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Robert Edwards from today we explore the American Business
Systems opportunity. ABS was founded in 1994 and is a home based
business in the medical billing field. The investment is just under $25,000, requires
no previous experience, and allows new owners to enter the medical claims industry by becoming
a medical claims specialist. The business can be operated just by one person
processing the claims, run part time or fulltime or grown much larger with multiple employees. Some current owners have grown to over 30
employees. Over the past 20 years over 1500 people have
gone through the ABS training. So why is this a good opportunity? Firstly there is market demand. As you probably know medical billing is a
very challenging field and as a result most medical doctors only receive about 70 cents
of every dollar they bill for, and often wait months to get the payments. Doctors are not trained in claims nor do they
have the time in their busy practices to look deeply into these billing processes. So here we have an enormous industry problem,
and ABS offers a solution. After completing their training American Business
Systems owners help the Doctors effectively process their billing so they now receive
up to 98% instead of only 70% of their billings and get paid in 7 days rather than in months. For providing this valued service you as the
medical billing specialist get paid a percentage of the Doctors monthly revenue. So that is money in the Doctors pocket and
your own pocket every month. So the concept is very easy to understand
, you help Doctors earn more money and get money faster using the software and training
provided by American Business Systems. Can you think of any Doctors that would not
want to make more money and get it faster? So how do I become a medical billing specialist? American Business Systems gives complete training
on their system that shows you step by step how to process these claims to increase doctors
earnings. They have been doing this over 20 years and
can show you everything you need to know. To give you an idea of the numbers here are
some averages, these are not earnings claims these are just industry statistics. Most doctors have billings between 30-100k
monthly. With one $50,000 a month account you would
be putting approximately $15,000 extra in their pocket every single month. And that single account will put approximately
$3000 a month in your pocket every single month. And that is just one account. If you go through the process and speak to
some owners you will see that some of them landed accounts with 30 or 40 Doctors in the
practice which doesn’t happen often but when it does makes for a very lucrative account. But the next valid question is how do I as
a medical billing specialist actually find Doctors? Well if you have a sales background you already
know the answer. If you are new to this as many of the ABS
owners were, most got started with their first account by networking locally. Asking their own Doctor, or asking people
in their community from the hairdresser to their real estate agent for referrals to their
Doctors. Also as there is no territory restrictions
you are able to work with Doctors in any part of the USA, so you can network with friends
and family all over the country. Remember that first client will likely cover
your investment. Now beyond this networking there are There
are many other ways to find clients which will be shared with you as you go through
the process. Now you might be wondering how do I know this
is real, how do I know the training is good? There are a number of questions that ABS addresses
for you this way. American Business Systems will provide all
the business materials first for you to review, you will then travel to their head office
in Texas for the intensive 5 day training course – and if after taking the 5 day training
and fully reviewing and understanding the opportunity you for any reason don’t see the
value you will receive a 100% refund of your money. How many times do you come across a company
as confident in their process as that? This is a real opportunity to enter into the
medical billing field with the help of an established company. So how do you get started? if you are on our
page simply complete the form below and one of us will get back to you within 48 hours
with next steps. If you are not onour page click the link on
or around the video. works with over 600 national
franchise brands and we help people find the perfect franchise. There is never a charge for our service and
your franchise will never cost more by using our service. is a better way
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