– This is the perfect example
of road rage. – Oh my gosh!
She’s a savage. Chill. ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we’re gonna
show you something that we’ve done once before
with the adults. – Uh-oh.
– (FBE) We are going to show you a series of videos that when people
watch them, they often feel like the person in the video
has received instant karma. – Yes! I love these! – It’s oddly satisfying
when karma hits really hard. This might as well be
a try not to be gratified compilation. – (FBE) So after each video,
we’re gonna ask you if you think the karma
in the videos was deserved or not deserved.
– Okay. – I’m probably gonna be like,
“You deserved it.” (laughs) – Nice. I love being
like some sort of Buddhist monk judging the karma situation.
– Sorry, karma. Here we go. ♪ (band music) ♪
– Kiddos running through. – (laughs) – Oh!
– (gasps) Savage. – Oh, that’s [bleep].
Bro, he’s a kid. – That was so mean. – You should not
have been doing that, kid. – Kids are annoying that do that.
Where are their parents? – I don’t know how old that kid was
so that’s why I’m 50/50 on this. You know what?
It was kind of funny. – (FBE) You think deserved?
Not deserved? – Yeah, that is deserved. I don’t think it was too big
of a punishment. It was like, “Oh,
he got tripped.” – Oh, 100% deserved. That little [bleep] shouldn’t have
been running through the ranks. – He deserved it. (laughs)
– I think it’s deserved. I feel bad because maybe
that kid was lost or something, but you shouldn’t run
through a performance. – That little bitch
was deserving. – That kid did deserve that.
– He deserved it. If I was their parents,
I would’ve been like, “That’s what you get.”
– That child did not deserve that. It was a childish prank.
The tuba player, now his tuba should
fall on his foot. – He deserved it.
Props to that guy for being quick on his feet literally
and tripping the kid. – He really deserved that.
He shouldn’t be doing that. I would’ve done the same thing. – Oh, I’ve seen this! – (driver) The little [bleep].
– Uh-oh. – (driver) The little [bleep].
– Oh, yeah. Yeah you’re gonna crash. – Ohh! – (driver) The little [bleep]. – (laughs) – (driver) The little [bleep].
– (laughs) – (driver) The little [bleep].
– Oh, I’ve seen this. I’ve seen this. (laughs) – (laughs) Oh [bleep].
Birds are evil! That was their karma,
not his. (laughs) – They’re just flying away.
It’s not a big deal. They’re not bothering anybody.
Whatever the birds were there for, just leave ’em alone. – If you’re gonna try
and blow through birds that are just hanging out,
yeah, you deserve that. – Definitely deserved. – Yes, he deserved that.
He’s being mean to the birds. – I don’t think that was deserved. But why was he doing that
in the first place? – That was very deserved. That was a self-proclaimed L
right there. – This was well-deserved.
[Bleep] his car. Pigeons don’t want anything
but bread crumbs. – He probably does,
but pigeons are rats with wings, so I don’t even know.
I’m very divided on that one. – He got what he deserved.
That’s unfortunate, but he’s looking at a good $4,000
to $5,000 bill on his car. – Not deserved. I would love to run
through a bunch of birds that way. – I don’t know if that
was a deserved thing, because I bet you he was trying
to scare the birds off so they won’t [bleep]
on someone’s car. But he’s definitely oblivious
to a curb. – Uh-oh. Oh, picking
on the girl? Come on. – Oh, she’s gonna haul off
on you, dude. Ooh!
– Oh, young Ronda. – Muhammad Ali up in here.
– This girl’s like an MMA fighter. Yeah, she’s [bleep]– oh!
– Get it, girl. – That’s right. There you go, girl.
You give it to him. – Deck his ass.
Oh! Deck his ass. – Enough! Enough!
– Oh my gosh. She’s a savage. Chill. She went a little far. – Homeboy tried to go for a one-two,
barely tapped her. She went a little too ham. – Why are you swinging on her, bro?
Don’t swing. She didn’t start the fight,
but she finished it. – That little kid deserved it.
– He deserved it, ’cause he was trying to punk her. – It was deserved. Siblings like
to pick on other siblings, and they need to get karma back. – No blood was seen,
so that’s fine. – I think he deserved it.
He’s gotta be ready. – Deserved. I’m always gonna
root for the little girl. – I don’t think it was deserved.
She really got carried away. – When you hit someone,
you better expect it to be coming back so I think it was deserved. – Yeah. It’s a lesson to all you kids:
keep your hands to yourself. – Deserved. Don’t let people
push you around ’cause you a girl! – All right, just driving
down the street. – Oh, god. Oh, god. – You’re going to walk
into the pole, dude. Walk into the pole. Boom. – (laughs)
– (laughs) – Uh-oh. Oh, god. – Wait! Why are you
coming back at him? The guy in the car
didn’t even do anything. – I don’t really know
what he was motioning for. Was he motioning for him
to break? ‘Cause he did. – I hate people that do that.
They think that they’re– I don’t know,
they’re the police or something. – Was it well-deserved? Yes. – That karma was deserved. – That guy’s just annoying
and deserves it. – Man with a dog,
you deserved that. – Deserved it. He should’ve
just been paying attention to where he was going.
