Aishite{Gacha Life Meme}Ft.Ravenis Back,Karma Animate(Read Desc)

bOi iF yOu tHis bOy sLicC nOi

82 comments on “Aishite{Gacha Life Meme}Ft.Ravenis Back,Karma Animate(Read Desc)”

  1. Gacha Chaddy says:

    i had Enough of her saying "Notice me Senpai Chaddy XD"So this is what i do when you guy's keep saying that >:P

  2. HimeKyaruかいら says:

    This is so good!! TwT
    You deserve more subs!! ÙwÚ

    Edit: the end tho……


  3. kaira plays says:

    Oml i love ittt

  4. YUKIO CHAN says:

    Wow esta hermoso :0

  5. Lemonly says:


  6. †•ɱɿɿқ૦_ ૯ɿՐค•† says:

    You are no longer underrated. Soon u will have 100k uwu 👏

  7. Gacha Unigal says:

    Yasss >:3

  8. Natasha Gamerz says:


  9. jade YT_gacha says:


  10. ErikaCat says:

    Can we do collab Meme?

  11. Donnie gay love says:


  12. ღApril_ Playzღ says:

    I love it!~

  13. dawnie says:

    Hey Chaddy, i was wondering if I could add this video into my video that I am working right now, I’ll give you credits. ^-^

  14. •scarredface• says:


  15. Crazyleber 01 says:

    Awesome job!

    And the ending is from one of my most favorite videos ever 😂😂😂😂

  16. Bosta Gacha ;-; says:


  17. Çri-Studiø says:

    Did anyone else hear Moto Moto?

  18. • tokYoqhOuI • says:

    omg the blUsh iS so cuTe

  19. karrot says:

    i cheated, i cheated, i cheated on moto moto

  20. シCookie says:

    The Ending Tho 😂👌🏻

  21. bbueno2009 says:

    Turn on captions

  22. ItzTammy says:

    Lovely captions 😂

  23. Unnoticed Gurl;-; says:

    I'm dead ×w×

  24. Akise Creates says:

    UwU one day I wish to edit like you

  25. Kayleen Kyra says:

    I've never been watch a such underrated video like this before tho;w;

  26. Chloe The Dork says:

    Who else hears "Moto Moto" whenever it says more more 😂😂

  27. xxxAesthethicGalX says:

    Lmao turn on subtitles u won’t regret it 😂

  28. •itz Haru Edits• says:

    Am I the only one hearing this?
    Why is she dead? Why is she dead
    Oh gosh

  29. •Akira Chan• says:

    Subtitles At The Beginning Tho 😂👌

  30. PandaNet 149 says:


  31. 『ʏᴀsᴍᴜɪʀ』 says:

    "Boy if you
    This boy slicc

    Gotta love those captions 😂

  32. Gacha Alien Boy says:


  33. Zoeyオタク says:


  34. R&A cookies forever says:

    0:37 Moto Moto
    ? (°▽°) 「OOF」

  35. Kiibo Chan says:

    What app did you use? Also amazing work!

  36. A r i i E d i t z says:

    I love the captions

  37. •Ash's Creations• says:

    Fuq teach me-

  38. •Christina Chan• says:

    Moto Moto 😀

  39. Murasakii' says:

    Amazing 😤👌

  40. ElectraCute says:

    -laughs-R.I.P the people in the dran

  41. Madissen Cadiz says:


  42. Soodney Soodney says:

    I had captions on 😂

  43. nutricious - milk says:

    WhY thIs Is So TeRrIBlY CuTe wHen It's SuppoSed To bE FuNny and ScAry

  44. Yuna-Rose says:


  45. L o n e l y S o u l says:

    You have no idea how many times I watched this..


  46. mY liTtlE sEbAsTiaN says:

    I just realized that this song does not mean yandere love. It’s all about good child syndrome -_- but nice work

  47. hollow rose says:

    OMG XD i accidently had captions on and it made me laugh-

  48. Rambachi says:


  49. ItzLucy! says:

    0:00–0:03 Entendí anda a caga' :C

  50. Aubrey’s_ Cornerツ says:

    First of all, WHY ARE YOU UNDERRATED!?! this is to good!!!

    Second: this video is amazing, I feel like I’m dying it is to good,!

  51. • One Worthless Child • says:

    Jesus christ i like the end 🤣

  52. Gachaa Wolfie says:

    Jade are you ok i will take ad as a yes

  53. rabbit teeth says:

    best subtitles ever

  54. Yoshi Myngasi says:

    captions 👏

  55. Tacia YT says:

    Omg I love it! 😀

  56. Shae -_- says:

    The ending is mood

  57. Cøøkie Nya says:

    That outro?🤣🤣🤣🤣

  58. •Blueberry Wolf• says:

    I love the subtitles at the start UwU 👌
    This is so good! >:3

  59. • MizukiPlayz • says:

    0:36 doesn't it sound like it says moto moto? lol

  60. Yajaira Benitez says:

    G a y

  61. Ruby Atneta says:

    Put on the subtitles lol

  62. Melody Glare says:


  63. •Akira Chan• says:

    I love captions uwu

  64. Øyasumi L says:

    He got shot and killed with a carrot uwu

  65. Lanenari :O says:

    i loaf subtitle

  66. The Pink Attraction says:

    I live for those subtitles

  67. ༄ Edgy ༄ says:

    Someone put the captions on in the beginning of the video

  68. Gracie Chan says:


  69. Devilish Kat says:

    Lol I like the ending

  70. Foxy The Pirate says:

    Creator: Jade you fine? :/

    Jade: …

    Creator: I'll take that as a yes…

  71. Mimi Nugget says:

    Boy and girl right? or is it gay ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  72. xX_Livi_Xx says:

    The captions xD

  73. かわいい Wateria Narwal playz :3 says:

    Put in captions

  74. hey_its_scarlet says:

    had captions on, im not complaining

  75. Crazy Wolf says:

    Man I was: "wow…."
    Them: Wt really xD

  76. Winter Snow says:


  77. starii2 says:

    this boi slicc

  78. ER - 04MM - Kingswood Drive PS (1536) says:


    Moto moto he says

    So he knows memes eh?

  79. Midnight Lunnet says:

    Just turn on captions it you will se the true story 😄😄😄😄

  80. Chibi Licious says:

    The ending is "When I'm in IT" right?? 〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜

  81. Emma Rhoden says:

    I turned on captions and it translated “bOi iF yOu tHis bOy sLicC nOi” 👌

  82. Starrix Gacha says:

    the and tho😂😂

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