– What?! You about
to get wrecked! Oh! – Yess! Oh my god. ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we’re gonna
show you a series of videos that when people watch them,
they often feel that people in the video received “instant karma.” – Ooh, I like instant karma. – I’ve seen it in my own life
happen many a times. Just last week, I made fun
of my friend for telling a bad pun, and I spilled a bowl
of soup on my pants. – (FBE) So after each video,
we’re gonna ask you if the karma was deserved
or not deserved. – Hm. Interesting.
I’m intrigued. – (gasps) I just fed those things.
They’re so scary. – Oh! You don’t
[bleep] with ostriches. – It’s already a yes. – That’s his space. – No! What are you doing?! – Oh yeah. Peck him. – What the [bleep]?
This guy’s a dumb– (laughs). – What?! You about
to get wrecked! Oh! Ostrich slam. – Oh my gosh!
That’d be so scary! – That guy didn’t get enough karma. That thing should’ve
talon’d his face off. – Deserved, that was so stupid.
Thing’s terrifying looking. – Yes. He was trespassing. – Yeah, those things are…
you don’t even touch them. – Yeah! He deserved
a little bit more. I wish there had been
an extra couple kicks and a little extra
couple bites in there. – They’re unpredictable.
You deserve it. – That guy definitely deserved it. – He deserved it, and he deserves
10 more ostrich hits. – What a [bleep] idiot.
If you [bleep] with animals, you deserve to get beaten up. – He doesn’t deserve it.
Maybe he was just making nice. Maybe he was going in there
to give her a little treat. We don’t know.
– Yeah, it was deserved. Don’t go past this gate.
(dopey voice)”Hm, I think I’ll go past the gate
and [bleep] with the ostrich.” – Ooh! (chuckles) – (laughs) I love this.
I’ve seen this so many times. – (laughs) Crap.
– (cameraman) Oh my god! – (gasps) Oh!
– (cameraman) Oh my god! Oh, he’s winded.
– (laughs) He’s winded. – I wouldn’t call that karma,
that’s just like… well, yeah, dude. If you’re gonna
jump at a rolling hay bale, the odds are you’re gonna crash. – Yeah, that was kind of
deserved, dude. – Yes.
– That one’s probably a no. That one’s just more,
you know, like, “Come on.” – He purposefully got in the way
of it. Yeah, of course. – Yes. What else is gonna happen? You’re gonna fly off or you’re gonna
become a pancake. – That one wasn’t deserved as much.
He was being stupid, but if he would’ve made it,
it would’ve been pretty awesome. – Yeah. What do you expect? – He deserves to get
a little air knocked out of him. If you’re gonna try and jump
over a rolling hay whatever, hay stack, you have to know
that that’s a possibility. – I don’t think that
was deserved, no. This guy was just trying
to do some sick-ass stunt. Parkour, hardcore all day.
– Oh yeah, he deserved it. He should’ve bailed.
– (crowd booing) – (chuckles) I’m going. – Oh my god, I love this video!
It’s so stupid. (laughs) – Uh-oh. Uh-oh, bird.
Oh no. Oh, buddy. Aw, aw. – No! Noo! (laughs) – That was so sad. – Oh, that was just a thirsty bird
trying to get some water. – They do shit on you,
but they don’t know any better. – Karma not deserved.
That poor bird. He was thirsty.
– Not deserved. – I don’t think he deserved it.
I think he was just thirsty, and he’s just–
that’s all he could find. – He did not deserve that.
– No. That bird did not know. It was just trying
to get a little water. – It wasn’t deserved.
– He was washing himself or trying to drink
form somebody else’s cup. It did not look like
a bird bath to me, so he got what he deserved.
– No. – The bird didn’t deserve that.
Animals don’t deserve karma, because they don’t really
have free will. – He doesn’t deserve that.
I’m mean to the humans. I’m like, “Yeah, they deserve it!” And then an animal,
I’m like, “No!” – Uh-oh. Oh! (laughs) – (chuckles) Idiot. – (laughs and claps) – That must’ve [bleep] hurt. – The best part is that the friends
that didn’t realize what he was doing thought
he was gonna get hurt, were like, “Oh, what’s wrong?”
See, they obviously, did not deserve that, so he did. – That guy got what was coming
to him. That was not a nice prank! – That guy deserved it 100%. – Oh yeah.
– Yes. So deserved. – He deserved it. Is that a prank
or is that just hurting somebody? – Definitely deserved karma.
That looked like it hurt. – Oh yeah. Karma deserved.
– Yes! That was… I mean, it doesn’t feel nice.
– Yes! He deserved it. – That guy deserves that for sure.
That’s hilarious. – That guy deserved it.
He brought that on himself 100%. – (driver) You ready?
