A brief look at The Gage Russian Weapon Pack DLC. [PAYDAY 2]

Let’s take a brief look at the Gage Russian Weapon Pack. This was the 13th paid weapon pack released for PAYDAY 2, and adds weaponry that was, as the name would suggest, made by Russians, for Russians. Let’s rush right in! The first weapon up is the AK17, based off of a modified AK12. This battle rifle is not unlike the Eagle Heavy Rifle from Weapon Pack #1. This Kalashnikov doesn’t offer much in the way of customization, using just stock parts available for nearly every rifle. However, that’s not exactly a BAD thing; all you need is a few standard modifications to increase the accuracy and stability, and you’re good to go. The mag capacity’s a bit higher than other weapons of it’s caliber, and can take a quadstacked mag to be increased further, or a speed pull mag to get lightning fast reloads. The rest of the statistics on this gun are pretty much average. Despite what you might have heard, the ammo pickup rate for this gun is not much better than other battle rifles. That was a glitch that was patched out shortly after this DLC’s release. There isn’t that much else to say about the AK17. Honestly, I’d go as far as to call it boring. The animations and sounds aren’t anything special; It’s just another AK. Still, what kind of RUSSIAN weapon pack would it be to not include an AK? So, all in all, a good assault rifle for higher difficulties. Up next, we have the Grom sniper rifle, based on the Dragunov. This one has been a long time coming, and I’m kinda surprised it wasn’t added to the game sooner. Still, here it is! Sporting 10 mag capacity and 3 mags in reserve, this 300 damage sniper will pop normal units’ heads effectively on Death Wish. However, it will take several shots to kill some special enemies. You can still use this rifle effectively on One Down, although I’d recommend Frenzy and/or silencer skills. Speaking of, the Grom has multiple concealment mods available for it. When equipped alongside a suppressor, Optical Illusions, and a compact secondary, this Dragunov will make for yet another competent Dodge sniper. Although unlike the Contractor and Desertfox, the ammo efficiency of this weapon isn’t exactly effective on longer jobs; Once again, the higher ammo pickup rate this sniper once sported was, in fact, a bug that has since been squashed. The fire rate of the Grom is annoyingly low, but is offset in my eyes by the swift reload. It’s worth mentioning the scope can be removed altogether in favor of iron sights, which many players prefer. Strangely enough, this doesn’t grant any additional Concealment; At least, at the time of this video’s release. Overall, a great choice for Dodge and Armor players alike, provivded your heist of choice is on the shorter end, or you’re packing ammo. Lastly for guns, we have the Tatonka SMG. Based off of the PP-Bizon. Anyone who’s played CS:GO is probably familiar with this weapon. Although this interpretation is far and away superior to… 97 IN 8: THE GUN. The Tatonka offers surprisingly high damage despite being equpped with 9mm rounds. While it may have a lower rate of fire than most SMGs, this combined with the huge mag capacity, good ammo pickup and reserves means I seldom find myself running dry when using this Bizon. The accuracy and stability need some work, but with skills and modifications, you shouldn’t find yourself being too bad off. This SMG shines brightest when paired with a less ammo-efficient primary, such as a sniper or grenade launcher. Whenever I need to stock up on my main weapon, I swap to the Bizon and keep firing until my ammo reserves are replenished. The reload is a tad slower than I would like, but you can’t have everything. My biggest complaint would be, similar to the AK17, how weak this weapon sounds. Still, it doesn’t stop it from being an effective tool for lasting out during long Assaults. If you need an ammo-efficient secondary, look no further. This time around, the pack only adds a single melee weapon. Being the Rezkoye Machete. This isn’t exactly a bad thing; as generally speaking, most melee weapons are crappy reskins of one another. This one is no exception. Finally, let’s check out the Masks. There are 4 of them, based on various Russian culture. The Kokshnik Headdress, the Matyroshka Doll Mask, the Red Machine helmet, [ConnorShaw.exe has failed] The War Balacava. [ConnorShaw.exe has hit a critical error and must reboot] I’m sorry, these masks are so goofy! Especially the War Balaclava! I apologize to all of my Russian viewer. And, that’s about it. So, with everything having been said, would I recommend the Russian Weapon Pack? Ehhh… I mean, I can’t outright say it’s BAD, because, it’s not. All of the guns in this pack will serve you just fine, even on One Down. But they aren’t anything we haven’t seen before. I’m hesitating to call them reskins, but they pretty much are. The motto of these weapons seems to be something to the effect of: “Improve stats in SOME areas, at the cost of Accuracy and Stability” That’s made particularly obvious with the Tatonka SMG. However, those stats aren’t especially difficult to improve with skill points. So, at the end of the day, the weapons are just slightly better versions of guns we’ve already seen before. If you have the cash to spare and are feeling your FLASHING RED LOVE, don your Adidas and get Russian! The weapons will be absolutely fine; however there’s nothing here that will make me call this DLC a must-buy. It’s just some good, if boring improvements on other weapons. Thanks for watching, and take it easy.

