A brief look at The Hotline Miami DLC. [PAYDAY 2]

Let’s take a brief look at the Hotline Miami DLC. This was the third paid heist DLC released for PAYDAY 2… …and is a crossover with the fantastic game from Dennaton Games: Hotline Miami. That game was all about clearing rooms full of mobsters at high speeds… …and this DLC tries to capture that feeling, while combining it with PAYDAY 2’s… …clearing rooms full of cops at high speeds. Does it succeed? Let’s take a look. We’ll start off with the heist itself: Hotline Miami. This is a two day heist continuing the story-line of The Dentist. He wants us to eliminate a Russian crime-lord named The Commissar. This all acts as setup for Hoxton Breakout. Due to The Commissar’s ties to a district attorney… …killing him will give The Dentist some leverage to help set up a re-trial for our old friend. However, nobody knows where The Commissar is… …so Bain’s plan is to have the crew roll up to a motel, and ice all his thugs bunkered up there. The idea is that we’ve given him a “hotline” to call Bain and uh… complain about the mess. [COMMISSAR: FUCKING… ASSHATS! I WILL KILL YOU FOR THIS!!] Bain will trace the call and attempt to find his hiding place. In an attempt to keep The Commissar on the line, the crew will also destroy his property… …by lighting his cars on fire and blowing up his gas station. Watch out for The Commissar’s gunship, though! It can down you very fast by firing RPGs at you! While all of this is happening, there is also plenty of loot to find around the map. Bags of cash, weapons (or cocaine on lower difficulties), and even a meth lab. If you have a chance, try to bring all of this loot back to the DeLorean. Yes, a DeLorean! I’m torn between making a Back to the Future joke or commenting on how the hell the gang fits inside of it, with all the loot bags stuf- a-anyways… …after Bain gets a general idea of what area The Commissar is in, the crew needs to narrow it down to an exact location. Luckily, after using a truck to pry open a not-so-well-hidden basement… …you’ll find several boxes of things such as rockets, fur coats and cigars, all with shipping labels. Using the convenient map on the wall, you can attribute where the box is being shipped, to a possible location of The Commissar. So for instance, if Bain tells you he’s in Georgetown, you grab the barcode for rockets. Drop it off at the scanner, wait a few years, and be on your way! And don’t forget to cook up all that meth, it’s worth a fortune! Following that is Day 2, where Bain gets the genius idea to use the shipping label that you scanned… …to pack you and your crew in boxes, (laughs) and ship you directly to The Commissar. Bust out, grab some C4 and get ready to run! Seriously, you have to sprint up a four story randomly generated maze of an apartment building. Watch out for mobsters, trip-mines, a locked gate, and Bomb Guy. Bomb guy has a bomb strapped to him, that can be defused in order to save him, and a few bags of cash strewn around him. The reason you want to be so speedy, is The Commissar knows you’re coming… …and he’s having his goons flush several bags of cocaine, to prevent you from having it. The faster you make it to his penthouse, the more coke you can save. If someone is willing to sacrifice one of their weapons, bringing a saw will save a huge amount of time at the locked gate. Ideally, if you make it up fast enough, there will be NINE BAGS OF COCAINE waiting for you! However, The Commissar has locked himself inside his vault, using it as a “panic room” of sorts… …and seeing as we’re short on helicopters with giant magnets, we’ll just have to drill into the panic room instead. After fighting off mobsters, cops, and gunships, you finally get the door opened and have a boss fight with The Commissar. But instead of a flashing red weak point like most bosses… …he has his FLASHING RED LOVE FOR MOTHER RUSSI-… …oookay, one into the jar. Gather around and gun him down, finally ending the crimelord’s reign. Loot his vault, grab your coke and your cash, and escape to safety! Now, despite this heist being loud-only, the setting, map variance and amount of loot make it a blast… …especially if you’re a fan of the game its based on! Next, let’s take a quick look at the masks before moving on. They’re based on the ability masks from Hotline Miami. Whether or not you’re a fan, these are a nice addition. Finally, we’ll take a look at the weapons. The first one up is the Cobra SMG. This weapon is very compact, and it has a good ammo pool and a decent mag size. However, it has abysmal accuracy and damage. In my opinion, this weapon is borderline unusable. But, while doing research for this video I’ve come across a lot of people who really like this weapon, even today! I’m not sure what it is I’m missing, but if you like this gun go ahead and use it! I would recommend using it in a dodge build though, to make use of that high concealment. Next on the list is the Blaster 9mm. This gun is- [VERY LOUD GUNFIRE OVERPOWERING VOICE] …this, t-this gun is… the, the blast- the, THE BLASTER 9-… [VERY LOUD GUNFIRE] [GUNFIRE STOPS] …(sighs) thank you. The Blaster 9mm is a bit better than the Cobra in my opinion. It might reload slower and have a smaller mag size, but the damage and accuracy are a bit higher and can be modded even further. Plus, the concealment is still plenty enough to use in a dodge build. It comes down to you which weapon you like better, but uhh… …at least to me, both guns are completely blown out of the water by the final gun. And that would be the Uzi. The other guns may have more ammo and mag size… …but the Uzi is a fantastic weapon to deal with enemies at any range. On top of this, it still has enough concealment mods to work for dodge players. This is the best weapon in the pack, at least in my opinion, but its up to you which weapon suits your needs. And lastly, we’ll touch on the melee weapons. The baseball bat, the cleaver, the machete, and the fire axe. They’re all pretty decent, and the fire axe can do massive damage when fully charged… …but I think the machete is the best of the bunch. It’s the fastest one, and it still does enough damage to slice and dice with ease. They’re all pretty good, and they just feel… Hotline Miami-y. That’s, really the best way to describe this entire pack: it feels like Hotline Miami. That, should be obvious by the title, but I mean it does a great job of taking the gameplay and feel of that game… …and combining it with PAYDAY 2’s gameplay and feel. So, would I recommend it? Of course I would! Many people still consider this the best heist DLC in the game, and while I think that title has since been taken by another DLC, which I’ll talk about in another video… …this pack is still brimming with fun content! The heist is fantastic, profitable, and fun on every playthrough… …the masks are a great touch for both fans, and people who haven’t heard of the game before alike.. …the melee weapons are fun and you get THREE SMGs! I would have been happy with just the Uzi… …but I won’t complain about more weapons at no extra cost. With everything said, The Hotline Miami DLC is one of the best heist DLCs PAYDAY 2 has to offer. Thanks for watching, and take it easy! [COMMISSAR: (flying off inside the panic room) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! THE COMMISSAR OUTSMART YOU AGAIN, ASSHOLES!]

