– Wait. No way
he’s gonna get in the car. No he’s not!
No, you’re not! ♪ (industrial music) ♪ – (FBE) Today, we are gonna
show you a series of videos when people watch them,
they often feel the people in the video succeeded
in what they were doing in a way that is quote,
“like a boss.” – Like a boss, all right.
All right, cool. I can deal with that.
– Okay. I have no knowledge about this.
I feel I’m in the internet all the time, but apparently,
I’m not, ’cause there’s so many things popping out all the time. – (FBE) So after each one,
we’re gonna have you rate them on a scale of one to five
based on how like a boss you thought they were.
– Okay. – I’m not easily impressed,
so we’ll see. – We can’t get a six,
’cause that’s usually where I sit at
on the like-a-boss scale, but you know. – What?! Jesus! Yes, girl! Yes! – I gotta see a little more
before we give her props, but she’s doing well so far. – Oh, girl. You can do it. Yes. Yes. (gasps) Oh no.
Don’t lean back too far. – What?! She doing tricks. – Watching people do this on bikes
gives me so much anxiety. – How the [bleep] do you learn that? – Look at her! One leg,
climbing up… doing a Pilates stretch
or something. – Now we doing ballet, okay. Wow, that was amazing.
Excellent, man. Like a boss. – (FBE) So on a scale
of one to five, how like a boss?
– I give that a four. Like, if woulda did a flip,
then it would’ve been a five. – She gets a four.
– Five, definitely. – That was a four.
– Four. – Five. I was scared for her life,
but also like, “This is amazing.” – Five. That was badass. – Four.
– She gets a four. – I give her a five.
– That was absolutely a five. That was so good.
That was so coo– like, that’s what every girl
wishes she could be like, a badass and really elegant. – Uh-oh. – (man) Woo!
– All right, all right. – Oh, wow! – Oh, dude! – (man) Woo! – That was pretty dope.
– That was sick right there. That’s X Games, man. – That was too cool for words.
s- That was pretty cool. But you go from that girl
to this, it’s like pfft. – (FBE) So on a scale
of one to five, how would you rate that one? – Three. I live in Hermosa Beach.
You see that shit all the time. – I give him a four. He shoulda
did a couple of ’em. – Three.
– Three. He could’ve done more. – A three for me, ’cause I’ve seen some pretty cool stuff on skateboard. – I give him a five.
it requires a lot of skills. – Two. It was cool that he went
from one skateboard to another, but it wasn’t that impressive.
– Three. – I give him a four.
– I’m gonna give him a two. – That’s pretty epic.
Now that I’m thinking about it, he did a flip, landed, balanced… Yeah, he gets a five. ♪ (hard rock music) ♪ – Aww. – That’s so cool! – Whoa, she did not!
That is so cool, man. – (laughs) Drifting in there. – Oh, what a G.
– Get it, girl. (laughs) – No she… did not. – How are kids like this,
like, good drivers? – I love that little girl! – That child could park
better than I do. – Man, just think about
when she gets a real car. – The baby gets a five. – That’s a three.
Show me some more. Add some pyrotechnics or something.
Make it more difficult. – Five.
– Five. – Four, ’cause that was impressive. – Four. Once she gets a real car,
I’ll give her a five. – I’m gonna go with a five.
– Five, 100%. – Five, that was– she drives
better than me and park. I can’t do that.
– Five for the age and the skill. – I’ma give that a four. When she’s gonna get older,
she’s gonna be a great driver. She’s gonna ace
her driver’s license test. – ♪ …well, well, can’t you tell? ♪
♪ I’m just like a turtle crawling out of my shell ♪
– I appreciate the music. – ♪ I’m just like a turtle
crawling out of my shell ♪ – ♪ Gal you captivate my body,
put me under… ♪ – Whoa! My new crush. – That looks animated.
Is that real?! – Wow. I don’t even know how
she’s doing all of that. – Oh my god, she’s doing it
on her bun?! Now, that’s impressive. – Dang, she is working
them legs, though. – Neat. (chuckles) – These are all amazing. How am I supposed to rate this? – She was looping around
the other hula hoop without– Five. What everybody said, five. – Four.
– She is a five. – That’s a five. She’s a boss. – Four, because I didn’t
think it was real. Honestly, that doesn’t
look like it’s humanly possible. – Four. She would’ve gotten
a five if they were on fire. – She did good.
I gotta give her a five. – Five.
– One, ’cause at the end of the day,
it was still hula hoops. – Three. Compared to the motorcycle,
risking your life, it’s just not… in that level.
– Three for the top bun. It would’ve been a two,
but ’cause she was doing it on her bun, it’s an extra point. ♪ (electronic music) ♪
– Is this skydiving? Oh god. – Oh, if this dude–
if he lands in a damn car, he’s getting a 10. – He’s gonna land in a car?!
