Amy’s credit comeback

It happened, it just came out of nowhere. A bus, he was speeding and he rear ended me. I’m lucky. I was able to walk away from it. My car was demolished. You know, I lost my job, I couldn’t pay my credit cards or any of my loans or anything. It was like *boom-boom-boom-boom-boom* and felt like the whole world was crashing in on me. My husband, he said, “You haven’t tried Credit Karma yet?” I was like, “It’s free?!” And he said, “Yeah, you can see your credit score and everything.” “You can see all your debts.” I knew it was going to be bad, but I didn’t realize how bad it was. My score was around 450, 500. Once I started just knocking off smaller debts, it turned into a snowball and it just kept going! You see your debt going down and then I started seeing the score go up. And now, I’m in the 700’s!

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