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  1. Matouš Zamazal says:

    Is cobra skorpion weapon from czech republick?

  2. PaksGaming says:

    where i can buy Hot Line Miami 2:Deluxe Edition???

  3. Anton Doepel says:

    Jacket drives a Delorean

  4. Matt Yaqin says:

    Game fail! Delorean bonet is on the front.

  5. VinierAardvark1 says:

    By the way the commissar’s car’s trunks can be opened for extra loot, albeit not too much.

  6. [ ] says:

    how could they forget the katana? that was like the best melee weapon in hotline miami.

  7. kill me says:

    Poor Niko Bellic that were tortured in that trailer of this DLC…

  8. AzingGaming says:

    What hud are you using ?

  9. Sullivan McClanahan says:

    Your gonna need to steal some uranium

  10. Claudio J says:

    The de lorean is refrencing to jacket's car

  11. 666H.Badger666 says:

    You are mising the fact that cobra is Czech smg and every true Czech is going to use it.

  12. NarendraAIM says:

    I still remember on CoD 2 tutorial, that's not how you pronounce Comissar :v

  13. TheNeonGuy says:

    just a bit of dumb trivia for day 2 on this, if you use a hud like wolfhud that says the amounts of bags of coke it will start off at 5 and raise to 6 and probably go to 9 if you wait?

  14. ntandothehuman says:

    What’s the name of the song you use?

