About Firefighters First Credit Union

– What I love about being a firefighter are the people that you get to work with. They’re another family
that you are part of. – Being part of the fire
family in the fire service meant that you’re part of a
bigger team, a bigger group. – When someone calls 911,
we’re the professionals. We’re supposed to mitigate
any incident that comes up. With the credit union, they’re here to mitigate any incident, or any issue with us
in our financial lives. – Our credit union began
as a small collective of firefighters back in the 1930s, working in a small room above
an old downtown fire station. – At the time, firefighters had to buy their own safety equipment. And like now, young firefighters
didn’t have any money. – Some of the older
firefighters had some money, and they were able to let the
younger members borrow it, the ones who needed the money, the ones who were just starting a family, starting a new career. – There was a little over 800 members within that first year, and today we’ve grown to over
1.2 billion dollars in assets, and close to 40,000 members nationwide. – When we join the Firefighters
First Credit Union, we know that we’re part of an institution that has the wherewithal,
that has the resources to live up to all the
commitments it makes to us. – We have 15 board members. They’re all active or retired full-time professional firefighters, which is a benefit, because
we’re in the firehouses, we hear what’s going on
and what the members want, and we can bring that back to management. – We want to make sure that our members within the credit union
have the best stewardship and the best information, so they can make the best
financial choices for themselves and for their family. – Firefighters First is
really there in all stages of a firefighters career. A large institution, financial institution might just have one thing, and that’s a checking and savings account and a money market or a CD. The credit union has
everything that you need under one umbrella. – Not only do we have the traditional financial institution
products and services, but we also offer investment services, insurance services, and business services. – Many of our people have off-duty jobs and off-duty businesses that they run, some of ’em very significant businesses. Firefighters First has a
tremendous business program. The Firefighters First Credit Union has a great app,
everything is right online with a touch of your finger. You open up the app. It has very clear and concise
of your checking accounts, your savings accounts, your auto loans, your mortgages, your credit cards, and you can pay it all within
the use of your smartphone. – We understand that our
firefighters trust us, and we take that
responsibility very seriously. – As we continue to grow,
it allows us to bring more back to our members, in terms of service, in terms of security. – So whatever profit
the credit union earns at the end of the year, they divide that up amongst the members. So it’s a extraordinary
dividend interest refund. I don’t know any other
financial institution that will do that. – We need to look at
our credit union as more than just a place to come to get a loan. There’s a whole staff
here that watches out for our interest as professionals. Our employees always say that this isn’t just another job for them, this is truly a career opportunity in that they feel so passionate
about serving firefighters. – When you pick up the phone,
you’re talking to someone on the other side of the
line that cares about you and understands what you do for a living. – They know me, and I trust them to do the right thing for me. – Firefighters First, it
says it all, right there, firefighters are first. (upbeat music)

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  1. Asim Malik says:

    Some people spend majority of their productive live in obscurity & darkness especially smart people. I knew a lot of smart people when it comes to money but they have never even heard about credit union. I use to be one of them. I love saving money but don't make enough! I live pay check to pay check. I am always open for donations. Meridian CU is the best in southern Ontario.

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