All About Kohler Credit Union

[music playing] Hi, and welcome to Kohler Credit Union! Our way of doing business is different… As a not-for-profit financial cooperative, we are owned by you, our members. And as a member owner… You have a say in the overall direction of the credit union by electing the individuals who serve on our volunteer board of directors. Our board of directors makes decisions based on what’s best for our members, not shareholders. A credit union also returns profits to its members in the form of lower loan rates, higher deposit rates and fewer fees. But it doesn’t end there… We care about our community and believe in helping to create vibrant neighborhoods. And we value what’s important to you. We look for new and innovative ways to provide the products and services that help you achieve your financial goals and fulfill your dreams. No matter where you are in life, or what your financial need, we have the resources to help! Loan products such as auto, mortgage and home equity loans; checking and savings accounts; Investment services; business services; a network of ATMs; credit cards; debit card with rewards program and more! Plus with our beMOBILE services… You can securely access your account whenever and wherever you need to. Mobile banking with a downloadable app for smartphones or tablets. Instantly view up to 6 account balances without needing to login. Mobile deposit using your smartphone. Online bill pay: pay companies or individuals… no need for checks. Popmoney: pay other people electronically using a recipient’s mobile number or email address. Online banking using a desktop computer. My money manager: an online budgeting and cash flow management tool. And not only do our beMOBILE services provide convenience, but you can also apply for any type of loan, 24-7 on our website at This is just a snapshot of what Kohler Credit Union has to offer. Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to serving our members and building relationships that you can trust. That’s the credit union difference! Members come first. If you like what you’ve heard so far, tell others! Anyone that lives or works in our eight county charter can become a member. Stop by any of our branch locations. Call us anytime. Or visit us online. [music playing]

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