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  1. WYVERN says:

    who is watching in 2018

  2. Perry Martin says:

    Honestly I think the only decent weapon is the Tatonka. The AK looks ugly and isn't better than the base AKs due to a lack of mods and I fucking hate the Grom. Seriously I feel like the bolt action snipers fire faster than that thing.

  3. UltraGaming 49 says:


  4. Jeremy Corbin says:

    I personally use the ak17, and in my (limited, I haven't gotten a single infamy) experience it feels a lot tighter and smoother than most other assault rifles, especially with the quick pull mag. It's really versatile, and works on any technician build and some stealth into loud missions if you're planning on doing the first half quiet but aren't afraid to go loud if things don't pan out (like the CIA headquarters raid)

  5. SCP-096 says:

    3:55 i think he just orgasmed

  6. spoopybler says:

    if they added a vodka bottle melee im buying it

  7. Chinaki games says:

    3:49 loool
    That’s “peasemaker”

  8. sabwree says:

    Pp bizon in Cs : CRAP Payday : OP

  9. Ghome says:

    tip: effective when blasting the russian national anthem

  10. [C&ZGB] Creeper and Zombie Gaming Bros says:

    Crom rifle is the dragunov

  11. [C&ZGB] Creeper and Zombie Gaming Bros says:

    Isn't the Tatonka the PP19 SMG in real life? You said it was the PP bison

  12. Geradplayz says:

    At 3:54 I hear Someone being raped

  13. A British Pakistani says:

    3:54 calm down Connor jesus

  14. Chief_j0j0 says:

    It would be cool if it had a vodka bottle as a melee weapon

  15. Big Boye Gang says:

    3:54 finally losing your virginity there?

  16. some retarD lastname says:

    Gage sneaky beaky like pack

  17. Chordz Chaotix says:

    War balaclava is the best mask yet😂😂

  18. DK Tim says:

    The Grom Sniper rifle has the worst accuracy of all sniper rifles, you should point that out Shaw

  19. Cloaker boi says:

    In mother russia, game play you!

  20. Perry says:


  21. the peayer YT says:


  22. PossiblySneaky says:

    I always wear the war balaclava when playing with friends and their reaction is amazing

  23. multimulti cytrus says:

    3:55 "Connor's Orgasm" 😀

  24. 5246 says:

    I shout CYKA BLYAT when i use the bizon in csgo

  25. MaTThew 156 says:

    So with this DLC we can rush B-ank like real russians

  26. Patrick Flores says:

    They would say blyaaaaaaaaaaaat

  27. Arizona ranger with a big iron on his hip says:

    kalasNJikov idiot

  28. 윤Jeysc says:

    They could've have Slav Ushankas and true balaclavas instead.

  29. Cosmo TheCat says:

    I am russian and 100% approve

  30. Shea Ferguson says:

    R U S H. B

  31. Amrica ball says:

    Ive made a versital loud stealth buld and its super neet

  32. Rubber Duckey Overlord says:

    2:19 did somebody say tachanka

  33. Aut Ism says:

    3:54 gachiGASM

  34. Matt Yaqin says:

    Dragonuv SVD is fire rate slower than SVU

  35. M_an Fam says:

    "Made by Russians, for Russians, lets rush right in" Jesus Connor, what's with the puns

  36. Sandra Schumann says:

    Hey no o

  37. Heitor Silva says:

    Still waiting for cage ass pack

  38. Jaa's things and sorts says:

    what is that sound on 3:54

  39. black dream says:

    Des français ?