  15. Chanto says:

    I laughed so hard at that ending

  16. ChIkEnNuGgEt MaN says:

    The box thing is probable something i would do im not a robber rhough

  17. solid - vape 5 says:

    Why can i take 200 bazillion bullets and live? Because mother russia

  18. Monkey Killer says:

    3:40 that Owl mask name is Rasmus. My name is also Rasmus.

  19. MR.GHOSTER says:

    finally a dlc the he actually likes

  20. RacerNoah says:

    Finally we see jacket and The russian mafia in 3D 😀

  21. Jackson Hernandez says:

    1:52 I bet I lot of people ignored this.

  22. Jacinto Leocadio says:

    Dude its a clown car, of course they will fit

  23. Digital Minecrafter says:


  24. The F2p says:

    finally i can axe people some questions

  25. DatMonkey5100 says:

    There’s actually 10 bags of coke at the start, but one is flushed like 2 seconds after spawn and is basically impossible to get without hacks

  26. Michal Mackiewicz says:

    I lov Jacket

  27. The F2p says:

    connor can i ask u a question?

  28. The Hoxtinator says:

    i like how Hotline Miami is about brutally Killing Russians the captions are Russian

  29. Mike Perez says:

    “The more cocaine you can save” that is one the oddest sentence I’ve ever heard.

  30. Friendly Fire says:


  31. Lex. says:

    What gun did u use

  32. GVO says:

    Jacket will definately enjoy these heists.

  33. jace jones says:

    Lol it's a delorean bc that's what jacket drives in hlm

  34. Chambered says:

    Fun fact, Jacket in Hotline Miami drives a DeLorean.

  35. Quinn Brummer says:

    Its really annoying that this is what most people know this game from

  36. bizzarejeb says:

    lets be honest here

    evil eye is one of the best tracks

  37. Longfinger Kirk says:

    The smg’s are good for dodge(all of them)meanwhile the melees are not for dodge,the masks are good and the map pays well if u know how to play


  38. Jackson Hernandez says:

    1:51 I feel like many people skip that part of the video.

  39. SMG 54321 says:

    This is one of the main reasons i got payday 2.

  40. Z Films says:

    I always kill the commasar with a saw. I actually use a full saw to kill him. I think I have a problem.

  41. h says:

    hotline miami mutador everything including you are 1 shots no no downs

  42. Lasadaf says:

    Which heist could possibly outdo this one? Keeping in mind when this video was released the only one I can think of is Shadow Raid, but that's a completely different thing.

  43. Sleight 1476 says:

    Pro tip: always edit the masks they always look good…

  44. Canine's and Cat's says:

    What about jacket
    And the music

  45. Pybro Shark says:

    Wait does that mean it was all…


  46. Sirpugsalot says:

    The delorean is the car Jacket drives in hotline Miami

  47. MaNameMaJEFF says:

    Baseball bat. Machete. Tecc 9. And fire Axe don't really represent hotline Miami …

  48. Buddylord says:

    Or it has the De Lorain because in the first game the main character (jacket) has that as his car

  49. pcandpsplayer International Gaming says:

    2:01 Drop the barcode at the scanncer and wait for few years

  50. Odd Freaks says:

    It would’ve been better if they used masks from both Jacket (his rooster mask) and The Fans (Swan with 1-2, a Bear, a Zebra, and a Tiger).

  51. Sekrit dokument says:

    The horny commissar

  52. bop god says:

    Why isn't the Hotline Miami mission set in Miami?

  53. SuperDuperChocolatePancakes says:

    The DeLor/Acadia GT was jackets car in hotline Miami, that’s why it is here

  54. ManiacMatt says:

    Are those mods that make your hud look like that or is that in game options cause with your stamina bar and how your bags appear in the corner are pretty cool

  55. Grim Cat says:

    Nice rekt 9 m8

  56. D.DoT-Z says:

    Professional video on standard with a games company like IGN, minus all the cringe, feigned knowledge of the game and lack of details. Fantastic video mate

    Entertaining and informative

  57. Zade says:

    Wait is the signature rooster mask not even in it!?!

  58. Pryncy Pałki says:

    The DeLorean ia here because it's Jacket's car.

