Alesso Achievements Guide [Payday 2]

Hey guys! Today’s video guide will cover 3 Alesso Heist
achievements; Even Steven, Fuck It We’re Walking, and Sound of Silence, which we will be doing in loud. So let’s get started. Have you ever wondered why we have one last
C4 on the Alesso Heist? It’s meant to be used on the parking meter
in the basement, which is only do-able in loud. Place it, watch it go off and enjoy the achievement. For this one let’s look at the requirements
first. Basically, bags can never enter the vent, or be attached to the zipline. So opening and closing the vents or setting up the zipline by accident is ok and won’t spoil the achievement. Err and of course, play on at least Overkill difficulty. Also, this can be done in stealth despite the “do in loud” description. Pretty weird right? So if stealth is your thing, skip the vents and sneak the bags up to the
secure point instead. I won’t be giving any tips to stealth this so we’ll look at loud instead. And here’s 2 tips to make the bag moving slightly
easier. The first way, is to let the cops do the work for us, well or at least, half the work. By bagging and leaving the bags on the ground, the cops, like ants, will pick them up and carry it to their “nest” which is at the stairs between the two floors. Do watch out for a sniper spawning here though. So this stairs is about halfway up to our
destination and saves us some time, plus we get to see cute wriggly worms squirming
about. Ok it’s just the bag outlines but they do
look like worms. The second way is to throw them up from the
lobby. After breaking the railing glass, we can stand on the table in the lobby and
do a jump throw (assuming we have Transporter (basic)) and the bag should land nicely on top. Just make sure we have a team mate or sentries up there to prevent the cops from making more wriggly worms. WORMS!!! Ok for Sound of Silence, it’s more straightforward to do in stealth, as civilians can be tied and guards can be
dominated, but I can understand that stealth is not everyone’s
cup of tea so we’ll do it loud instead. For the requirements, the achievement will fail as long as a civilian
or cop dies, even death by forklift. Luckily we’re going to do this on Normal, that means only one C4 spot so we don’t have to keep moving said forklift. Also on Normal, enemies deal less damage, Tazers will not spawn and we only need 3 bags. Objectives wise, there isn’t much difference between stealth
and loud except having to hack the computer, which is extremely troublesome so it is recommended to skip it by grabbing
the C4 in stealth. Do note that an ECM rush is not possible as the doors will be disabled, so we’ll have to do it sneaky beaky like. And now for some tips. If we have to do the computer hack, be careful not to get boxed in or we might be trapped and go down eventually. Though not 100% effective, shouting at enemies to get their attention can sometimes prevent them from messing with
the computer or powerbox. If the enemies are proving too much to handle, we can always kite or lure them away to another
location, like running to the bar area and waiting for
them to catch up, before we run back to the pyro booth. This can give us a bit of breathing space. We can still get arrested in loud (ooh surprising) if we stay in one place for too long like during the pyrotechnic sequence, so try to keep moving. Firing a loud shot every minute works as well but a stray bullet might hit someone so I
wouldn’t recommend it. Enemies can still be dominated in loud without
hurting them, in case we need to trade a team mate or for health regeneration, by shouting at them to surrender when they
are reloading. And the last tip or rather a reminder, is to position the forklift properly the first
time, so that we won’t have to shift it again and accidentally kill someone while driving. So in summary, the general idea is to keep moving around, kite the enemy away from the objective if
we get overwhelmed and if possible, stealth the C4 objective. And err… WORMS!!! Build wise, we can use any build as long as we’re comfortable with it but I’ll share what I used in the upcoming
gameplay, Hitman in ICTV, which is simple to work with. For deployables, First Aid Kits with Uppers (aced) is a good
backup, especially for a solo player, though Hostage Taker is usually good enough
if we don’t get cornered. ECM Feedback is usable though I find it to be rather limited since
we can kite. Maybe if we get Joy in future her throwable
version can be useful, though that’s a perk deck rather than a deployable. And since I’m bringing the ICTV, an armour bag and weapons with high concealment
will be really useful to help me stealth for as long as possible. Lastly, for throwables, definitely the concussion grenade. I’ll show the skills used later before the
final gameplay. And that’s all we have for this video. As usual, gameplay clips coming right up after I’m done
with my speech, though there are more clips than usual so check out the description for time-skips
to find the ones you need. Or you know, just watch them all! Heh heh… Other than that, thank you for your time and I’ll see you in the next video. WORMS!!!

6 comments on “Alesso Achievements Guide [Payday 2]”

  1. Damien Evermore says:

    Thanks again for another guide!
    A tip for the stealth version of "Fuck It We're Walking" is just to open any and all closets on the way to your vent and that'll be your checkpoint. And once again thank you for another guide, it really helped me for the "Sounds of Silence" achievement!

  2. SenpaiKillerFire says:


  3. SG Wixoss says:

    OMG GOD. I did this in loud too. But I used Stoic Built instead with hostage taker. Then my Primary I use the saw. Because sometimes by accident I may accidentally press the left click to shoot. Same for First Aid and Uppers.

  4. Azazel Koh says:

    Hey Unknown Knight, good to see you incorporate more humor in your vids, keep it up!! 😀

  5. Unknown Knight says:

    U181 – Fixed so that the achievement “Fuck it, we’re walking” can’t be obtained in Stealth

  6. Роман Шосиробе says:

    He uses an armor bag this is the end of the Payday 2… RIP

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