Okay, that’s pretty dope. – They better not land in that car. – Wait. No way
he’s gonna get in the car! No he’s not!
No, you’re not! – (laughs) – Yeah, dude! – I love these videos,
these extreme sports win videos. – I’ve tried to do this
in frickin’ Grand Theft Auto so many times, and I always
crash into the back of the car. This man did it in real life. – I thought his butt was
gonna fall on some bushes or some trees or something. (laughs) He really landed in a car.
That was cool. – I wouldn’t do it,
’cause I’m terrified of heights, but I mean, I thought
it was pretty interesting. I give it a four.
– That is a five. – A three.
– I would’ve given it a five, but all the hoopin’, hollerin’
at the end gets him a four (laughs). – Four, just because
it was awesome, but it didn’t look visually as cool. – Five.
– He gets a 10. – Five, man. He got it, man. – I’d go with a three on that one. He parachuted into a moving car
and popped the chute off. It’s cool, but…
I know parachuting. – That is so cool.
That gives him five. That’s friendship goals right there.
I wanna do that with my friend. I’m gonna my girl and be like,
“Yo, Godat, where are you at? I’m about to jump off a plane
and get in the car.” (pool balls clacking) – Was that– oh my god!
Was that a chicken egg? What?! – How did it not
just scramble that egg? That’s crazy. – Not that– (gasps)
No way. How the hell? – No. I don’t even
think that’s real. – Ooh. Aw, come on, man.
Aw. (laughs) – (chuckles) What did
you just make me watch? – That was cool. That chicken is a boss. – My bullshit meter
is going to a five on this one. – I think it’s a five for me.
– Three. – Creativity, that’s a five. – One. I can only imagine
if it was a real egg, it probably would’ve cracked. – Zero. Yeah.
Can we go negative? – I’m gonna give it a two,
because it wasn’t intentional, but I loved it! – That’s a five, just because
of the fact that it’s an animal playing cue and landed
all of those with just one egg. – Five. Could’ve been
a Super Bowl commercial. – That’s a five! – You don’t expect that.
That’s just weird. That’s a five.
– This is a one. One for fakeness.
[Bleep] that shit. That’s fake. – Okay, gymnastics. Okay. – Wow!
– Okay, gymnastics. Okay. – Wow! – Whoa, look at that, man. Dayumnn. – They’re like flying fish. (gasps) No! And they’re
going on the other side now. – Wow. – I wanna learn how to do this,
but I have no friends who are willing to be crazy with me. – Some good gymnasts. – (claps) – That was boss right there. Wow.
– They get a three. They’ve been training
for that or a while, so it’s not as like a boss. – I give that
a five instantaneously. – Four. It would be a five
if that was improv’d. – I don’t know how
that’s physically possible, so (scoffs) also a four. – A three. I’m not
that shocked by it. – A four, only ’cause
I have seen other people doing similar tricks. – I give ’em a five.
That was pretty good. They both worked that out. – They’re gymnasts.
They do that all the time, so two. – Five.
– Five for sure. – If you notice the people
in the background who are in that environment,
they were kind of like, oh, that was a good job.
So I’ma roll with a three on that. – ♪ One more time ♪ – I’m already very upset with this. – I just saw this!
This is the dumbest thing ever. – Okaay. Oh dear. – He looks like a salmon.
He looks like sushi. – What is he doing? – No, no.
What’s about to happen? – What– OH! Yeah! – (chuckles) Oh my–
OHH! Ah, hahaha! ♪ (triumphant music) ♪
– (snickers) I don’t like how he stared
at me at the end. – When you have too much free time,
you do stuff like this. Three. – He was serious as all get out.
My man gets a three. – Cool, dude. Good for you,
rocking yourself, but I’m gonna give you a two. – A one.
– That was a five! I wanna learn how
to do that right there. – Silk is a very easy fabric
to use when you’re doing that so that actually is like a two. – It was really weird,
and with the music, too. (laughs) One.
– Three. I was gonna give him a four,
but he stared at me real weird. – Guess I’ll give him a two.
I mean, you know, just… that was some skills
pulling that off. – Five right there,
right at the top. – I see barely any liquid
in those cups, so for that reason, and that reason alone,
I gotta give him a three. – I think that’s so cool
to see people doing these epic things that you
don’t really expect in day-to-day life.
– That was cool! I wanna do that again.
I binge watch hours and hours of people are awesome 2017.
I love those videos. – Thanks for watching
another episode of Adults React. – Subscribe and hit the bell
like a boss. – Bye, guys! Thanks for watching. – Hey, guys. I’m Ethan.
– And I’m Kyle. Thanks so much for watching
this episode of Adults React. – Hey, you’re kind of like a boss,
’cause you’re, like, my boss. – I am like your boss.
– Wow, you’re like a boss. – Like a boss.
– Like a boss.


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