains in game?

  13. BM says:

    Dragan is my favorite heister for his pager lines. "Hello? Is it me you're looking for?"

  14. Garret Woeller says:

    I'm surprised you didn't do the jacket pack

  15. Simkata TV says:

    That hyped me a bit.When i heard that we are playing with heister that actor was also a heister 🙂

  16. Cynthesizer says:

    Dragan the croatin rockie will always be my fav

  17. Yatsu Tzalmavet says:

    infiltrator works well with shotguns

  18. I don't know yet says:

    Please do Sokol.

  19. purp says:

    dragan is the best fucking heister

  20. Joaquin U says:

    1:24 look in the chat in the bottom, like that ever happened.

  21. Cenimarus says:

    I bought the Dragan pack for the VHS-D2

  22. taco says:

    A brief look at the fat Dallas character pack

  23. DuddNade says:

    "Using brutal violence" Are you sure he didn't work for United Airlines?

  24. Shanu Arora says:

    Can you make a build for this perk deck?

  25. Rudy Grzyb 2: Wrong Number says:

    Dragan is not a PAYDAY character

    He's PAYDAY meme.

  26. Nickninja 03 says:

    connor at the end of every review: Welll it depends…

  27. killerlukosker says:

    "My boner pressed the button not me." – Best Pager answer ever

  28. deadaune says:

    always an odd thing to see yourself in gameplay footage out of the blue

    gr8 vid tho

  29. Ondra Pospíšil says:

    2:21 college expenses 483,000$ 😀

  30. Doctor Kman! says:


  31. Dragan Olariu says:

    My name is Dragan XD

  32. Rastko Glisic says:

    how do you get that hitmarker

  33. floppy fish281 says:

    DRAH-GAN not Dragon. XD, srry im a grammer nazi.

  34. primus beast says:

    interpol is some serious shit

  35. Dorix says:

    Im Croatian soo i personaly love Dragan, Its funny to see how other people perceive Croats.

  36. Mario Kolarić says:

    I am a Croat and I hate when people say "dragon" cuz his name is dragan an actual name in croatia so I cringe when I see people calling him dragon

  37. da big gae says:

    my boner touched the button

  38. Mesha says:

    dragan is from my contury,my city,my street XD i like him so much
    PS: gun that is he using is VHS 2 wich is gun made by croatia

  39. Dou says:

    kills guard
    answer pager:
    "Hello? is it me you are looking for?"

  40. Tander says:

    sad thing.
    we don't need dlc showcases to see what character we want
    we need get all
    PAYDAY 2 ULTIMATE WHY!?!!?!?!?

  41. Stari Vujadin says:

    Its not Dragon its DRAGAN, D R A G A N

  42. Irfan Spirtovic says:

    Why does everyone pronounce Dragan as Dragon
    In Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian every letter has a separate sound,and there are no "letter mixes" like th,ch,DR etc etc
    so it's pronounced Drah-gun
    Also Dragomir Mrsić is pronounced Drug-oh-mere Mrr-seech

  43. -NeXus - says:

    was it Dragan where when he came out there was a bug that his voice lines wouldnt trigger? Anybody remember that?

  44. bird man says:

    dragan is my favorite heister, he is definitely underrated.

  45. Larry Rosales says:

    if dragon was cop does that mean sum cops now him

  46. Wyvern Wolfe says:

    Still to this day I get annoyed at both players and the characters who call Dragan…. Dragon – Where is the "O"? Its an "A", no "O". You say it Dray-gen, or Drah-Gan

  47. Beaver Bites says:

    "A forty five year old ex cop from Croatia."
    I can't think of a more grizzled person if I tried.

  48. galactic_coffee24 says:

    "The radio was near my crotch. My boner pressed it, not me." -Dragan

  49. Crusader says:

    I hate when nobody can't say Dragan properly.

  50. themilkman2528 says:

    M Y P A G E R W A S N E E R M Y C R O C H M Y B O N E R D I D I T

  51. morris lee says:

    Last time I play with my friend and we both choose Dallas but he join first,so I become dragan
    But I don't have that DLC so both me and my friend thinking WTF
    And he ask me why I say "idk,maybe my boner press the button" and he laughed instantly XD

  52. Catastrophic Monolith says:

    Well the voice actor was living the dream

  53. OWNPlays. says:

    do "Woof Pacc" please???????

