Altra Federal Credit Union hosts Teens and Money Seminar

Area teens got the chance to learn valuable financial skills today. Altra Federal Credit Union hosted a ‘Teens and Money Seminar’ this afternoon in Onalaska. Teens were able to have fun while leaning important financial skills. Today’s session focused on credit and how it affects you. while the event is fun and interactive it also teaches a valuable lesson. Just to get the information out there as early as possible. The more that they learn at younger age, the ebtter equipped they are at an older age. They have a chance to start off fresh and if they start off with good information ahead of time then more than likely they will be good in the long run. While the focus of the event was about credit. event organizers say it’s important to learn all the financial skills to before improving credit. To educate young adults not only on credit but all forms of financial literacy. With everyting we talk about, and I know I talked about it here today, it’s those budgeting basics. Saving, having a plan, all of that really needs to happen before you even think about credit. Todays event was free for the teens. and it was limited to 40 participants.

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