A quick guide to your Equifax Credit Report & Score

I’ve got 60 seconds to tell you about your Equifax Credit Report & Score. Let’s go. If you’ve opened a credit card account, applied for a loan or registered to vote, this type of information is recorded on your credit report. It’s a record that follows you through life, and when you apply for credit, it helps lenders make their decisions. Okay. Here’s what it looks like. This number is your Equifax Credit Score, which is an easy way to tell what sort of shape your report is in. See these traffic light icons? They’ll show you where things are going well… and what might need attention. You can start taking steps to manage your score right away by clicking on the red and amber icons and following our tips to turn them green [Timer rings] Looks like I’m out of time! If you want to know more, check out our other videos or go to Equifax.co.uk

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