  40. Fuckhead says:

    Tatonka , tachanka coincidence I think not

  41. Emre Shakir says:

    The Bizon Deals 11 damage in CS:GO whit armour

  42. Sondus Hussein says:

    2:28 is that from a star video?

  43. JuustoBurgeri Pyörykkä says:

    U dont buy it cuz its good. U buy it cuz its russian blyat.

  44. SCP-096 says:

    3:45 did you just nut

  45. Pontagorn Sriwichai says:

    Cyka blyat

  46. Pontagorn Sriwichai says:

    No Vodka bottle melee 9/10

  47. Paul Lytle says:

    No pm or tt33

  48. lol says:

    hahaha he said pee pee

  49. test420 says:

    cyka blyat

  50. Googlepluscausedmetohavealongassname says:


  51. RussianRamen says:

    I look at the tatonka and his damage, and I think WTF?! Biz on use 9mm bullets!!!

  52. snickers dank af says:

    1/10 no B mask

  53. Sei Iori says:

    Is it bad that I wanted this ONLY for the Balaclava?

  54. Cherry Blossom says:

    Let's rush right in.

    leaves video out of pure spite

  55. Chain Russian says:

    3:48 yeah fuck you too

  56. trollbreeder says:

    Remember, no russian.

  57. Thecloaked&thecloaker says:

    3:39 i added the purple origami material to it and my result was amazing looked like you took your moms bed sheets and cut out some holes

  58. Hungrey Doggo says:

    the ppsh would've been a great weapon to add to this pack

  59. Matt The Madness gamer says:

    Im dissipointed that there is no vidka bottle melee or any adidas skins for weapons

  60. emerald man1919 says:

    You don't by dlc, dlc buy you

  61. BirthOfSky says:

    First, y not sokol. Second, no vodka perk deck or bottle, 3/10 dlc don't buy

  62. Sintag says:

    [Note from the captioner: This video as released pre-rebalance, as such some stats are incorrect as hell. Also, would've edited 'let's rush right in' to 'let's Russ right ian.' 0/10 I am worst subtitler]

  63. Bryan Rigby says:

    They should have incluided the An94

  64. Assassingamer13 says:

    3:55 don't close your eyes

  65. Luka Radosavljevic says:

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    Pull down and to the right, easiest spray pattern ever.

  67. Raul Emirli says:

    Hello Peace Maker

  68. Aleks Bonk says:

    I hoped to see PeaceMaker's comment on "Goofy hats"

  69. toxic waiste says:

    Anyone know a good Death Sentence mission to silent farm

  70. shayne moman says:

    half of this pack is racist

  71. Richard says:

    pet Russian, I have a toy for you

  72. zachary Shemansky says:

    Where's the ushanka and commisar kepi

  73. ImperialJapanBall says:

    "Gage slavic pack"

  74. Corn BreadGamerz says:

    RIP Silencer Skill

  75. Jacob Korolev says:

    I’m a Russian viewer

  76. Kyrie Espayos says:

    5/10 no adidas mask no vodka as melee no hard bass

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    1/10 no vodka no adidas and no kalashikov 47

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    is dat you shaw

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  80. D0DG3_JT-Dub7xx says:

    Am I the only one who doesn't know how to buy the DLC if u do know how to hit me up on PlayStation 4 JT-Dub7

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    I like the dlc reviews they help me to learn about the dlcs

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    All of my russian viewer

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    Wait wrong game

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    These are very good Guns

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    K i know this video is already so late 2 year ago

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    Praise Be the Bizon

  97. • Я Ансиу • says:

    Sokol Intensifies

  98. Richard Zaremba says:

    Sokol approves.

  99. birdy boy says:

    3:38 very unprofessional gay boi

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