ADVANCE: Give your employees the freedom to access their pay when they need it

Have you ever run out of money before payday? Our research shows that 12 million employees regularly run out money before payday. So it’s highly likely that some of your employees find themselves running out of money. Having a fixed, single monthly payday can restrict your ability to manage money, causing financial emergencies. The average employee is forced to use high interest payday loans, credit cards or overdrafts to get them through to payday for 4 out of every 12 months, with 1 in 10 saying this is the case each month. We want to help employees manage both unexpected and day-to-day expenses. And remove the need for expensive: Payday loans Credit cards Overdrafts Late fees Advance can help eliminate all of these by letting employees see how much they’ve earned at any point during the month and enabling them to access up to 50% of their salary before their regular payday. Empower your people. Give them Advance to access the money they’ve earned when they need it. Allowing them greater control, helping reduce stress, improving financial and mental wellbeing. For more information visit:

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