  59. Rangga Adzka says:

    Bro what's the blue font that u use for the weapon preview section of the video

  60. Big Man says:

    The reason that the escape car is a Delorean because the car that jacket drove in hotline Miami 1 is a delorean

  61. Kentity says:

    I say for the cobra I like this snake 🐍

  62. Wyatt Zani says:

    Best heist dlc is the alesso heist duhh🌝🌝🌝🌝🌝🌝🌝🌝🌝🏅🎣🎣🎣🛹🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🎣 I’m joking

  63. David Alvarado says:

    Ur shittin me. There's no richard mask? Missed opportunity if you ask me

  64. full metalMEDIC says:

    Ive always considered the blaster 9mm to be the "facemask shredder" caus of how fast you can go through a bulldozers face shields

  65. Scriptedconstruct999 says:


  66. Axl4325 says:

    5:34 we all know he's talking about the Alesso heist dlc

  67. Shrek THE BEAST MAN says:

    I always thought jacket’s car resembled a delorean

  68. fenory , says:

    The cobra IS the škorpijón from ChekoSlovskia

  69. BalloonRiot says:

    even though I'm russian I still love hotline miami

  70. orangecraft 45 says:

    You forgot about the character and the jackets smg, also the character has the most credible pager answer in history

  71. datman datman says:

    you have a cool HUD

  72. Infectious Sheep says:

    Look at the monitors

  73. joel 56 says:

    I like meself some Hot Pursuit in this one

  74. oktoplayer ORIGINAL says:

    Wait is jacket in this dlc ? Because im not buying it if he isn't

  75. Afro Ahmed says:

    Hotline Miami is the whore of all video games, you think dark souls is hard , comparing to this game it's a walk in the park

  76. NeoJenshi says:


  77. Sleepy The Fool says:

    when i firsted played this heist it felt really unfinished. or, it looked unfinished.

  78. ImELFY says:

    this guy has never played hotline miami before…

  79. Stevegamer8bit says:

    The music from day 2 is soooooooooooooo goooooooooooooood

  80. Oliver vazquez says:

    When my crew needs wisdom I wear the owl mask.

  81. SuperFireman151 says:

    How do you manage to get the custom hud to work.

  82. YourSpectre says:

    Bain obviously did not want Alex to do panic room all over again

  83. YourSpectre says:


    Ya see that thats the gun Big Smoke used to kill them Vagos punks on that damn train

  84. YourSpectre says:

    Lol I can hear that background music

  85. Lucas Milic says:

    Does anyone remember this look hummm (it’s the tec-9 from counter strike)

  86. Lucas Milic says:

    No the best melee is the money stack

  87. dr. disrespect says:

    It's odd that jacket would kill cops

  88. Craig Tucker says:

    Jacket: Me: nah I don't fuck with him

    Dallas: Me: no he needs so many medic bags

    Hoxton Me: wanker

    Microsoft jacket Me:My choice 🙂

  89. trollbreeder says:

    "Thousands of dollars swirling with the turds!"
    Yeah, sounds a lot like Payday 2 DLC (before ultimate pack).

  90. 10,000 subs without videos c: says:

    Is this game free?

  91. BelGian Shepherd says:

    Heist name: Hotline Miami
    Heist takes place in Washington DC
    Me: XD

  92. Sir. Ben says:

    I didn’t realize how many dlc’s pay day crime wave addition had until I found you

  93. Geert Schaaij says:

    Yes I like the cobra smg

  94. NewGamerOK says:

    Whats it with people in PAYDAY 2? They use panic rooms as safes, and Safes as Panic Rooms.

  95. SpeedTuberTM says:

    The reason so many people LIKE the Cobra is its ability to have maximum stability, despite having no stock, and other reasons

  96. Daveyy_ - says:

    What a sham I can’t get this dlc ):

  97. Break The Cycle says:

    People question why is it "Miami" if it takes place in Washington

    Bruh , Jacket was killed by a nuclear blast how the fuck is he here

  98. Hank says:

    i literally could never find the roof on day 2 of the heist

  99. Jade unknown says:

    You forgot to check trunk for weapons or money

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