– (passenger) Yeah. – Uh-oh.
– (passenger) The camera’s been ready.
– Oh god. It’s gonna be something idiotic.
– What’s he gonna do? Oh (chuckles).
(car horn honks) – (gasps) (car horn honks)
– I [bleep] hate– that’s– – (employee) You’re not
getting your drink. Go. – Yes, bitch! Tell him. – (employee) You’re not
getting your drink. Go. – Oh!
♪ (hip hop music) ♪ Yes.
– (employee) You’re not getting your drink. Go.
– Yess! Oh my god. That is the best possible reaction
she could’ve had in that situation. My queen! (claps)
– I’ve seen some people do nasty shit to people
that work in a drive-thru, and I would be her. I love her.
Where are you? Be my friend. – 100% he deserved it.
– That was so deserved! – Karma deserved.
– What a savage! Dang! I don’t think he deserved that.
– Definitely deserved. – Deserved.
– A million percent, yes. – He deserved it. He deserved worse.
– Yup, he deserved it. – I’ve worked in food,
and I know what it’s like to just be on the edge and not
wanna deal with shitty customers. I’m gonna say yeah,
that was totally deserved. – Oh my god.
– (passerby) He’s doing his job. Don’t be an idiot.
– (dancing man) He can’t do nothing. – (laughs) – He KO’d him.
– (dancing man) He can’t do nothing. – (laughs) Whoa! Whoa! – (chuckles) Oh my god. – (man) That’s assault. – Yeah. (chuckles) That guy
just got straight sucker-punched. – Aren’t those guys
not supposed to move? Dang! He cracked.
– That was really funny. Definitely deserved.
– He doesn’t deserve it, ’cause he was just doing the robot.
– Not deserved! Those guys are not supposed
to move for anything. – I think he deserved something.
I don’t think he deserved that. – Yeah, for all the people that
have [bleep] with him for years. They needed one punch
heard ’round the internet. – That seemed a little bit harsh.
The guy was already telling him to calm down. I don’t know
if the punch was necessary. – Oh yeah. Don’t [bleep]
with the guards. – He does deserve it,
but he probably doesn’t even care, ’cause he got him to move.
He’s probably like, “Worth it.” – He got warned by a British man.
What do you expect?! Yes. – No, he did not deserve that, ’cause that’s kind of
the whole thing about them is you try and get them to flinch.
Is that fake? – (FBE) Some people say
that this video is potentially fake. – Really? Okay, yeah,
’cause people… they have such a strong willpower
from all the videos that I’ve seen. It could be fake. – Oh, I hope it’s gonna
shit on him. Oh! – Oh god. He’s gonna get
kicked in the face. Jesus. (laughs) – Oh no. Oh!
I’ve seen this video. Wap! Oh! That would suck. – I grew up with horses. Number one rule is you don’t walk up
to a horse from behind. – He’s going around slapping
the horse’s butt?! Who does he think he is? No way.
I would kick him in the face too. – (FBE) And finally, last video,
is the karma deserved? – Totally deserve it.
– Yeah, for sure. – Oh yeah.
– Yeah! Karma bites you in the butt
when you do stupid shit that you shouldn’t be doing. – He deserved to get
kicked in the face. – Yeah, he deserved it. – Deserved! In your face. Sorry,
you just don’t do that to a horse. – Yes, deserved.
– That was deserved. – Yes! 100%.
Horses get spooked easily if they can’t see
what’s behind them. And if you’re making
noise behind them, they’re gonna kick you. – (FBE) So after having watched
all these videos today, what are your thoughts?
– Whatever you send out, it comes back to you.
– They were funny. They were good. A lot of ’em were because
the person was an ass, which I’m in favor of assholes
getting bad karma. – If you put negativity
into the world, negative shit’s gonna happen
to you in return. I have no sympathy
for people who deserve instant karma like the majority of those people. – Thanks for watching
another episode of Adults React. – Subscribe and hit the bell
so you know when we release new episodes.
– Has karma ever affected you? Let us know in the comments.
– Thanks for watching, everyone. I hope you get some
good karma out there. – Hey guys, Kyle here.
Thanks for watching this episode of Adults React. Do you guys believe
in instant karma? Does it actually exist?
– Oh, way to end the episode, nerd! (chuckles)– Oh!


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  22. Ava Deluzio says:

    Oooo the teens or the collage students should react to the upside-down medley. Like with all the boys from stranger kids on the James corden show. They all sing so goooddd

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