  54. Matthew the pole says:

    Dragan is fav lion's roar is based on a south Korean assault rifle just saying

  55. My_Reveng3 says:

    my boner pressed the button

  56. krimit the frog says:


  57. Whatever says:

    i can understand like 90 percent of his croatian lines cuz i live close to croatia 😀

  58. UltraGaming 49 says:

    not dragon, its pronounced DRAY-gan

  59. Cheesy says:

    his perk deck is very much underrated, and the gun, although the lack of mods nuder it a bit, is also pretty good

  60. Mioth says:

    My Boner Pressed The Button, Not Me.

  61. felix34ever1 says:

    I swear to god, am I the only person who only forgets this heister?

  62. Sid Vicious says:

    LoL my name is Dragan

  63. Sir Tard says:

    this + Kingpin would be OP well the perkfield

  64. Blaze the pybro says:


  65. Lil Hades says:


  66. Jackyyeah says:

    0:58 honestly the best pager line ever

  67. Burrdozah c: says:

    Dragan is canonically Croatian
    His voice actor is from Bosnia & Herzegovnia
    He says "bre" a lot which is a Serbian slang word

    Dragan is the perfect Balkan life form

  68. Gilo says:

    "The radio is near my crutch, my boner pressed the button not me"

  69. Zombiefied says:

    Sjebo sam jedan dozer Croatia for life i live there

  70. Hugh Janus says:

    Isn't Bodhi the only one who pronounces his name right?

  71. the algorithm says:

    My second favorite character because he's a badass

  72. sharknado096 PDTH says:

    Holy sh*t his voice actor was a bank robber

  73. Rudy Grzyb 2: Wrong Number says:

    Dragan best girl

  74. Paul Lytle says:

    Ex cop from croatia who specializes in h2h hmmm will he start headkicking fools

  75. Paul Lytle says:

    Dragan sounds Serbian

  76. Dubravko Drvodelic says:

    Im croatian

  77. Aesthetic Supra says:

    You dont say it like "Dray-gan" you say it "Dra-gan"

  78. Crispy 867 says:

    i love his mask

  79. Jerome says:

    1:00 xD hahaha i was just drinking and just BOOM xD

  80. deathfaith says:


  81. deathfaith says:

    Da vam pokazem, kako ubijamo u Hrvatskoi!

  82. the local Crusader says:

    sociopath is melee based OMFG THIS IS SHIT infiltraitor is half melee based ITS OP ITS AMAZING

  83. Jack of all traders says:

    It's dray-gon. Not drag-on

  84. Longfinger Kirk says:

    I love loud but i prefer Sociopath,Dragan is a good heister but his rifle is not my type of loud weapon(i prefer Clover’s weapon)

    7/10(at least the heister is good)

  85. Sei Iori says:

    “My radio is next to my crotch. My boner touched the button not me.”

  86. Solfir says:

    Its dragan, not dragon stoopid

  87. KSutjeska says:

    It's Not Pronounced Dragon, Its Pronounced Drāgān

  88. LukaD07 says:

    CROATIA CROATIA(im croatian)

  89. BLT FireBurst says:

    "The radio is near my crotch, my boner pressed it not me"

    Best. Line. Ever.

  90. SantaPatanta says:

    Stay puut

  91. Rafal Świniarski says:

    Dragan: *answers pager*
    Also Dragan but to Pager Operator: "my penis hurts and it is full i am going to the toilet and to get penis medication from a pharmacy."

  92. I want to be a derp scout says:

    seen a bird,think it's a drone. Nope,just bird.

  93. Apache36 says:

    Goddamnit I love layer cake.

  94. Apache36 says:

    His meow should have been an iron. Cause of Paul the boatman.

  95. dr. disrespect says:

    If I'm right the Lions roar is a bp2

  96. vias j says:

    what hud is this?

  97. DalDe05 says:

    " My boner pressed the button "
    – Dragan

  98. Dragon born112 says:

    Love how OVERKILL put the VHS (lion's roar) in the game. (if you didn't know. The VHS is a Croatian rifle.)

  99. SpeedTuberTM says:

    Combining Infiltrator with Bloodthirst basic lets you, in total, deal 1680% more damage per melee attack.

  100. Joshua Collins says:

    infiltrator while having a crew chief in your crew is ridiculous

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