– He deserved that 100%! – Yes, and I’ll tell you why:
just because of his anger. – He deserved it, dude.
Don’t– Why are you doing that? – For sure deserved.
– Yeah, that was deserved. I like how he got so mad.
He was like, “I’m gonna go yell at him, because he saw me
hit that pole and laughed at me.” – Ooh! Oh! Oh!
Get that. – (laughs) – (laughs) That was slick. – Ooh. Ow! – Ohh! Kill ’em!
That’s how I aspire to be when someone’s trying
to mess with me. I’ll just be like, “Not today!” – You try to be funny.
It doesn’t work out. The joke backfires on you. – That look like it hurt his knee.
That would not be good. – I don’t know about that one. I don’t think he was trying
to hurt his friend and that looked
like that hurt. – If you’re gonna try
and kick somebody from behind, definitely deserved.
– Totally deserved. – That was deserved.
That was perfect. – That’s deserved.
– Yeah, he deserved it. – Of course he deserved it!
If you try to kick someone… – He deserved it,
and he knew he deserved it. He was cracking up on the floor
like, “All right, all right.” – Not deserved. He was
just being goofy. – Yeah, I mean, but I don’t
really think it was that bad. – Deserved, because I’ve done it,
but it’s also been done to me. And I’m like, yeah,
it’s kind of embarrassing. – Oh, dude! This happened
on my road! – Oh, I’ve seen this.
This one gets wild. – Uh-oh. Something happened.
Why’s he out of his car? – (woman) He said,
“Get the [bleep] out.” Oh my god. Oh.
– What’s he doing? – He’s like, “What’s up, bitch?
Let’s go! Why you hit my car like that?”
– (woman) Oh, he rolled down his window.
– Oh, no. Oh, no. – (woman) Oh, he spit at him!
– The commentator makes it so much better.
– I love the narrator. She’s really a faulty narrator–
oh! (laughs) – How?!
– (woman) Oh my god! – Well, don’t run him o– oh! – This is the perfect example
of road rage. – (laughs) – I love the commentary
of this girl. I would’ve been doing the same thing. – They were both in the wrong.
That guy spit on him! And so, he runs into his car? – Both of them deserved karma,
but I’m speechless at that video. I’ve seen it before,
but it’s just so amazing. – I’m just gonna say
he didn’t deserve it. He’s probably there like,
“[Bleep] my life.” – Karma not deserved.
That’s a little extreme. – I’d have to say no.
– I don’t think it was deserved. He hit the car, but he should’ve
come out and apologized or do something about it. – He deserved that.
He must’ve done something bad. – 100%, the guy who flipped his car
did not deserve that. – He deserved that,
’cause that’s [bleep] up. That’s manslaughter. Like,
you try and run over somebody? – I don’t the guy in the truck
deserved that karma, because we don’t know
what happened prior. – Honestly, both drivers at fault,
so I’m gonna say this is not deserved. Homeboy got spit on
and then his car flipped. That’s [bleep] up. – No, he needs to treat himself
to a spa day or something after that happened. – (man laughing) – Oh, this is already–
I can already tell you this guy deserves it
just for that laugh. – Ew! What is that?
– That’s poo-poo. – (man) TJ!
– (TJ) Yes? – (man) Come here!
– Why would you do this to a kid?
– Oh, he’s gonna play a prank on his kid. – (man) I’m gonna remove the cover,
but you have to grab the bird right away.
– (TJ) Okay! – Oh my god,
that’s so mean. – Don’t do it, kid!
– (man) One, two… – Don’t trust– oh! (laughs) – Ugh, that’s so nasty!
– (TJ) Eww! – He’s gonna smack him–
ah! (laughs) – Yeah– oh, yeah, yeah!
Definitely. Yes. – (man spitting) – It’s not funny anymore, is it? – That kid said, “You know what?
You got me [bleep] up.” (claps) Boom.
– That dad deserved that. – He definitely deserved that.
That was perfect. – Totally deserved. You played
a prank on someone and got that prank
thrown in your face. – If you’re gonna
make your kid grab poop, then you deserve it
in your face. – He deserved it.
– It was well-deserved. He shouldn’t do that.
– Hell yeah! That kid just should’ve went full on
and all over. – That dad deserved that.
He literally can’t even be mad at his kid
for doing that. What does he expect?
– That was awesome, and that de-served! That’s the definition
of karma right there. – Bitch, you deserved that one! He gave him a big ol’ slap
in the mouth, and it’s so funny,
’cause he got a mouthful of it. – I like these videos.
They’re fun. – It gives me hope
that karma does exist. – If you do something bad
or you try to do something bad, most likely, it’s gonna come back
and get you. Get the positive feelings out there. – After watching these,
I’m gonna be more considerate about the things I do,
especially when it comes to pranks, because I know that karma
just might slap me in the face with a handful of [bleep]. – Thanks for watching
this episode of Adults React. – Subscribe, and shoutout
to Puppies Dancing. – Hit that Like button.
It’s instant karma. And shoutout to Gabriel Potter. – Hi, guys. JC here.
Producer here at FBE. Thanks so much for watching
this episode of Adults React. If you want a behind-the-scenes look at how we put
all these episodes together, make sure to check out
our second channel, FBE2. The links are down
in the description below.


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